Aug 18, 2014

Ragi Puttu Recipe / Finger Millet Puttu Recipe / Keppai (Kezhvaragu) Puttu Recipe

Ragi puttu, my favorite puttu of all time..I love it more than my rice puttu and wheat flour puttu. But tapioca puttu is also my favorite. I make sure to include ragi in my families diet atleast once a week, i make either idiyappam, idli, crispy dosa.

Ragi when made into puttu taste so different and healthy. Love it so much. I can have it for breakfast. I always add some bananas into the puttu when i steam them because I love to mix puttu with sugar, steamed banana and ghee. Yummy it will be..So give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 7 to 10 mins per cup
Serves : 4


Ragi Flour / Finger Millet Flour - 2 cup
Sugar - 2 tblspn
Salt to taste
Water as needed
Ripe Banana as needed
Fresh Coconut as needed grated


Take ragi flour in a large mixing bowl.  Add in salt, sugar and mix well.

Now add in water slowly and mix well with your hands. This will form into crumbs. The crumbs should not be dry, it should form into a tight ball when you hold it and it should crumble when you drop it.

Now take your puttu making gadget. I used cup puttu gadget.

Fill water in the pressure cooker and heat it up.

 Drop the holed disc inside the cup. Now start layering the funnel.

First add some coconut in the bottom, followed by the puttu mixture, then top some sliced banana.

Place the cup over the pressure cooker. Cook this for 7 to 10 mins till the puttu is cooked.

Now flip the puttu cup and Serve this puttu hot with banana and sugar.

For making Puttu without Puttu funnel:

If you don't have puttu funnel to make this.Follow the step till the puttu making mixture and  Mix coconut into the puttu mixture. Take a clean cloth and pour the puttu mixture in it and cover it. Place this inside a steamer and steam it. The puttu wont be in traditional shape but it still taste the same.

Take all your ingredients

Take ragi flour in a bowl

Add in sugar

some salt

mix well

slowly sprinkle some water

done add too much, just sprinkle it

rub it with your hands

sprinkle water and rub till it gets this consistency

it should be like wet sand

Now take some bananas

peel em

chop them

time to assemble

i used this cup puttu steamer

Sprinkle some coconut first

sprinkle some ragi mix

top with some bananas

cover it up

Place it over a pressure cooker and steam

When the banana is cooked, the ragi will be done

flip over



  1. Roast the ragi flour for few minutes before mixing with water try that way you will see difference. Thanks

  2. Hi Aarthi,

    When do we know it is done.


  3. @AnonymousIt wlll look cooked and colour of the ragi will be changed, you will identify it when it is done

  4. Hi Aarthi. . I got tempted and bought a puttu kudam. Is it the ordinary Ragi flour or Ragi puttu flour?

  5. Hi apart hi how can I make it without that put tu steamer..any other easy way... Please

  6. @Anonymousyes u can put the mix in a cheesecloth, tie them, and steam them

  7. Can you please tell how do I mak
    e it in the microwave...thank you ...😊

  8. @Anonymousu can cook them in a covered bowl, with water underneath the bowl, so nothing gets dried over

  9. is chemba puttu rice
    brown rice or is it red rice?

    is there a specific name for this rice variety like it's not a type of matta rice or samba rice?

    do you make your own puttu flour?

  10. @Anonymousit is not rice variety. It is a millet, ragi / finger millet

  11. Even i love puttu very can use idly pot for making puttu,place a cloth spread the puttu flour make sure not to press as u need some loose airation fr cooking puttu.and close the lid tightly.if u are using microwave use microwave idly maker or rice cooker also

  12. Where you able to cook the quantity for 4 servings in that one small puttu steamer ? Or did you have to do it multipel times ?Thanks.

  13. thanks for the receipe, i dont have cloth. but i have a idly steamer, how can i use that

  14. @shankyscoop the mix in idli steamer and cook

  15. Hello,

    I used roasted Ragi flour. But my puttu was still very powdery and not firm when I took it out. The puttu did not take the shape of the puttu mould and it broke into pieces. Do you know what could be the reason for that?

    I ate it and the ragi puttu was powdery but did not have a raw taste/smell. but it was not like puttu. Do you think I did not add enough water?


  16. @Anonymousthere is no enough liquid in this and also it is not steamed enough


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