Apr 30, 2012

Rose Milk Icecream – Summer Special Recipes

How was your weekend..Hope you all enjoyed it a lot..Are you guys ready to start a blissfull week ahead..I am wishing you all to have a fabulous week..My week started off pretty good, but my heart beats so fast , if I think that there is only 15 days for my wedding. I still remember the days when we have talked that there is” 6 months for wedding,man, lets chill out”..But look now only 15 days more, I am totally freaking out nowadays..Days are going so fast.. 

Are you all excited along with me, if you are then come to my home I can give you this cool and flavourful icecream to make you calm, which I often do..This is a recipe which is going to make you chill this whole summer..It is rose milk icecream, a real flavourful icecream which is packed with rose essence and rose water.

 This is so simple to put together, just whip up some stuffs for few minutes and freeze it for few hours. Then you are set with a bowlful of goodness which make you drool…Glad you like it and let me know what you think..HAPPY SUMMER…


Heavy Cream / Whipping Cream – 1 liter ( I used Amul Fresh Cream)
Sugar – 250 gms / 1 ¼ cup
Rose Milk Essence – 1 tblspn
Rose Water – 2 tblspn


Take whipping cream and sugar in a large mixing bowl and start beating it with a electric blender.

When it starts to thicken. Add rose milk essence and rose water and whip again.

Whip till it gets thick and creamy.

Transfer it to a freezer container and freeze over night.

Scoop it and serve cold..

Enjoy summer with this cold flavourful icecream.

Take all your ingrediants
Open up a packet of fresh cream in a large bowl
and start whipping them
add sugar slowly
and whip untill they are thick
add in rose essence
and some rose water
and whip again
till it is creamy and thick
pour it in a freezer container
and freeze it
Once frozen scoop and serve
Enjoy guys..


  1. Looks yummy n tantalizing post, can u pass me one scoop!!

  2. Omg... I am drooling here... What a yummy ice cream.. Just love it...

  3. Looks so flavourful, I am also planning to do as my son loves rose flavour. Enjoy the last 15days of spinster life, you will never get it again later even if you want. Freak out dear. Best wishes.

    Take care

  4. I didn't know it was so easy to make such lovely bright pink ice cream at home. It will be so perfect for summer.

  5. Bookmarking this one dear...

  6. Hey congrats for ur marriage. Its going to be a new beginning. Hope u have a great life ahead.

  7. Pinkish rose flavor icecream looks very deliicous and mouthwatering..

    Cuisine Delights
    My Monthly Event - Spotlight : "Healthy Breakfast Ideas".

  8. yummy with just cream icecream is ready, i m goin to make this for sure.

    and wishing u in advance for ur wedding.

  9. Congratulations !! Ur getting married after 15 days.Will u continue giving recipe?Please relax and take deep breathes and just relax.I suggest u go for some facials and daily apply cream and haldi on body daily.Just at the end just do a home gold facial pack and u will definitely glow on ur marriage day.I love all ur recipes.Keep the excellent work coming up..

  10. My goodness that looks DELICIOUS. It would look so pretty with some rose petals sprinkled on top as well.

  11. It's a shame you upload your images on Flickr... I tried Pinning your recipe to Pinterest but Flickr doesn't allow it.

  12. Ice creams couldn be easier! And you know what...I love rose milk flavored anything!

    And you used Amul Fresh Cream which is even better news! Did you refrigerate it and pour off the water in it?

    Ty for this lovely recipe! Will be trying out soon!

  13. Wonderful inviting pink colour. I am drooling here.

  14. My mouth is watering right now watching these pics, delicious & tempting! Congratulations on getting married! Best wishes for a long and happy life together :)

  15. I too have to try this, sounds amazing and tempting a lot :)

  16. wow i love the rose flavours Aarthi,love this yummy Ice cream...

  17. the easiest ice cream recipe ever...and so colorful and pretty...this and your strawberry one I plan to make this summer

  18. Woww... looks super delicious and amazing.. thanks for the wonderful recipe dear.. gr8 job :)
    Indian Cuisine

  19. Love its color a lot. will try for sure.. :)

  20. Aww. It happens, but just relax & enjoy this time!
    I like your new logo, however a smile on the girl's face would have been better :)

  21. @the Junkie bookI used that whole packet as it is..

  22. wow... ice cream looks so easy to make at home... thanks for sharing the recipe...
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    Amina Creations

  23. Hi Aarthi

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe . this is my version


  24. The rose water u used for the receipe, is it edible & safe? Is there another substitute for the rose water?

  25. @AnonymousYou can use rose essence. Or simply leave it out

  26. Hi aarthi can we use rooh afza at place of rose esence??? Plz confirm

  27. hi arti i tried it but the rose escence's flavor is coming out badly what can k do now to make it taste better

    1. once u added it, there is no coming back. you can add more fresh cream then


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