Oct 19, 2013

Homemade Khoya / Unsweetened Kova (Khoa) / How to make Mawa (Khoya) at Home

Khoya is a super ingredients which is used in many delicious sweets. But sadly i couldn't find that amazing stuff in my super market. So i have to make my own khoya..I have made a delicious gulabjamun using the khoya. For this diwali i thought to make some sweets using khoya, so i decided to share the recipe for homemade khoya with you all, so if you cannot find khoya in your place no worries you can make it yourself..

Making khoya is not at all difficult, it is so easy to make. you just need full fat milk. Boil it down till it is thicken. That's it. I would recommend you to use a large kadai for this process, so the milk thickens faster. Try this out and make many delicious sweets out of it..

Cooking Time : 1 hour or more depends on the size of the pan
Makes : 1 cup of khoya


Full Fat Milk / Full Cream Milk - 1 liter


Take a large non stick kadai. Pour in milk and heat it up. Once it started to boil, mix it up and let it continue to boil.

Keep mixing and scrape the sides of the kadai, as you will see the milk skin sticking to them.

At one stage you will see the milk getting thicker. Keep mixing.

Now the milk will get even thicker and you will see it coming together.

Dont leave the pan alone at this stage, because the milk will get burned. keep mixing. 

At one stage the khoya will leave the sides and form into one solid mass.

Switch off the flame and remove them to a bowl. Allow it to cool and store it in a air tight container in the fridge for upto a week.

1)As the khoya cools down, it thicken a lot. No worries about that, you can crumble it easily by hands.

2) The khoya gets hard when you store them in fridge, to make it softer, bring it back to room temparature and use.

3) You can store khoya in a air tight container. Keep it in fridge always.

4) The amount of khoya you get depends on the milk you use.


Take full cream milk in a large kadai..I like to use non stick
Bring it to boil
Let it boil..

Mix well often

Scrape the sides of the kadai with a spoon

it will slowly get thick

Keep stiring

Let it keep on reducing

As you see the milk solids started to form

Keep cooking

Look it is getting even thicker

At this stage you should keep on stiring

So it doesn't burn

At one stage it will leave the sides of the pan..
This is the correct stage

You can make lots of sweets with this..


  1. wow it looks mouth watering, always wanted to know how to prepare it at home. thanks!

  2. this is fantastic! always good to use homemade ingredients. thanks!

  3. Hi aarthi.Thanks for sharing.Will try at home and not to get from shop.

  4. right time to use this post to make Diwali sweets.

  5. Pictures looks mouth watering
    thanks for posting fresh mawa recipe
    please visit my blog when you get

  6. hi Aarthi,
    Can this be made with the gulab jamun powder?

  7. hi

    i tried this with 1 lt full fat milk in a non stick pan. after 2 hours the end product was not like what i see in pics here. mine was grainy, little salty, very dry and little reddish in color. i think my khova is fried in the butter/ghee that came from milk.
    where did i go wrong.
    it is super dry, can i make gulab jamun with it.
    pls tell what i have to do, to make it soft again to make jamuns.

  8. @durga kalyani think you have taken it way too far..What you can do is, add little milk and add it to a blender and pulse it few times so it gets soft again

  9. Hi, awesome blog.. I love and tried all the recipes too..could you plz tell me how to prepare sweetened Konya and plain one

  10. @Rohini Balasubramaniancheck this


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