Nov 19, 2015

Instant Badam Milk Powder for Toddlers

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I am hunting for several options to include milk in my lil one's diet and this is one powder which i make often. It is tasty, healthy and homemade which is great for kids and toddlers. For sweetness i added palm sugar in this, you can use sugar as well. And the main thing is, dont over grind after you add badam, else it will turn into a paste.

Hope you will give this a try and not only your baby, you too can enjoy this healthy and tasty one.

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Baking Time : 15 to 20 mins
Makes : 1 cup of powder


Badam / Almonds - 1 cup
Panangkarkandu / Palm Sugar Candy - 1/3 cup or as needed
Cardamom - 6 to 8
Saffron a good pinch
Turmeric Powder / Manjal Podi - 1 tsp


Preheat oven to 160 degree C.

Take almonds in a sauce pan, cover with water, heat it and bring it to a boil. Once it boils, take it off the heat and set aside for 5 mins. Now drain it and wash it with cold water. Now squeeze and remove the skin. Pat the almonds dry with a paper towel. 

Now put the almonds in a pan and roast it for 15 mins. Remove it cool it completely.

Now take cardamom, saffron, turmeric powder, palm sugar in a blender and powder it. Now add in the cooled almonds and powder it once. 


Now remove to a bowl and cool little. Now pour this in a bottle and store it in fridge.

When you want to have it, just add a tblspn of the powder in a cup and pour boiled milk or warm milk over it and mix well.

Serve immediately.


Take your ingredients..You need some turmeric powder as well
Take almonds in a pan

cover with water

Now heat this up

bring it to a boil

remove it and set aside for 5 mins
drain it and wash it in cold water

squeeze and remove the skin

pat it dry using some paper towel.

now put the nuts in a baking pan and bake them

now it has turned light golden..You can roast it in a 
dry pan till it turns golden.
take cardamom and saffron in a blender

add in palm candy

add in turmeric powder

now it is well powdered

add the cooled nuts in

powder for just few sec..if you over blend them,
they will turn into a paste

cool it lightly

store in a air tight container

Add a tblspn of powder in a cup

pour over warm milk

mix well


Store this in fridge for several weeks


  1. if don't have microwave then how i can roast them.

  2. Hey aarti. ... I really liked this powder idea... I have some doubt... whole cardamom? And if I want to add cashews to it then how? And without baking can I dry roast almonds?

  3. We have a fresh juice centre at Trichy in an important location.We used to buy HALDIRAMS BADAMKJEER FRO M CHENNAI FOR A LONG TIME.We have a good patronage in our juice parlour.But There is no supply by HALDIRAMS for the last two years, I bought two bottles of BADAM at ROOPSAGER DELHI KAROL BAGH.BUT IT IS IN PASTE FORM.VERY NICE.THE PROBLEM IS SUGAR MIXED?
    Your product is safe for sugar patients due to palm Jagger.Now can you send me a sample.

    Mrs Ayesha Begum
    W/o Prof. Dr Jamaluddin

  4. @uttparnaYes whole cardamom, it is not a isse, it will get blended with the sugar. And if you dont have oven you can roast it on a dry pan till it is well toasted

  5. @DHWANI BHATTRoast it in a dry pan on a low heat till golden.

  6. Hii... I want to add few more dry fruits like walnut cashew do i go about pls tell me

  7. @Rachna Suprithu can add nuts, but not sure about raisans

  8. Hi can we use dry ginger to this mix. Can we make it and store in refrigerator for future use. Pls help.

  9. @Nivetha sundariu can add dry ginger as well. Keep it in fridge

  10. Hi aarthi pls Tell me how to do it in microwave oven

  11. @Preetha Jayakumarif you have convection mode u can cook in that

  12. Hi Aarthi, where do you buy palm sugar, what is it called in any Indian language?

  13. @JNayakit is called as panangkarkandu, check this

  14. Which brand of saffron is good... Can u take a picture of the saffron u use?

  15. @Chitra Shivaramakrishnanit is a packet which i got in kashmir. You can use any good brand

  16. Hi Aarthi,
    Really likes all your good healthy powder. But I want to know before blend the palm sugar candy, how to remove the stones or some dust particles in that.

  17. @Anonymousi used clean ones, so i dont do anything to it. If you see dirt in them, wash them well and dry them and use

  18. We can give this powder to 6months old baby?

  19. @Vijipriya Rno u can start this after 1 year or atleast 9 months

  20. Aarthi, Can kids consume almonds with skin? Or should it always be removed?

    1. It is best to remove it. easy for digestion

  21. how to identify pure panakarkandu since mostly wat we get is sugar adulterated onee

  22. hi aarthi,
    my baby gal is almost completing her 11th month. but her weight is not upto the mark. kindly suggest foods to increase her weight. my son is 6 yrs n he is too under weight...

  23. Can i give this to a 8 month old baby?

  24. Any alternative for Palm sugar candy and saffron. It is not available here

  25. Hi Aarthi... Thax for this nice post. can we use jaggery or normal sugar instead of palm sugar candy? Also I wonder if almond nutrients are intact after boiling in water.if not can we soak it instead of boiling and then peal the skin off?

  26. Hi Aarthi.. too good recipes..
    Is there any alternative for baking almonds

  27. Is it necessary to use saffron?

  28. Hi aarthi
    Tell how to roast badam in otg.

  29. it is very easy and it is very nice


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