Jun 7, 2015

12 Easy Microwave Cake Recipes - Eggless Microwave Cake Recipes - Mind Blowing Mug Cake Recipes

Baking a cake in microwave is so helpful, not only it easy to make, but you can satisfy your sweet cravings in less than 5 mins. All the cakes below are made in less than 5 mins, but they dont look or taste like that, it taste so exotic, fudgy, moist and flavourful..

1)50 - Seconds Fudgy Marshmallow Mug Cake
Fudgy,Moist cake with marshmallows and chocolate chunks......
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2)1 Minute - Chocolate Lava Cake
This is one of the popular post in my blog, the cake is so light, just melts in your mouth and you will get the perfect lava inside in when you crack it open..
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3)2 - Min Chocolate Caramel Cake
This cake is little dense and fudgy with caramel bits scattered all over it, it is like finding a treasure    in each spoon when you devour the cake..
 A really light, moist eggless cake which taste like a proper pineapple upside down cake, even better than that
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5)1.5 Min Chocolate Mocha Cake
One of the popular cake in my website, it has a very subtle taste of coffee coming through it which  really makes it tasty..
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6)3 Min - Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Icing
A fluffy and pillowy cake with a fudgy and sticky chocolate icing, what more i can say..YUM
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7)5 - Min Black Forest Cake
This cake is a like a rock star, it taste like black forest exactly. Rich chocolate cake, soaked in sugar syrup, sandwiched with whipped cream and cherries, then the whole thing is covered in whipped cream frosting and topped with a dense amount of chocolate shaving..
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8)5 - Min Oreo Biscuit Cake
This cake is so easy to make, you dont even have to make a batter for this. All you need is a packet of your favourite cookies, milk and few more ingredients. it is like a magic biscuit cake..
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9)5 - Min Chocolate Fruit Cake
A rich, dense, fragrant fruit cake, or plum cake which taste the same as normal fruit cake with lots of raisans, cherries and other delicious goodness..
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10)5 - Min Chocolate Cake with Rich Chocolate Icing
There nothing more to say for this, that it is chocolate goodness..
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11)2 - Min Nutella Mug Cake
One of my favourite cake in the world, it is moist, fudgy, dense, soft and just perfect. taste great when dolloped with some nutella and cream or icecream over it.
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12)2 - Min Chocolate Cherry Cake with Cherry Coulis
So moist and fluffy cake which has bits of cherries all over them. I used canned cherries, if you can find fresh ones then you are in serious business..
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