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  1. I used exactly same measurements but the mixture was wet enough. So I added around 3 tsp more maida to make dough out of it. The cookies got baked but now after cooling, they have become hard. Could you tell me what could be the issue?

  2. Where did u get the ramekins in nagercoil? I don't have any ramekins but would like to bake it. Can you say what can I substitute in the place of ramekins to bake the cookies?

  3. Hi Aarthi,

    your recipe seemed rreally good and simple so i tried it. i'm not muh of a baker but have started off late and have 2 limitations, i cant bake with egg and i only have a microwave.
    Anyway so that attracted me to your recipe for this festive season, so i put together the ingredients as per the recipe but the dough wouldnt hold, it was like a thicker cake batter consistency so i added more maida (dont know exact amount, just kept adding till i got the dough consistency as per your pix). And then i baked them, but :
    a. some of them got burnt slightly
    b. all of them gott really hard after cooling and are inedible 🙁

    Please guide me n how to get the right crumbly cookie texture.

    And i must say great job for sharing these innovative recipes. (esp for someone like me who is a not much into cooking and baking) Thanks !

  4. @Anonymous

    The reason for it getting burnt may me because of the combination of milk, sugar and butter in which you have to be judicious if your batter does not come out as per the consistency shown in the picture. The best is to follow the dry ingredients and wet ingredients procedure.
    Sieve the powdered sugar,add the melted butter and milk in the bowl. Similarly,in another, sieve the other dry ingredients like the flour, cocoa in another.
    Then gradually add the wet mixture to the powders and prepare the dough to get the required consistency before making it into to the cookie. Adjustments can be made here by lessening wetness by retaining the last few drops of the wet mix in the 1st bowl or adding a shake of flour to increase dryness.
    Hope it helps!

  5. Horrible !
    I took the exact measurements and followed it the way it is mentioned in ths recipe but the result was really bad.It was goooey in texture and was not at all good !

  6. I used flour and powdered sugar as normal, added 1 tsp of vanilla maizena, 1 tbsp of vanilla and 2 1/2 tbsp of honey coffee creamer and did the rest as usual. I let the dough stay a little sticky and my cookies came out delicious!!! Topped with a little whipped cream or dip in coffee!

  7. Hi
    Can you just tell me what is th shelf life of these cookies? I mean i am planning to make around 20-25 of them for a vacation… They will stay good for how many days??

  8. Hi,
    pls post more microwave eggless cookies which uses wholewheat and without cocoa powder.
    Eagerly waiting for your cookies recipes.

  9. Hi Aarthi,
    Awesome and simple recipe. I tried it today and the it tasted good. The cookies were crisp initially. But after a while it got hard. Can you tell me what could have gone wrong? I would like to try it again. So it will be helpful if you can tell me what could have gone wrong. Thanks ☺

  10. Hi Aarthi ,

    Thanks for this awesome simple to make recipe.

    But, would like to ask you where would I get chocolate chips ??

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