Oct 8, 2011

Beetroot Pachadi (Beetroots cooked in a Coconut Yogurt Sauce)

Beetroots are one of the very underestimated vegetables in our country...I hate it when it is cooked too much..I often eat it raw as a salad by adding some curd in it or make it into juice..

Beetroots are one of stable vegetable in our house..If you look at our fridge there will be beetroots lying some where around the corner either near the vegetable tray or the dairy compartment or the egg tray,even amma put it in the freezer oneday(We found it rock hard on a busy day when amma thought to make salad out of it)..

Since amma and patti has iron deficiency we used to make beetroot juice daily..But amma gets bored of it so soon and she stops it for a while... Then the beetroots which we bought lies in the corner of the fridge looking so sad and dried up..

That is one fine day when I found couple of beetroots like that,Amma told me to make some nice stuffs out of it..So I thought I can make a cooked version of my salad which is called here as pachadi..

I love this pachadi so much because of its lovely colour...When beetroot is mixed with curd and coconut,it lost its accurd red colour and turned into rich pink..

So if your favorite colour is pink just looks into it and give it a try..So here you go for the step by step recipes with pictures...


Beetroot-1 large peeled and grated
Salt to taste
Thick unsour curd-1 cup

For Grinding:
Coconut- ½ cup
Green chilli-2
Cumin seeds-1 tsp

For tempering:
Oil-1 tblspn
Mustard seeds-1 tsp
Cumin seeds-1 tsp
Curry leaves-1 spring


Grind coconut,green chilli and cumin seeds to a smooth paste by adding water..

Cook beetroot by adding some water and salt till it is cooked..It will take around 10-15 mins..

Now add in the ground masala and mix well..Cook this for 2 mins..

Switch off the flame and Add in well beaten curd and mix well.

Make tempering by heating oil and crackling mustard,cumin and curry leaves..

Pour this over the pachadi and mix well.

Serve it with rice and any gravy..

Take all your ingrediants
take your beetroots
peel it up
now grate it through a coarse grater
Take it in a bowl...LOOK AT THAT COLOUR
Add beetroots in a kadai with some salt
add a dash of water
cover and cook
add in coconut paste....(Coconut is grinded with green chilli and cumin seeds)
mix that well
switch off the flame and add in yogurt
make seasoning
pour it in
mix well
Totally delicious...YUMMO...


  1. What a fantastic colour.Must prepare thsi one next time when my dad comes tov visit.Beetroot is his favourite;)

  2. Like your manchatti very much! Super colorful.. bet it tasted great...
    Krithi's Kitchen
    Event: Serve It - Festival Potluck

  3. Maravilloso y que precioso color!

  4. I too make beetroot pachadi but in a different way..your version also sound superb..lovely colour.

  5. This looks wonderful. I love beet juice, so make that often. Never thought to add coconut and chilis to beets. Have to try this recipe soon! I have several beets in my refrigerator waiting to be used so I'll make this.

  6. I love all pachadis. I try to make this one at least once a month, because beetroot is so healthy and good for us. My husband hates beetroot and he won't even touch beetroot poriyal, but when I prepare beetroot with this recipe, he says... well, no, he doesn't say "it's great!". He says: "When you cook it like that, it's not so difficult to eat". Hehe :) Thanks for posting!

  7. Can you please similarly post Pineapple pachdi?
    Thank you ��


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