Mar 13, 2015

Chocolate Sharjah Shake Recipe

Sharjah vs Milkshakes, the difference between this two is, milkshakes are a little on the thinner side and sharjah is thick and slussy like. It is made with frozen milk so you get the right thickness. This chocolate sharjah is one of my favourite. I order it all the time if i get a chance for it.

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Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Makes : 2 large glass


Milk - 1/2 liter frozen

Drinking Chocolate Powder - 4 tblspn or as needed
Sugar - 4 tblspn or as needed
Chocolate Icecream - 4 scoops + extra for topping


Take all the ingredients in a blender and puree till smooth and slussy like.

Pour it into glasses and top with a scoop of icecream, dust with chocolate powder.

Serve immediately.


1)This sharjah is made with drinking chocolate powder, if you dont have that, you can use cocoa powder and increase the amount of sugar

2)You can pour milk into icecube tray and freeze it, then collect the cubes and store it in a ziploc bag in freezer so you can have it handy whenever you need to make this.

Take your ingredients

You need some frozen milk..i freezed a packet of milk
overnight, then cut it open and broken into pieces..
you can freeze milk in ice cube tray as well.

Take the frozen milk in a blender

You need some drinking chocolate powder

I cut open a packet

add as much powder as you like..

now add in sugar

Now use the best chocolate icecream you can find

open the container

scoop icecream into the blender

clamp over a lid

blend it till smooth

Now take your glasses

Pour it into the glasses

so thick and slussy like

top with a scoop of icecream

sprinkle some chocolate powder over the top and enjoy


  1. I have hersheys chocolate syrup instead of powder. Pls let me know how to use here

  2. @sheelaadd a good amount of hersheys syrup instead of the powder thats it

  3. What brand of drinking chocolate powder did you use?

    Love your blog! Enjoy coming to it everyday!

    Thank you

  4. @Anonymousi use bakers brand. I have also used cadburys

  5. can u please give a detailed recipe for homemade chocolates

  6. Can you use hot chocolate powder?

  7. It would be awesome to add some elaichi and cashew nut while grinding..

  8. this is not actual sharjah recipie.

    for sharjah u require frozen milk,horlicks,groundnuts,banana,sugar.

    mix all this in a mixer.


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