Jul 18, 2012

Multi Grain Adai Dosa / Crepes with Multi Grains - Healthy Way to Start a Day

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Now coming back to today's recipe..We are going to make ADAI DOSA. This is one of my favorite breakfast of all time..Not only breakfast, I love it any time of the day..I have my mother's adai recipe already here..But this one is little special because it is multigrain adai recipe..It has different types of lentils in it..You can use whatever lentil you have, but I used my favorite ones..This is best served with coconut chutney..

I hope you will love this as much I do..Tell me if you try it..


Rice - 1 cup ( I used normal cooking rice)
Green Gram Dal / pacha pataru - 1/2 cup
Masoor Dal / Red Lentil - 1/2 cup
Toor Dal / Tuvaram Paruppu - 1/2 cup
Urad Dal / Ulundu - 1/2 cup

Other Ingrediants:
Onion - 1 large
Green Chilli - 5
Ginger - 2 inch piece
Curry leaves a handful
Chilli powder - 2 tblspn or to taste
Asafoetida / Hing / Kaya Podi - 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for making dosa


Take all the dals and rice and wash them well in lots of water.

Now soak them in water for 5 hours.

Now drain them and take it in a blender and make into a fine paste by adding some water.

Transfer this to a bowl and mix well.

Now take onions, green chilli, ginger and curry leaves in a food processor and chop them finely.

Add it to the batter and mix well.

Add asafoetida, salt, chilli powder to the batter and mix well. Batter is done.

Heat a tawa. Take a ladleful of batter and make into a thin dosa.

Drizzle oil on all sides and cook for a min on one side.

Flip over and cook for 30 seconds on other side too.

Remove from tawa and serve with coconut chutney.

You can add any dals you like
Wash them well
Soak them for 5 hours
After 5 hours they will be plumped up
add it to the blender
and make into a fine paste
Transfer that into a bowl
You will need some onions, ginger, curry leaves,green chillies to add into the batter
I took them in a food processor
and chopped them up
Add that into the batter
add in salt and asafoetida
I added some chilli powder to make it spicy
Mix all of them
Now make adai dosa
drizzle some oil to make it crispy
Flip em
and serve


  1. Healthy and flavourful breakfast.

  2. Yummy colorful, healthy adai.... Loves it...


  3. hi,

    Can Use Basmati Rice ??


    1. yes. you can use. but it is advisable to go for raw rice or boiled rice.

  4. Super healthy and protein packed dosa.

  5. i love adai dosa ..thank u so much for sharing .. in step to step way..

  6. lovely and healthy adai... my mom use to prepare it weekly once...

  7. This receipe is very good . U r tava is so good ,can u tell me more information of make and where u got it.

  8. My all time fav food..Sounds healthy and perfect.

  9. The way you showcased the girls in the plate is beautiful, breakfast can't get healthier than this!

  10. Uma boa forma para se começar o dia, sem dúvida!!

  11. Wow..I really loved this dosa..where do you get such sooper ideas aarthi?

  12. @sujiyes u can use any kind of rice for this..

  13. @AnonymousI got that tawa in nagercoil..The shop name is Tip Top for 700 Rs

  14. hi thanks for the information on the tava,i want to know the make of it as i live in abroad

  15. Adai looks delicious...adding chilli powder instead of red chillies is interesting!

  16. Really nice one.. thanks

  17. Hi Aarthi ....what is the shelf life of the batter in refrigerator...does it stay good for a week ?

  18. Amazing recipe thanks so much

  19. Looks yummy trying it without the red dal is that ok?

  20. What other dal u would suggest for this.??

  21. I tried this.dosa today and.it was super yummy... Thanks.so much.for the healthy.option. Only thing.I felt was it was very crispy and a bit.dry can u let me know where did I go wrong.on the dryness specially?

  22. @Rachana Pateladding too much rice will result in dryness

  23. I made this dhosai for today's breakfast.It was crispy and delicious and the texture is also good.my husband too liked it..thank u aarthi for this recipe.

  24. I made this dhosai for today's breakfast.It was crispy and delicious and the texture is also good.my husband too liked it..thank u aarthi for this recipe.

  25. I don't have blender for grinding onion chilli and Ginger can you just cut in the knife and add to batter is that will be good

  26. @seenuvasanyes u can add chopped ones as well

  27. Hi Aarti ,I wish to know details of your dosa tawa.. There are many metals used in tawa.. Is it an iron tawa, indolium tawa or something else.. If it is a branded one , let me kno the brand & product specifications..


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