Apr 22, 2015

Easy Egg Pepper Tawa Fry Recipe / Muttai Milagu Fry Recipe

This is like a quick recipe which you can make when you have got no time on your hand to make sidedishes for rice. Todays lunch is a combo of easy dishes..I made this and served with a easy tomato kuzhambu and the combination was wonderful.

The taste for this comes from the pepper and curry leaves. If you can make this with freshly ground pepper powder..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 5 mins +10 mins for cooking eggs
Serves :2 to 4


Eggs - 4 hard boiled, peeled and halved
Oil - 2 to 3 tblspn for pan frying

For Coating:
Rice Flour / Arisi Mavu - 2 tblspn
Chilli Flakes - 1 tsp
Pepper Powder - 2 tsp
Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder / Manjal Podi - 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves a sprig torn into small pieces
Salt to taste
Water as needed


Mix all the ingredients for coating. Apply it over boiled halved eggs.

Heat oil in a frying pan, place eggs in hot oil and fry till golden on both sides.

Serve hot.

Take all your ingredients

Take rice flour in a bowl

Add in some chilli flakes

add in ginger garlic paste

in goes some pepper 

add in little turmeric and salt

some torn curry leaves

pour in some water

mix well to a smooth paste

take your eggs

Cut them in half

apply masala all over it

heat little oil in a frying pan

place the masala coated eggs in the oil

cook on both sides till golden and crispy..



  1. Can you please tell a substitute for fresh curry leaves?

  2. @Anonymousjust skip it or use some chopped coriander leaves

  3. Any substitute for rice flour?

  4. Hi Aarthi..really a yummy recipe please confirm if we use corn flour quantity shud be same as rice flour????

  5. hey ! really if we will put same on both side will say andaa kabaab....
    very nice and delicious.....

  6. Ur recipes a r really mindblowing.i keep on trying on Sunday's.can u plzz sure me sm pickles recipes ,such as lemon ,carrots garlic, green chiles.ect. Thank u soo much.

  7. Any substitute for chili flakes ?

  8. Tried it today! Came out well, it came crispy I think I added more rice flour!
    But liked by all!
    Thank youu for the recipe!!

  9. Tried today! Came out well!
    But it s kinda crispyy!!

  10. Change the background of the website. Content is not visible properly.


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