Nov 30, 2012

Creamy Breakfast Oats Porridge with Nuts, Raisans & Honey Caramelized Apples

In our house we love to have oats porridge for breakfast atleast once a week. Hubby loves it too..I make it each time with my little twist to it, like this orangy oats porridge. That was one of my favorite recipe. Couple of days back i decided to make oats for breakfast, i was thinking how to make it this time differently. I was searching my fridge to see what i have to put in my oats. I found some juicy apples lying in the fridge.AHA got an idea.

I decided to caramelize the apples and throw in the oats. I decided to caramelize the apples in some brown sugar, but when i found a bottle of honey lying in my pantry for so many months, I decided to use that for my caramelizing process.

Finally i achieved the right amount of caramelization on my apples, i added some walnuts, raisans and some fresh apples for some crunch.

This porridge has the correct amount of crunchiness, creaminess and sweetness to this dish. 

There is something so refreshing about the plain ol simple oats porridge having some crunchy bits of fruits in it. So next time when you are whipping some porridge for yourselves add some fruits and nuts in it, you will surely love it.

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time : 15 mins
Serves : 2 to 3


Quick Cooking Oats - 1/2 cup
Milk - 500 ml
Honey - to taste
Apples - 2 cups
Cinnamon Powder / Pattai Podi - a pinch
Raisans as needed
Walnuts as needed


Take a sauce pan. Add milk and oats in it. Heat it and cook till it gets creamy and cooked.

Remove it from heat. Drizzle few spoonful of honey into this and mix well. Set this aside.

Now take a frying pan. Drizzle some honey in it and heat it up, now sprinkle a touch of cinnamon powder and bring it to a boil.

When it gets to bubble up, add half of the apples to it and toss well.Let it cook for a couple of mins.

Now pour this apples over the oats porridge and mix well.

Add in some walnuts, raisans and fresh apples and mix well.

Serve this immediately with a drizzle of honey.

You will need Some Milk, Honey,
Cinnamon,Juicy apples,Walnuts and Raisans
Heat some milk in a sauce pan
add oats to it
and mix well
cook till it gets creamy and thick
like this
Now chop up your apples

Heat some honey in a pan
add a touch of cinnamon
and heat it up
add apples in
mix well so that it gets caramalized
Now drizzle some honey in your oats

add the caramalized apples in
and mix well
add in nuts and raisans
now add in some fresh apples
and mix well
Pour yourself in a bowl
and dig in
Enjoy each spoonful


  1. Such a healthy breakfast, love to start my day with it.

  2. Real healthy and tasty too....

  3. Hi Aarthi,
    I love to visit your blog even before I became a blogger....the oats porridge looks simply superb....tks for sharing

  4. I love fruit in my porridge, apples too, but I never tried to carmelize them before. I'll try it this weekend!

  5. Only the look is enough for me! Very creative presentation there. No need to think about the taste. I can imagineit...... All the best for more new ideas.


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