Mar 12, 2014

Karadaiyan Nombu Adai Recipe / Karadaiyan Nombu Sweet Adai Recipe

Karadayan Nombu is performed by womens, who are married and unmarried pray to hindu goddesses for long life of their husbands. We dont have a practice of celebrating this, so i haven't posted the adai which they make for this nombu here. But i wanted to start performing this nombu from this year. So i made this adai in advance so i can share this here. Here is a sweet variety of the adai, will share the salty version tomorrow.

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 35 to 40 mins
Makes : 12 to 15 adai


Jaggery / Sarkarai - 1 cup 
Water - 2 cup
Cardamom powder / Elakai podi- 1 tsp
Homemade Rice Flour - 1 cup (Use Storebought idyappam flour)
Karamani / Black Eyed Peas - 3/4 cup cooked
Coconut - 3 tblspn grated


How to cook Karamani:
Wash and soak karamani for 2 hours. Take that in pressure cooker, cover with water, cook for 3 whistle. Low the heat and cook for 15 mins on very low heat. Switch off the flame and let the pressure go all by itself. Open the pressure cooker and drain it.

Take jaggery in a heavy bottom kadai. Add in water and mix well, so the jaggery dissolves.Now strain it and add it to the kadai again.

Bring it to a boil, add in coconut, cooked karamani, cardamom powder and mix well.

Now lower the flame and add in rice flour slowly and keep stiring so no lumps are formed.It will get thick and form into a mass.

Remove it to a bowl and let it cool down. Divide into equal portions. Take a ball and flatten it down, make a hole in the middle.

Place it in a grease idli plate and steam for 8 to 10 mins.

Remove it and let it cool before you remove it.



1)You can use store bought idyappam flour too.
2)After it cools if you find the dough to be dry, sprinkle some water and knead, then shape it.
3)Darker colour jaggery gives dark coloured adai. My jaggery was light coloured so i didn't get enough colour.

Take black eyed peas in a bowl

wash it well and cover with water to let it soak

This is how it looks when soaked

Add it to pressure cooker

Cover with water

Pressure cook

Drain it

Now take all your ingredients

Take jaggery in a kadai

Add water

heat it so jaggery is disolved

strain it

Add it to the kadai and bring it to boil

Add in cooked karamani


grated coconut

And rice flour

Mix it up

It will get thick

Like this

Remove to a bowl and letit cool down

Now shape into balls

Flatten the balls

Make a hole

Place it in a steamer plate

Steam it

All steamed


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