Jan 27, 2016

Japanese Rolled Omelette Recipe - Tamagoyaki Recipe

Many of you have been asking for kids lunch box recipes..This is a great lunch box dish for kids and it is extremely fancy to make and kids will surely love it..It calls for simple ingredients and taste so good with ketchup or any hot sauce..The one thing you should do is cook the entire dish in a slow flame and use a nonstick pan,so that this wont stick to any of the pan..I have shared a korean version of this, but i used spring onions for that.

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Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 5 to 10 mins
Serves: 1


Carrot - 3 tblspn very finely chopped
Green Bell Pepper / Capsicum - 3 tblspn very finely chopped
Water - 1 tblspn
Salt to taste
White Pepper Powder to taste
Oil as needed


In a bowl,beat eggs, water, salt and white pepper in a bowl.

Now add in carrot and bell pepper and mix well

Heat a non stick frying pan on low heat.drizzle with some oil.

When it gets hot,pour third of this egg mixture in this and slightly tilt the pan so that it coats evenly on the pan.

When the egg gets cooked slightly,take a spatula and start rolling the egg from one side.Now move the rolled egg to one side and pour another 1/3rd egg mixture on the other side.

When the egg gets cooked on the other side,roll the egg again and pour the rest of the egg mixture like this and do exactly same.(Check pictures for clear details).

Now when the egg is rolled completely,Flip it on each side and cook gently by pacing the spatula over it so that it forms into a nice square shape..

Now take it on to a cutting board and slice into small pices..

Serve it with ketchup or hot sauce...

Take your ingredients

You need three omelette to make this

crack open them to a bowl

Add a tblspn of water

season with salt and white pepper powder

whisk to mix 
add in carrot and capsicum

mix well

Heat a pan ..drizzle oil in a nonstick pan

wipe it with a paper towel

now the pan is ready

Pour 1/3rd of the egg mix in

pour slowly

tilt the pan so it coats evenly

now it is spread evenly

let it cook on a low heat

once the top dries, flip from the sides

start rolling carefully

when it comes to the end

bring the omelette to one side

pour another 1/3rd of the egg mix

tilt to spread evenly

let it cook

now start rolling

you have to roll it carefully..you can use your hands

or use a spatula

roll it

now bring it to one side

pour the rest of the egg mix in

let it cook again

now start rolling

you have to roll the omelette very tightly but gently

now cook on all the four sides

like this

so the omelette forms a square shape

now it is done

remove to a board

cut it 

admire the beauty



  1. Very creative dish, I think I'll try it soon :)

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  3. Extremely innovative....yet seems simple and very much doable.

    Thank you for the recipe Aarthi!!


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