Nov 8, 2015

1 Min Instant Khoya Recipe - Instant Khoya using Milk Powder

Mawa or khoya forms a base for many sweets. But making them from scratch can be a tiresome process, more over it takes ages to make it from scratch. I have already shared a microwave hack for a 7 min mawa recipe. But this one is even more simpler and hardly takes any time at all. Plus the result is so good.

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This needs only milk powder, milk and some ghee. The khoya made from this is great to make sweets. You can store the ball shaped mawa in fridge in a air tight container and grate it whenever you need. They stay soft and moist all the time. It can be kept in fridge for 5 to 6 days. So give this a go and let me know how it turns out for you..I used these mawa to make a delicious mathura ka peda, will be sharing it tomorrow..

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Makes : around 1.5 cup of grated mawa


Milk Powder - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 tblspn
Milk - 4 tblspn


Take ghee and milk in a sauce pan, warm it lightly.

Take milk powder in a bowl, add the warmed up milk mix in and knead to a firm dough. If it is too sticky, add more milk powder as needed.

Now put this in fridge and let it firm up.

You can grate it and use in your sweets which calls for khoya or mawa.

Take ghee in a small pan

add in milk

warm it lightly

measure milk powder in a bowl

add the milk mix in

mix well..

the milk powder will absorb all the moisture...
If it feels too sticky add more milk powder

Now shape it into a ball and store it in fridge...
it will firm up more

when you need, grate the mawa as needed

Look how easily you can grate it..

you can use this in your dishes


  1. Thanks for the the ghee amount only one tablespoon?? In the picture there s lots of ghee

  2. Please suggest which milk powder to use.

  3. Excellent .... Did not know that Khoya could be prepared this way. I really feel you should participate in Masterchef sometime. I am sure you will reach a long way in it. Try it once your kid grows up some more...

  4. Really you have good talent in cooking because you have posted many alternative way for food stuff. Thanks for your contribution.

  5. Thanks for your great contribution in sharing cooking tips.

  6. This is really easy and awesome!

  7. Happy Diwali. God Bless You and your family. Love your recipes.

  8. So easy to make at home. Thanks for detailed explanation and showing us easy method for cooking.

  9. Thanks Arti for the lovely share. I had one doubt won't the khoya taste sweet as the milk powder has sugar content in it... Can this be used in savoury curries etc.... Or only sweets...

  10. Can we use this for rasgulla??

  11. @Anonymousno u cannot use this for rasgulla. Rasgulla needs chenna.

  12. @Soma Mukherjeenot it ws not that sweet. u can add it in curries as well.

  13. Can you make kova for prepare gulab jamooon ?

  14. Can I use this khoya for malpoa recipe?

  15. Can I use this khoya for malpoa recipe?

  16. Can I use Nido milk powder. . . As i stay in kuwait I dont knw wic powder to use ....

  17. Can we use this khoya for making chocolate burfi

  18. Can we use this for chocolate burfi?

  19. Can we use immediately, I mean without keeping in fridge and then grating it


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