Dec 20, 2013

Eggless Oats & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Loving every moment now. Looking after maha, feeding her, dressing her, playing with her, making her sleep, laughing with her, for me every moment is precious now. The best moment in my life is staying beside her in the morning, waiting for her to wake up, and the moment she wakes up she throws a innocent and the most beautiful smile which is so precious..I can cherish all my life with that smile..

Now coming back to todays recipe. This is the most yummiest cookie i have ever made.I love baking with oats, because it makes you think that you are cooking and eating something healthy. I have made quite a few oats recipes, you can check everything here.

And i have baked quite a few recipes using oats. You can check out my Multi Grain Bread, Oats Cookies, Oats Brownies, Nutri Bars, Monster Cookies and White Chocolate & Raisan Cookies.

This recipe is so simple to make. It has no eggs in it, and lots of chocolate. Oats & chocolate in a cookie can never go wrong right. And this cookie stay chewy for a long time. Try this cookies for this christmas and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Baking Time : 20 to 25 mins
Makes : 10 to 12 Cookies


All Purpose Flour / Maida  - 3/4 cup / 90 grams
Instant Oats - 1 cup / 90 grams
Regular Granulated Sugar - 3/4 cup / 150 grams
Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp
Soft Unsalted Butter - 50 gms / 2 Ounce
Baking Soda - 1 tsp
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Dark Chocolate Chip - 3/4 cup / 110 grams
Milk - 3 tblspn


Preheat the oven to 180 degree C / 360 Degree F. Line a baking sheet with foil and spray with oil or apply butter.

Take flour, salt, baking soda in a bowl and mix well. Set aside till use.

Take butter in a mixing bowl, Add sugar and vanilla in it and beat it till creamy.

Add milk to this and mix well, it may curdle a bit but no worries.

Now add in the flour mixture and mix well.

Add in oats and chocolate chips and mix well so it is well combined.

Now take a 1/3 measuring cup and take a portion of this and arrange it in a baking tray, leaving spaces between each cookie as it will spread a lot.

Now bake this preheated oven for 20 to 25 mins.

It will spread a lot, now remove it to a cooling rack and let it cool completely.

Store in a air tight container and enjoy with a glass of milk.

Take all your ingredients

Take flour in a bowl

Add salt and baking soda

mix well

Take butter and sugar in a bowl

add some vanilla

cream it well

Add milk

mix well,

Add flour mixture

mix well to form a dough

Add in oats and chocolate chips

mix well

use a 1/8th measuring cup to scoop the mix

Arrange it in a baking tray and bake

All baked

Cool it in a cooling rack



  1. Very healthy and tasty looking oats cookies. Excellent preparation.

  2. cookies look so crunchy love chocolate flavor ...Today's post :

  3. Tried your recipe, but substituted brown sugar instead of white... turned out so yummy and crunchy. Thanks for the wonderful recipe, Arthi!!

  4. Can I use whole wheat flour instead of maida?

  5. Hey Aarthi..tried these today..came out beautiful n tasty..thanks dear fr zharing the recipe

  6. Found this recipe yesterday evening and tried it immediately. The cookies turned out so yummy and crispy. Absolute delight! They were gone within minutes... Looking forward to baking this again and again. Thanx for a geat recipe!

  7. made them yesterday yummy and yummiest all credit to you! My girls are now a great fan of oats! they have made it today all by themselves! this is for keeps loved it! Thanks!

  8. can i pwdr the oats .. tia

  9. @Anonymousif u want u can, but keeping it whole gives texture

  10. Thanks for recipe , I tried and they came out very crispy and tasty!

  11. Hi,

    As u said above that maida can b replaced by whole wheat flour, does the quantity remain same as maida?

  12. Hi,

    As u said above that maida can b replaced by whole wheat flour, does the quantity remain same as maida?

  13. Hi aarthi, used same measurements except replaced half of maida with wheat flour. Mycookies didn't expand at all. Can u tell me what has gone wrong. Tastewise they r gud and crunchy..

  14. @Madhumay be u have added less rising agent.

  15. Hi Aarthi,
    I did it today.. loved the taste but something went wrong. Spread too much and the dough was watery. I pulsed the oats 5 times and I didn't make any changes. . Please help.

  16. @GEEi think you must have added too much milk

  17. Hi,

    These cookies turned out very yummy and crunchy.Baked them for my toddler and husband. We took these cookies with us to munch on a long road trip and we really enjoyed them. I added a egg to this batter, reduced the sugar a bit and used lindt chocolate 70% dark.
    I overcrowded the tray a bit , put 9 instead of 6 cookies on a tray and so they stuck a bit together since they spread a lot.
    I had to cut the cookies to seperate them and the end result was still yummy. They remind me of the big cookies available at Subway.Thanks a lot for the post, Aarti

  18. Hi arthi, I tried ur oats chocolate chip cookie. The cookie turned out chewy n not chrispy or crunchy. Can u suggest me where I went wrong

  19. One more thing I forgot to add. I couldn't bake cookies for more than 10 mins as it started to burn. I removed it within 10 mins n the cookies were chewy n not crunchy or chrispy. Top part is very soft only bottom is little hard. But overall taste is very good. But don't know how to make it chrispy. Should I reduce temperature n bake it for more time. Pls help

  20. Thanks arthi. Will try n let u know the results

  21. Hi Arthi,
    thanks for sharing the recipe. I'm making this for the second time. Sorry to say that the first time it didn't came out well. It was more like a cracker.i don't know where I went wrong. But it tasted good. So today I'm trying again and this time I freeze the dough for a while before shaping it into a ball. Let's wait and see. Fingers crossed.

  22. Hi Aarthi,
    well... The end result was very crunchy and crispy. I reduced the time. .. baked for 15 minutes and I made 1 and quarter inches of balls. Came out around 40 cookies. Thanks again. .

  23. Hi Aarthi,
    well... The end result was very crunchy and crispy. I reduced the time. .. baked for 15 minutes and I made 1 and quarter inches of balls. Came out around 40 cookies. Thanks again. .

  24. Can we add flaxseed powder,and peanut butter to this?and how to make even cookies?

  25. Hi, Can you tell me how long will these cookies stay fresh?

  26. @Iris D'Silva they will keep for a week in a air tight container

  27. I cannot thank you enough for this simple recipe Aarthi :) These were ready in a jiffy and I substituted maida with wheat flour. Just too good and enjoyed by everyone! Thanks a lot :)

  28. Can v use wheat flour instead of maida

  29. Hi Aarthi,
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe. My Cookies look good. But they are chewy and not crispy. :( Specifically the center part. Any help please.

    1. Is it?Thanks , then am successful...yippee.Can you please guide me to the recipe for a crispy cookie. I shall try it next time. Thanks much.


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