Nov 5, 2012

Corn Flour Halwa made in a Microwave in less than 15 mins - Diwali Special Recipes

Many of you must have seen my facebook status update, I mentioned that "I have not started cooking for diwali yet" and raised a question like "what recipe do you want me to cook?". The answer from many is sweets, so decided to do different types of easy sweets. You can see lots of diwali recipes in my blog for this whole week.

Yesterday I made this halwa, Can you ever imagine that a halwa can be made in less than 15 mins. Now you can. I used my trusty microwave for cook this one and the result was pretty impressive. The colour was awesome, the texture was a bit like jelly but you get some crunchy nuts inbetween makes it more tasty.I took some to my mom's place and everyone loved a lot. 

Hope you will try it and let me know what you think..

Cooking Time : 15 mins
Yields - 16 - 2 cm pieces
Recipe Source : Raks Kitchen


Corn Flour / Corn Starch - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1 1/2 cup
Water - 2 cup
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Food Colouring - few drops
Ghee - 2 tblspn
Almonds / Cashews - 3 tblspn chopped


Take a microwave safe bowl. Add in corn flour, sugar, water, cardamom, food colouring and mix well.

Microwave this on high power for 15 mins. Take it out after every 4 mins and mix well, so that it doesn't form any lumps.

Heat ghee in a small pan and fry some almonds in it. Pour this over the halwa and mix well.

Grease a plate with ghee. Pour this halwa on it and shape it.

Let it cool for 30 mins. Now cut into pieces and serve.


You can make this entirely on stove top. But use a non stick pan and keep stiring continously. When the halwa starts to leave the sides trasfer it to the greased plate..

Use the same cup to measure all the ingredients.

Cooking time will vary as per the heat of the oven.

Take all your ingredients
Take cornflour in a microwave safe bowl

add sugar to it
Pour some water
and mix well
Now take your favorite food colouring
squeeze few drops in and mix well
add a touch of cardamom powder
and mix well
Now microwave it for 6 mins
and microwave again till it gets thick
Take ghee and almonds in a small pan
and fry them on low heat
Pour that over the halwa
Mix well
Halwa ready
Grease a plate with ghee
pour the halwa in 
slice and serve


uma shankar said... Best Blogger Tips

wow what a nice colour and perfect halwa too!

Sravs said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome job dear!!! Looks wonderful !!!

Priya said... Best Blogger Tips

Wat a beautiful colour,glossy halwa looks highly delicious.

సిరి said... Best Blogger Tips

perfect halwa :)

Aruna Manikandan said... Best Blogger Tips

looks delicious arthi :)

Ramya P said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Arthi, I tried this receipe today and it turned out to delicious..
I have tried few other halwa receipe's before, but hve never got it right... Thanks a ton for this one...


Poornima hegde said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful colour and perfect halwa..

Poornima hegde said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful colour and perfect halwa..

Gayatri Dhiman said... Best Blogger Tips

How to make same without using a microwave ...???? And also post the non microwave cooking method also for ur dishes.. Thank you .

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Gayatri DhimanYou can just mix everything up and cook the whole thing in a nonstick kadai, till it leaves the sides.

kalai vani said... Best Blogger Tips

Is this the Cornflour used as thickening agent in chilli chicken

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@kalai vaniYes it is the same cornflour.

kalai vani said... Best Blogger Tips

Plz tell me what is Cornflour and what is cornstarch

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@kalai vaniboth are same. it is available in any supermarket

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Tried this recipe today, it was so yummy. Thanks for the simple yet delicious recipe. I have tried your wheat and ragi idiyappam recipes too.. Easy and it comes out perfect. Keep posting .

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried this cornflour halwa same as you posted and it took only 5minutes in my microwave and thanks to you for super simple method

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi aarthi
Tried this cornflour halwa today but it took only 5mins in my oven, thanks to your super simple idea

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks aarthi... I tried it today.. It was yummy...