Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas with Instant Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Hai Friends..Hope you are enjoying your christmas..I came just now from the outing and it was really a cool one…Now I am here to wish you all a very very Happy Christmas..I would love if you share your Christmas story with me..Enjoy your day friends..

Now I am ready with a awesome recipe for chocolate mousse. I was waiting to post this recipe right today for Christmas...The cool thing about this is it is instant as well as eggless. I hope you will surely love it.

And this is a simple yet tasty mousse which you have ever tasted. This recipe is one of nigella lawson’s and as you all know her recipe will be a hit always..

So without any more delay off you go to the recipe.

Recipe Source:

Marshmallows – 150 gms
Butter – 50 gms
Dark Chocolate – 250 gms
Water – 60 ml
Whipping Cream – 300 ml
Vanilla Essence – 1 tsp
White chocolate to grate on top


Take marshmallows, butter.  water, dark chocolate, vanilla in a saucepan and heat it up.

Stir everything until completely melted. Remove this and allow it to cool down.

Take whipping cream in a mixing bowl and start whipping it. Whip until it reaches firm peaks.

Take this and fold into the cooled chocolate mixture and fold gently. Mix everything well.

Now take your glasses and fill it.

Take your white chocolate and grate it over the mousse.

Put it in the fridge and let it set for 2 hours.

Enjoy each mouthful of delicious goodness.
Take all your ingrediants
take marshmallows in a saucepan
add butter
and your main component chocolate chips
now pour in water
add a dash of vanilla
put it over the stove
and stir it
everything has started to melt
ok its getting close
completely melted...Now allow it to cool down
take your whipping cream in a bowl
start whipping
all whipped until peaks
fold it with the chocolate mixture
and start to mix
all mixed up
Take your glasses..I took a challenge to fill up 5 glasses...
and ended up with only 4
Take your white chocolate and grater
and grate over the chocolate mousse
its time to chill it
A close look


  1. Fabulous! :) Loved the marshmallows! :) Where did you get them? If possible, please go through the rules of my event > Jingle All The Way and link your post there.

  2. BOokmarked. Delicious, mouthwatering and yummy. Mind you I am full of Bibinca, doce and dodol not to mention nevris ( the local delicacies) and still will love to have some of this mousse.

  3. Kavi..I got it from my near by super market..

  4. Wow this girl can cook too - looks great. Thanks. sandie

  5. Merry Christmas Aarthi!!! What a fabulous recipe!! YUM!
    Wishing you an amazing day and a wonderful New Year 2012!! All the best!

    xo Emily

  6. looks delicious!!
    Wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New year!!

  7. Nice recipe,looks delish..Merry X'mas..

  8. A Great looking mousse.
    Happy Christmas.

  9. Se ven riquísimas estas copitas!! felices fiestas

  10. love love love it. I love it. BTW, the marshmallows are veggie one? I hesitate to buy because it is prepared using pork jelly most of the time.

  11. uma..You could gt vegetarian marshmallows...I used that ...they are made with cornstarch and many stuffs..

  12. Nice n delicious looking Mousse.
    Gorgeous presentation. Love it.

  13. Wow..Thanks 4 the recipe..Luv to try this,as my son is a chocolate lover..

  14. Mousse looks very good and creamy

  15. Hi Aarthi,

    You have a mind-boggling collection of recipes here. I have to say, I was really blown away by the fast updates and very close-to-home recipes. Thanks for visiting my page and leaving a wonderful comment. :)

  16. Dear Aarthi,
    Marshmallows are never eggless. Can you suggest any other substitute.

  17. Can I use dark compound instead of dark chocolate of morde

  18. Hi .. This mousse turned out soooo good.. I had made it for a Halloween party at my friends place... Everybody loved it soo much that every time I meet my friends they only rave about the mousse .. Making it again this Friday night for a BBQ.. Thank you for this yummy recipe..

  19. Is there an alternative to cream, can we use milk instead?

  20. @chitra kolandavelNo cream is what gives lightness and airyness to this.

  21. Any substitute for marshmallows...

  22. Lovely recepie aarthi.. Can u pls explain what is whipping until peaks

  23. @AnonymousU have to whip the cream till it gets thick, when u lift the beater out of it then it shoudln't fall over. it should form a peak

  24. Aarthi can you tell where to get marshmallow in Bangalore

  25. substitute for marshmallows?


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