Apr 26, 2016

Instant Ceralac for Babies / Instant Rice Cereal for Babies- Travel Food for Babies


Many of my viewers have been asking me to share instant baby food recipes which requires no cook and is great when travelling. So i decided to share the recipe of a instant rice cereal or instant ceralac for baby. My little one was too old to eat cereal so i turned this into small ladoo like balls for her. 

This cereal is so easy to make, you need only two ingredients and it is healthy as well. I used red rice poha in this, you can use white poha as well. And i used panakarkandu as sweetner, you can use use any sweetner as you like. If you can get organic pure jaggery powder use that.

This is a instant, No cook cerelac for baby. You can prepare this cereal few different ways.

1)You can add warm water or milk to make this cereal. 

2)You can use normal water or milk to make this cereal, in which case the texture will be little coarse.

3)You can add boiling water or milk to make this cereal, in which case the texture will be so smooth.

4)You can add some powdered jaggery or sugar to this, add some ghee and make ladoo.

5)For making soft cooked balls. Take this powder in a sauce pan, add some milk and mix. Add more sugar or jaggery as needed, add little ghee and cook this on low heat till it comes as a ball. Take small portion from this and shape into balls.

You can make this powder, store this in a air tight container. This keeps well for 2 to 3 months.

This is the poha balls which i made, 


Instant Ceralac - 1 cup
Milk - 1 cup
Sugar / Jaggery - 2 to 3 tblspn more
Ghee - 1 tblspn

Take everything in a sauce pan, heat on low heat and cook till it comes together. Take small portion from this and roll into ball.

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 5 mins
Makes : 1.5 cup


Poha / Flattened Rice / Aval - 2 cups ( I used red rice poha)
Panakarkandu or rock sugar - 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup


Take flattened rice in a dry pan, roast on a low heat till it gets golden brown. 

Now remove this and cool down, take it in a blender, add panakarkandu or any sweetner and powder the mix to a smooth powder.

Now store this in a air tight container.

For making porridge, take a tblspn of two of powder in a bowl, add in warm water or milk, you can use hot milk or water as well. Mix well. Let it sit for 2 mins. Now add more water or milk as needed and mix well.

Feed your baby.

For making balls.

Take some powder in a sauce pan, add in milk, more sugar as needed and some ghee. Keep cooking till it thickens and leaves the sides.

Now cool this little and shape into ball.

You need some poha, i am using red rice poha

I am using panakarkandu, you can use any sweetner

take poha in a dry pan

roast on a low heat

now it is well roasted

cool it down

take in a blender

add the sweetner

powder finely

Take some powder in a bowl

add warm water or milk

mix well..let it sit for 2 mins

now it has thickened

add more water

Mix well and feed your baby


  1. Hi aarthi...Thanks for this amazing idea....it's work for me....God bless both.... Keep sharing

  2. Replies
    1. You can give this to baby above 6 month

  3. Hi what's poha and panakarkandu in English?

    1. Poha is flattened rice, panakarkandu is palm candy

  4. Thank you so much dear..my baby likes it��

  5. shouldnt the poha be washed and dried before roasting?

  6. Hi can I use brown or white rice instead of poha?

    1. Rice cannot be used. If you use rice, then it has to be cooked before feeding baby

  7. Can we add two pods of cardamom to it while grinding? After grinding it as a fine powder should we seive or can we use as such? Is it wring if we avoid palm candy and use just poha? Waiting for ur reply.. Thanks in advance..

    1. yes u can add cardamom. And you can skip palm candy as well.

  8. Thanks for this super idea Aarthi, my baby approved it. giving home made food to kids gives lot more happiness 😊

  9. Pankarkandu is jaggery im confused whts is it.plz tell me

  10. Ur recipes are really good. ...I have just started weaning my 7 months old baby. ...hpefly he will like it

  11. Is it required to store in fridge?

  12. Can it be served anytime.?


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