Oct 25, 2011

Mullu Muruku – Diwali Snack Recipes ( With Videos and Step wise Pictures)

I have thought that making muruku is one of the hard job I can imagine..I know many of you have that experience..

But Amma has simplified this process for you..She make the perfect muruku with no effort..Actually in our first batch of muruku making, she took rice and ground it in a grinder and made into a smooth paste..

But in our second batch we took rice flour and mixed it with powdered roasted channa dal flour and made muruku..And I am telling this is more tasty and easier than the first one..

The one important thing you should remember while doing muruku is the propotions..We used the traditional muruku achu for making this,but I think you can make it in piping bag with star tip or any of your favotite tip..

So I hope everyone love this recipe and here you go for the step by step recipe with pictures and well as I have a video for you..


Rice flour / Arisi Mavu-5 cup
Roasted Channa Dal / Pori Kaladai / Pottu Kadalai-2 ½ cup powdered
Cumin seeds-2 tblspn
Salt to taste
Heated Oil-3 tblspn


In a mixing bowl add rice flour and roasted channa dal flour...

Add in salt and cumin seeds...Mix well together..

Now add in water and make into a soft dough..

Pour in some hot oil and mix well together...

Now take your mould and fill this dough in it..

Take a parchment paper or any clean cloth and form muruku shape in that by pressing the mould..(Refer videos and pictures).

Heat oil for deep frying and carefully drop the muruku in oil and fry till golden..

Drain in a paper towel and let it cool completely...Store this in air tight container for several weeks..

Amma ground her own rice and formed into paste..But you can easily use ready made rice flour..

Roasted Channa Dal / Pori Kadalai powdered very finely
Amma used a huge kadai to mix the batter..

Take rice mixture in this..In your case take rice flour in this

add powdered channa dal flour..She used the traditional Ulaku to measure stuffs..

rub well..

add salt..

and cumin seeds

mix well

pour in heated oil...This makes the muruku crispy

make into a soft dough
now take your Achu or piping bag

take a small portions out of the mixture...
fill the achu with that

start making muruku by pressing the achu

pipe it

Pipe it..

a nice muruku

do many muruku like the same way
carefully lift the muruku in your hand
and fry it in hot oil
Till golden and crispy
drain on a paper towel..In our case some old newpaper..
You could even make big muruku..But you want monster hands to lift these babies
Ok I have to share this...While we were doing these tiring work..Look what joe was doing...Sleeping peacefully over my sister books...HE HE
Ok now our muruku is over...Don't forget to check the videos below..

Check out the videos of muruku making..

This video is my First Sister Anjana making muruku..As you can see she is so much faster than my second sister Anusha(Next Video)...
This Video is my Second Little Sister Anusha making Muruku...


  1. Happy Diwali to you and your family. Your muruku looks so delicious, and nicely fried too.

  2. One of our favorites and thanks for sharing it.
    Happy Diwali to you and your family ^^

  3. Happy diwali aarthi.wow ,wonderful post and ueful video.

  4. Wow!This look so beautiful.I also like to put my hands into my work;))Great tutorial and with vlog on the top:)Bravo;)

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  6. Looks great..very crunchy! My mom used to make this and I always thought how it was possible to do without that special gadget...great tip on using a piping bag instead. I would never have thought of that!

  7. Uffff.... perfectly shaped murukku. Really a nice way of making this first on plastic cover, but how do you lift that. It looks so delicate. But great work dear.

  8. Happy Diwali and these looks perfectly shaped and crispy. Great work on making these so perfect.

  9. Happy Diwali to you and your family! I absolutely adore muruku - yum!

  10. looks yummy
    & Wish you a Happy Diwali!!

  11. My MIL made this the other day! While it looks great, I have to say they do prick the roof of the mouth and gums..I am fond of the taste but not of the pattern..He He!

  12. These look delicious! I may have to try making these :)

  13. i like ur joe more than ur murukku.(kidding murukku came out very well). i am missing my viki who looks same as ur joe.

  14. Joe looks so sweet. Feel like cuddling him. I exactly did not know how murukku is made.Thanks for showing.

  15. Hi chechi,

    thank you for this recipe. would like to try this today.
    one question, is the roasted chana dal powder the same as besan (gram flour)? if not how can I make the roasted chana dal powder?

  16. @GianaNo it is different, it is also called as dalia

  17. I have a question regarding pottukadali. The measurement given is of the powdered pottukadlai or before powdering?

  18. Hi Aarthi

    Thanks for the recipe. Would like to try this. My usual recipe turns out the murruku a bit harder. Would like to know if rice flour is ok or idiyapam flour ( will make the murukku more crunchier?)



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