Mar 17, 2012

Potato Bhajji Pav / How to make Potato Bhajji / Indian Bread Stuffed with Crispy Potato Fritters – Chat Recipes / Street Food Recipes

Another one indian burger recipe to fill all your burger cravings....I saw this recipe in tarla dalal cookbook and i took a note of it..We make potato bhajji in our house often, so last time when i made these bhajji, i thought to stuff it inside pav buns..I also applied all the chutneys over these buns.. I was totally amazed about the taste when i had the first bite..It was totally awesome..So here i am sharing the recipe with you..

I hope you will love it and let me know what you think..

Potatoes – 3 large peeled and sliced thinly into circles
For Batter:
Gram Flour / Kadalai Mavu / Besan-1 cup
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder / Manjal Podi - 1/2 tsp
Chilli powder -1 tsp
Water as needed

For Serving:
Pav Buns / Laadi Pav - as needed ( Click Here for Recipe)
Green Chutney / Teekha Chutney - as needed ( Click Here for Recipe)
Tamarind Chutney / Meetha Chutney- as needed ( Click Here for Recipe)
Garlic Chutney / Sukha Lehsun Ka Chutney- as needed ( Click Here for Recipe)
Green chillies- as needed ( optional)


Mix the ingrediants given for the batter to a smooth paste. Set this aside for a moment.

Peel the potatoes and slice them thinly.

Dip this in the batter and coat on all sides. Drop in hot oil and fry till golden brown. Remove this to a plate.

Drop green chillies in hot oil and fry for a min. Remove this to a paper towel.

Now time to assemble..Take all the stuffs to a table..You will need Pav Buns , Green Chutney ,Tamarind Chutney, Garlic Chutney, fried bhajji, fried green chillies..All these recipes are available in my blog, click in the recipe to go to that page.

First slit the pav bun in half and apply green chutney and tamarind chutney on the sides. Drop a potato bhajji in the center and top it with some garlic chutney..Now if you very brave stuff a green chilli inside the bun and dig in straight away.

Enjoy your Potato pav with a cup of chai.

Take all your ingrediants..You need chilli powder also
Add besan to a bowl

add turmeric and salt

add water

now throw in your chilli powder

and mix well

slice your potatoes

dip them in batter

and remove it with your hands

fry in hot oil

drain and set aside

bhajjis done
throw a handful of chillies in oil

and fry them

till they are fried

time to assemble

apply all the chutneys over the pav

stuff with potato bhajji and serve


  1. With all those chutney, these are gone in no time!

  2. Hands of to you colleague, really great, but sorry I dont know its A B C D... But still for your effort, time spending, blog, twitter :-)

  3. Mmmm ... street food - all that potato goodness would get eaten quickly here.

  4. aarthi come to mumbai. wud treat you to all of this, even without pav u can have it as tea time snack or evening snack hehe

    loved your presentation

  5. yummy yummy.looks wonderful....

  6. This is my mom's all time favorite snack!

  7. Looks delicious! I love any kind of bhajiyas, my favourite are the onion ones but the potato ones are right up there too! I never think about stuffing them in buns but then again they are all gone before they even get a chance to cool.

  8. one of my fave street food..awesome

  9. I'm mouthwatering Aarthi. Can U pass me this yummy Potato bhajji pav.

  10. wow...what a delicious pav bhajji...too tempting !

  11. Interesting Indian-style burger.

    Spoon and Chopsticks

  12. Looks so tempting and delicious. Nice dish.
    Uma@Trendy Relish

  13. I have never heard of this; I am really impressed with your tutorial. Looks so good!

  14. This is totally awesome and im sure it would satisfy my cravings big time, thanks for sharing ;-)

  15. potato bhajji looks so tempting dear..wonderful recipe!!

  16. Wow the dish is so tempting.Love it.

  17. PAv bhaji with a twist, looks yummy.

  18. Wow !Love this pav baji

  19. Wowww.. Yummy Yummy.. Awesome clicks as usual :)
    Indian Cuisine

  20. wow i love this vada pav all time favorite..really tempted!

  21. Hey these were my favorite have not made them in ages. Thanks

  22. Bajji as stuffing for pav.. gone twist aarthi :)

    Ongoing Event : I'm The Star

  23. My daughter's favorite bajji, nice idea, bajji pav..

  24. great looks and a nice recipe.

    instead of eating only bajji these will give u a great snack.

    Hema's Adugemane

  25. instead of linking meetha chutney u have linked coriander chutney for the second time.



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