Jun 20, 2016

Fried Pizza Bites Recipe - Fried Pizza Poppers Recipe

I have been seeing this and salivating over this recipe on pinterest..It is just pizza muffin form. The taste is just fantastic..Made it few days back and it is totally rocking recipe.  I just used some basic topping which i had on hand. You can use any toppings as you like..

These are great for kids and toddlers. You can add any veggies as you like in this as well.

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Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you.

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time : 1 to 2 min
Makes: 12 to 15


Pizza Dough - one batch (Recipe here)

Pizza Sauce  or Ketchup - 1 cup or as needed ( Recipe here)
Capsicum / Bell Peppers as needed finely chopped
Mozarella Cheese cubed as needed
Chilli Flakes as needed
Oregano as needed
Oil for frying


Take pizza sauce or ketchup in a bowl, add in chilli flakes and oregano and mix well.

Take your pizza dough and roll it into a long rectangle.

Cut it into small squares using a knife.

Now spread pizza sauce, capsicum and cheese cube in each squares.

Apply water around the edges and bring all the edges together and seal it.

Heat oil for deep frying and fry this till golden.

Remove it and cool little and serve hot.

You need a batch of pizza dough..Recipe here

Take pizza sauce or ketchup in a bowl

add some oregano and chilli flakes and mix well..set aside

take a ball of pizza dough

roll like this

cut it into squares

spread sauce over it

place some bell peppers

place a cube of cheese

apply water on the sides

seal it

like this

Now it is done

when frying drop the sealed side down

fry till golden

drain and set aside


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  1. Can I prepare it and keep it for later use....in the freezer instead of frying them all please reply now as am trying this recipe now


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