Apr 8, 2015

Eggless Coffee Icecream Recipe / No Churn Coffee Icecream Recipe

Coffee icecream is my favourite, frankly i love all flavours when it comes to icecream. But coffee, chocolate and caramel takes a special place in my heart. This recipe is a eggless no churn icecream and it is a super hit recipe. It is creamy, very coffee flavoured and sweet and delicious..

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Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Freezing Time : Overnight
Makes : nearly 1 liter


Cream - 300 ml (25% fat fresh cream)
Condensed Milk / Milkmaid - 1/2 can / 200 grams
Instant Coffee Powder - 2 tblspn
Hot Water - 1 tblspn


Take coffee powder in a bowl, add in hot water and mix well. Set aside to cool a little.

Take condensed milk in a bowl, add the coffee mix in and mix well

Take cream in a bowl, add the coffee mix in and use a beater to whip till thick.

Once it is thick.Pour the mix into freezer safe container and freeze overnight.

Remove the container from freezer and leave at room temp for few minutes.

Then scoop and serve.

You will be needing some instant coffee powder, condensed milk and cream..
You will be also need 1 tblspn of hot water

First take coffee powder in a bowl

add in hot water

mix well

let it cool a bit

take condensed milk in a bowl

pour the coffee mix in

mix well and set aside for a min

Take cold cream in a bowl

pour the condensed milk mix in

time to whip

i used a electric beater, because it is easier

keep whipping, it will get thick

it should be soft whipped not whipped stiff

pour it into a bowl

time to freeze

this is how it looks once frozen

let it stay out for few minutes before serving for easy scooping



  1. hiii aarthi can we use this process with coco powder

  2. yum yum yum!!!!!!!!!

  3. hiiii can i use this process with coco powder to make chocolate icecream

  4. Hi aarthi have a doubt pls guide me we r using whipped cream Aur amul fresh cream for icecream... Aur can we use homemade fresh cream....

  5. @Anonymoushomemade wont whip up, you can use mul fresh cream

  6. Hi cn v use normal
    Coffee instead of coffeepwd.. Or v need to use pwd form coffee

  7. Thx aarthi for ur prompt reply

  8. Aarthi nice ice cream for this hot summer can u give recipe with semiya and javarisi popsicles pl expecting that soonly

  9. Suggest a method of doing icecream without using cream, aarthi. Thank you in advance.

  10. Ur recipes r awesome. Pictorial rep r very helpful. U r southindias nigella lawman.

  11. Can we use whipped topping instead of cream

  12. Hi can we mix the cornflour custard recipe with some fresh cream and beat them together

  13. Can we use a blender? What to do if a whipper is not available?

  14. @anieta you have to whip using a hand whisk or food processor.

  15. Can I use mixie to whip?

  16. Hi Aarthi,

    I tried this recipe and it came out fantastic....simple and easy. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe. I will try the other no churn icecreams too..


  17. @Anonymousmixie wont work i hope. if you have food processor with whipping blade, you can use

  18. But if we use whipping cream means, ice cream out like as we buy in parlour kno?? Or both fresh nd whipping cream wud giv same result??

  19. Hi Aarthi , tried this recipe n it turned out to be super delicious :).My kid loved it :) Thank you for such wonderful recipes.:)

  20. Can I add some nuts before freezing?

  21. I just made it.. but unfortunately the mix dint get as thick as shown in the picture.. i used the electric hand mixer and whipped on medium speed for atlest 7 - 8mins.. it got to the runny thick stage.. i dont know what went wrong..

    1. it depends on cream. no issues, freeze it, it will be still good

    2. I used the Puck fresh cream with 25% fat..
      But you were right it tasted amazing.. my entire family loved the taste of coffee.. :D
      Thank You

  22. Can i use milk powder istead of condensed milk..

  23. After chocolate icecream yesterday, tried coffee today....no words ....it's simply heaven.....thanks a lot dear

  24. Hello - Can i use milk and evaporate it


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