Aug 20, 2015

Two Ingredient Ice cream Recipe - Banana & Nutella Ice cream Recipe

This ice cream was on my mind for quite a long time. It is so delicious and most important very very easy. It has just banana and nutella. But there is something in the frozen banana which act as a creamy layer and makes this icecream so tasty. There are many variations of this ice cream. Will share all of them soon..

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This frozen banana is the base, you can take this to another level with many ingredients..You can add peanut butter chocolate combo, strawberries, mangoes and stuffs like that..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Freezing Time : Overnight
Serves : 4


Banana - 2
Nutella - 1 cup


Slice bananas and take them in a freezer bag and freeze till frozen. It will take around 4hours or overnight.

Now take the frozen banana in a blender, add in nutella and puree till smooth.

Pour this in a freezer safe contianer and freeze overnight.

Scoop and serve.

Take some bananas

peel the skin off

slice them thinly

Now that everything is sliced up

take a freezer safe bag and put the bananas in it..

put it in freezer and leave it for 4 hours or overnight

see the bananas are frozen

separate them and take them in a blender

now comes the main ingredient

add a good dollop of nutella

puree till smooth

take it in a freezer safe container

freeze them

once frozen scoop and serve

Dig in..


  1. I hated bananas but after trying this I loved it....yummyyyyy...super combo of nutella and banana...thanx for the yummy recipe...

  2. hey aarthi am really wondering about ur cooking..its just awesumm...........really really mad on ur food blog...

  3. Nice.. Will try to make it


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