Apr 29, 2013

Nendrapazham Roast / Caramelized Ripe Plantain to Share the Sweetest News Ever

Hai Guys, Hope everyone had a great weekend and are in great energy to start your week. I brought you one of my favorite, absolute favorite, all time favorite food in this world. This is not even a recipe, so simple to make, but i have to share this with you guys, because i love it so much, starting from my childhood. Whenever i see some ripe plantains lying around the first thing i want to do is THIS ONE..

I also want to share this with you because it has been my craving right now. And i have been craving for certain foods each month. During my first 3 months i have been craving for raw mangoes with some salt. Then during my 4th month i have been craving for chocolates, specially BOUNTY, i love them so much, i have emptied tons of them. And now i am craving for chocolates, sweets and this one. So this recipe is indeed special for me..
Enough with the suspense, i hope there is no suspense at this point. I always wanted to share this news with you guys long time before itself. But my sweet hubby stopped me from doing it. But now i can't resist to share this news with you all. 

Yes I AM PREGNANT. And i am in my 6th month. Just 4 more months to get the precious gift of our life. So now no more suspense, the secret is revealed. I will share all the stuff which i feel and see in my coming posts...

I was feeling a little tired before and my cooking spirit was at its low level. I hardly even went into the kitchen. Thanks to my lovely mom, hubby and family who supported me through out my first and second trimester. They all kept me go on. But slowly i am getting into the spirit, i was in my mum's place most of the days and all the post which you see here is made in her kitchen. 

OK now coming back to the recipe..Hope you will like it and let me know what you think about it.

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 15 mins
Serves - 2


Ripe Plantain / Nendrapazham - 2 large
Sugar - 2 to 3 tblspn or as needed
Ghee - 2 tblspn


Peel and  slice your bananas into rounds.

Heat ghee in a kadai. Add the bananas in ghee and toss well.

Cook for 5 more mins till it is lightly caramelized.

Now sprinkle some sugar over the banana and toss well again.

Cook this for 5 more mins till it is nicely caramelized and golden.

Serve warm or room temp.

Tamil Recipe:

You will need banana, ghee and sugar

Slice your bananas

Heat ghee in a kadai

Add bananas in them

Toss well with the ghee

Fry them for few mins till they are lightly caramelized

Sprinkle over some sugar

Toss well again

Fry till they are nice and golden



  1. congratulations arthy... all the very best... since i've two, i can understand how the cooking spirit can be at an all time low... :) this is one long forgotten item, i guess i've to make it soon...

  2. Congrats arthi....god bless u..

  3. Oh Wow..Well firstly Congrats on your pregnancy to your husband and you. All these years your heart beat for one.Now it will beat for two.Cant wait too see Junior chef Yummy.Just dont stress and take care of yourself.Good Luck!!Love ya and God bless you and your family.

  4. Congrats Aarthy...

  5. Wow ! Congrats Aarthi... Take gud carezzz.... Eat Healthy...

  6. wow...lipsmacking recipe Aarti..
    Congrats on the great news...take care..:)

  7. OH MY GOD!!!!
    congrats for your pregnancy!!
    I have a baby, hi is 9 month right now, and yes I understand your "low-cooking" hehe.
    The bananas looks great!!
    Hope to you the best!
    Kisses!! :)

  8. Yummy it looks, never tasted before...

  9. So happy for u dear!!!!!!!!!!! Many congrats!! Motherhood is such a wonderful feeling!!!!!!!!! Take care of ur health!!

  10. Congratulations Aarthi! Having a 7 month baby now, I totally remember all the cravings I had last year when I was pregnant... Btw - pregnant or not : this recipe is absolutely amazing! I will definitely try this.

  11. congratulations on ur pregnancy and best wishes for a safe delivery. Lovely dish.

  12. Congrats aarthi. Wwlcome to motherhood.nice and easy receipe.

  13. Congratulations!!! Cravings can be really strange sometimes :-). In my hometown, this particular dish is given to new mothers, to help regain their energy :-D

  14. Congrats Aarthi.That's really a good news; Take care of your health dear:)

  15. congrats aarthi. here also the same condition. i am in my7th month and also carving for so many things. take care of ur health.

  16. Wow, this is good news. I'm so happy for you! And the little one is very lucky - anyone would want a Mum who cooks this good :)

  17. Congrats dear, take care of ur health, thats really a happy news for us..

    Those nendrapazham roast makes me drool.

  18. Congratulations!!!

  19. Délicieux, j'en suis certaine !
    Flambées au rhum !... cela doit être bien aussi!
    Gros bisous

  20. Hey aarthi, super, congrats!! :) Happy happy, take care :)

  21. Congrats Arthy...

    Todays recipe:http://www.7aumsuvai.com/2013/04/ashoka-halwa-300th-post-with-video.html#.UX-ltrWG0YE

  22. Congrats Aarthi! Best Wishes!

  23. I missed it...happy news to share. Congrats!!

  24. congratzz on your good news :)..dis dish is my favorite too.. it would be more yummy if you add some grated coconut and sprinkle a bit of cardomom powder into this ;)

  25. Congrats... take care....

  26. Congrats aarthi.....take care....

  27. Hi
    Long time em reading n trying ur recipes i must say ur wonder ful person like ur recipes.em big fan of ur photography too..i know its very difficult to take pics while u are cooking..luv ya

  28. Hello Arthi!
    I have been following your posts since one month now and believe it or not I have fallen in love with you and your recipes. They are just supeb. Thanks for sharing them . Will try this banana recipe today.
    May God bless you. Stay happy :-)

  29. Aarthi, these are the eating bananas or the bananas that r used to make curries?

  30. Hi should we use only nendrapazham or anytype?

  31. Congrats dear Aarthi...keep well..

  32. Hi Aarthi we don' find nendrapazham can i use normal ripe bananas
    And can i skip ghee with butter or oil

  33. Many many congratulations . .
    Take care of yourself and keep posting Awsome Recipes .

  34. @Anonymousnendrapazham is what gives the taste, but you can try using any other banana too


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