May 30, 2014

Cassata Icecream Recipe / How to Make Cassata Ice cream at Home

Love Love Love Cassata Icecream. One of my favorite is Arun Cassata Icecream. I can eat tons of them, they are creamy and delicious..I have no problem in buying them from our neighbourhood bakery and enjoying. But recreating them at home, didn't happen all in a sudden, it has a story.  Read it..

Couple days back, we all (mom, two sisters, myself & maha) went to our favorite vegetarian restaurant Arya Bhavan for dinner. We ordered chilli parota, paneer pulav, chilli gobi, chinese noodles & paper roast. It was all delcious and finally we came to my favorite part of the meal "DESERT". My sister ordered cassata icecream and i went for a butterscotch milkshake. My sister got her icecream first, and i got the spoon from her and had a bite straight away and it was so yummy. I called the waiter and cancelled my milkshake and ordered cassata. YES I DID!

After waiting for few minutes, the waiter came back and told that cassata got over. You know how sad i felt. Then finally when we reached home i was thinking all about cassata the whole night. Then early in the morning i got dream of myself making cassata at home, I know i know you think i am crazy. YES i am..This is my reality. I am sure many go through this. When i woke up, i decided to bring my dream to a real. I asked hubby to get all the ingredients and got into action. And the result was amazing, i had not one but 3 of those big slices. Yum Yum.

If you are wondering what i had for desert in that restaurant..I called the waiter back and ordered the same butterscotch milkshake..You get that i can never miss deserts in my life..HE HE..

Preparation Time : 20 to 25 mins
Chilling Time : 10 Hours or Overnight
Serves : 5 to 6


Vanilla Cake - 1 packet, i used store bought

Icecreams - 4 flavours each 250 ml, I used vanilla, strawberry, pista and butterscotch
Simple Syrup - 1/2 cup, Recipe below
Cashewnuts - 1 cup chopped

Simple Syrup:

Sugar - 1/4 cup
Water - 1/4 cup


Start by making simple syrup. Take sugar and water and a sauce pan, heat it to dissolve the sugar. Allow it to cool down. Syrup done..

Take a 1 liter bowl which is big enough to hold all the icecreams and cakes. Line it generously with vanilla cake. Break small pieces of cake and fill all the gaps.

Now wet the cake with the simple syrup generously.

Now take the icecream one by one in a bowl and cream it well. Spread the icecream one by one over the cakes above each one. Once all is one, sprinkle the top generously with chopped nuts.

Now cover the whole bowl with cling wrap and put in the freezer overnight.

When it is all set and frozen, invert it over the plate and remove the plastic wrap/ 

Slice and serve immediately.


1)You can use any of your favorite cake. But vanilla is prefered.

2)You can use any number of flavours in icecream. But use minimum of three flavours for best taste.
3)You can soak the cake with any fruit juices too instead of simple syrup.
4)You can top it with any nuts too.
5)Chill it very well before serving, overnight is prefered.

Take all your ingredients

Take a bowl which you plan to assemble the icecream

line it with cling wrap

Now start arranging the cake

once it is almost complete

you are going to fill all the nooks and gaps

take small piece of cake and fill them

all covered

take the simple syrup and wet the cakes

all soaked 

Now time to take your icecream in a bowl and cream them. this is butterscotch flavour

fill the bottom layer with it

Now take your strawberry icecream and cream them as well

spread that over the butterscotch flavour

Now take your pista icecream and cream it

smooth it over the strawberry flavour

Now cream your last icecream, which is a vanilla

smooth it over the pista flavour

Now spread the chopped cashewnuts all over the vanilla one

freeze them

Now when they all are set, invert them to a plate

slowly remove the plastic wrap

TA DA...

slice and serve immediately..


  1. Super.. Wow.. My Favourite. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Super. Wow. My Favourite.. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Awww cassata I already started drooling:)

  4. simply brilliant. out of words actually.

  5. So yummy...mouth watering. .Thanks aarthi for the idea..will try out soon..can this be prepared in a rectangular shaped bowl

  6. aswm one... :-) can I use chocolate cake slices with chocolate ice cream

  7. @palak jaiswalyou can use any of your favourite cake slices


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