May 4, 2011

Sharjah (Chocolate Banana Smoothie) - Summer Special Recipes

“SHARJAH” is a kind of banana smoothie,which many of you will order in restaurants...I am gonna show you the easiest way to make it from home..First step is take a banana and chop it up,put that in a plastic bag and set it in freezer a day ahead and also put a packet of milk in freezer so that it sets frozen.These steps makes your shake so creamy..Then I used hersheys chocolate syrup,but you could use drinking chocolate powder or even a tblspn or two of Boost or Bournvita...Since the milk and banana is frozen you don’t have to bother with ice cubes this keep everything smooth and creamy....I highly recommend to try this and please let me know what you think....


Banana-1 chopped and frozen
Milk-3 cups frozen
Cocoa powder-1 tblspn
Sugar-4 tblspn or to taste
Hersheys Chocolate syrup-4 tblspn


If you like fancy cup to serve your sharja like you get in the restaurants... just take a tblspn of chocolate syrup and swirl it around the cup so that you will get a fancy cup

In a mixer add banana,sugar,cocoa,milk,chocolate syrup and blend well.

Pour this in prepared cup and serve immediately.

Ur ingrediants

add banana in blender

add sugar

add cocoa...

add chocolate syrup

add in frozen milk
blend together



  1. You have officially saved me THANK YOU i have been looking for something simple for my food and nutrition sba and my friend u saved me

  2. Can this be prepared without chocolate syrup? Should cocoa powder be increased then?


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