Jan 14, 2012

Sakkarai Pongal Recipe - Sweet Pongal Recipe

Hope you all are getting ready for celebrating pongal tomorrow..In our house we celebrate pongal very traditionally..Amma wake up and makes us to wake up so early to get ready for pongal..We will make pongal in the front of our house using a build up stone stove and using woods and dried leaves from coconut tree to lit up fire ..We call it as “Veragaduppu”..

We buy all kinds of country vegetables like elephant yam, cucumber, raw banana and many more and put it in front of god statues as “Prasadam”..We also buy sugarcanes for pongal.. We paint the floor where we will do pongal with lots of rangolis and kolams..Amma has prepared everything right now and getting ready for pongal tomorrow..

Amma make sweet pongal, ven pongal, medu vada, and raw banana chips..She also make sambar, and some kind of pongal kulambu to go with it..I will post pictures of our celebration in my other blog tomorrow..So keep checking it..I got so many request for posting pongal recipes..Sorry I actually forgot to post the traditional sweet pongal recipe before..So here I am with the recipe which I made today, it came out so good and so rich..This is one of my favorite one..You can check out the other recipes which you can make for pongal in the slideshow which I have given above…I hope you love it..So here you go to the recipe..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 40 to 45 mins
Serves: 4 to 6


Raw Rice / Pacharisi – 1 cup
Yellow Moong Dal / Pasi Paruppu – 1/4 cup
Milk – 4 cups
Jaggery / Sarkarai / Vellam – 2 cup or to taste (grated)
Cashews – 3 tblspn
Sultanas / Kishmish – 3 tblspn
Cardamom / Yelakai – 5 pods
Ghee – ¼ cup
Coconut – ½ cup (optional)


Take 1 tsp of ghee and roast moong dal till nice aroma comes.. Remove on to a bowl.. Add rice to that and soak this both for around 15 mins.

Now drain it and put this in a pressure cooker along with milk and let it come to a boil..Now cover with a lid. Cook for 3 whistles or for 15-20 mins on low flame..Let the pressure go by itself. Remove it and mush it up with a spoon.

Meanwhile add 1 cup of water to jaggery and mix well, so that it gets dissolved..Pour this jaggery water over the cooked rice and dal through a sieve and mix well.

Take a kadai and add ghee in it. Add cashews, kishmish and cardamom in it and mix well..Fry till cashews turn light golden.

Now add the rice mixture in this and mix well..Stir for 5 mins on a low flame so that all flavours gets united. You could add some grated coconut at this point and mix well.

Remove it and serve..HAPPY PONGAL..


1.You could cook the rice and dal in water and add a cup of thick milk later while adding jaggery water.

2. Drizzle some pure ghee over the finished pongal for more taste and flavour.

Take all your ingrediants
First grated jaggery in a bowl

add water and mix well
heat a tsp of ghee

add moong dal

and fry lightly

remove to a bowl

add rice

and soak both together
drain it and put it in a pressure cooker

pour milk over it

and mix well
bring it to boil

cover and cook

untill cooked

now pour the jaggery over a sieve
and mix well

all mixed well
heat ghee

add cashews and sultanas
add rice over this

and mix well

cook for few more mins



  1. awesome pongal.... Happy Pongal to U and Family

  2. wow yummy pongal &ur step by step recipe is super
    happy pongal to u

  3. perfect for the festive season...

  4. Pongal looks yummy!! Wish you Happy Pongal dear..

  5. Yummy and delicious luking Pongal.Awesome

  6. super dessert dear.lovely pics.n my favourite too.....

  7. looks yummy.......
    Happy Pongal!!!!!!!!!

  8. Happy Pongal Aarthi! It is so good to know the traditions and customs of other countries and people. The sweet pongal looks indeed very yummy!

  9. Slurp...tempting and mouthwatering pongal ...

  10. Me encantan las recetas tradicionales luce deliciosa,hugs,hugs,abrazooooos.

  11. Happy Pongal! I will be celebrating Makar Sankranti here in the UK too:)

  12. Delicious mouth watering one. A very Happy pongal toyou.

  13. I make Pongal exactly the same way except for the coconut part, nice detailed pictures..

  14. wish you a happy pongal.. we've been busy making some sesame chikkis!
    the sweet pongal looks great!

  15. Happy Pongal to you and your family!! Great dish to celebrate!

  16. super delicious pongal..lovely clicks!!

  17. I made this today since it's pongal obviously and I love it. I usually wonder why my sweet pongal is not semi solid and gooey as it is supposed to be and I think the trick is in the 5 cups of milk. Thank you. :)

  18. delicious ! I will defiantly try it thanks to post such a testy recipe and keep posting such delicious recipes , Regards, sakkarai pongal recipe


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