Oct 18, 2011

Bengali Rasgulla – Sweets for Diwali

Hai Friends..Hope you are enjoying your day...I shared with you my miserable diwali yesterday right..Today is going to be my romantic diwali,moreover a most awaited diwali stories..This happened 5 years back and it was the time when I fell in love with my fiancée..

 Those are the days when my parents where so strict and we won’t get chances to meet or talk.Hmmm..There are days when we have never seen each other for months..At that time I will be waiting for Diwali before two months itself..Do you know why?

During Diwali I will visit my Aunt’s house in the evening..That street will be light up with crackers and lights..It will be so crowded with peoples and kids..It is totally so much fun..For your information I usually won’t stay in my house for diwali..Because our house is inside a big colony and there won’t be so much fun..So we will go to our aunt’s house to celebrate diwali together..As soon as my fiancee come to know that I was in my aunt’s house,He will roam here and there in the street with his friends..Each time he walks near me, was such a cherished moment..Its like flying in clouds while seeing him after many months..He even talks in action with me when no one is watching,but one day my mum saw this..Can you imagine how she scolded me..He He..If I think about this now it makes me laugh...I will be waiting for those diwali all day, now a days I don’t get much chances like this and my mum is not so strict..These little memories stays close to my heart still makes my life beautiful..Now coming to today’s recipe...I was thinking that this is one of the most difficult and complicated dish in the world..But as soon as I give it a try I was amazed how easy it is..I am not so fond of Rasagulla,I don’t like it too much..I made this rasagulla to make Rasamalai which I will post soon...I hope you all will love it...So off you go for the step by step recipe with pictures...This recipe goes to Blogging Marathan-Day 3 for the theme “Indian Festival Food with Step by Step pictures”..

Full Fat Milk-1 litre
Lemon juice-2 tblspn
Sugar- 1 cups
Water - 4 cups


Heat milk in a sauce pan and bring it to a boil..

Slowly add in lemon juice and mix well..You can see the milk getting curdle..

Mix until water separates from milk solids..Now drain it in a cheese cloth..(I used a clean handkerchief)

Wash it under cold water so that all sourness from the milk solids go away..

Tie a knot in the cloth and hang it somewhere for a couple of hours by which time all water must have drained from it..

Take this in a mixing bowl and start kneading for 5-10 mins until the dough becomes soft and comes together..

Divide this into equal portions and make balls out of it..

Now take a pressure cooker and add sugar in it...Now cover that with water and let it come to a boil..

Add the rasagulla balls in to this and cover the pressure cooker..

Let it whistle once and simmer it for 10 mins..Let the pressure go all by itself..

Open the pressure cooker..Now the rasagulla must have become double in size..

Put this in the fridge and serve chilled..


Take all your ingrediants
Heat milk
let it come to a boil
add in lemon juice
stir constantly
can you see the milk curdling
let it curdle completely
mix well
Milk has separated
take a colander with a cheese cloth
pour this in
wash this in cold water
now tie a knot in this
hang it some where
paneer is done
fluff it up
knead it into a smooth dough
make small balls out of it
heat sugar and water in a pressure cooker
let it boil
add the balls in to this
can you see the rasagullas are double in size
Serve chilled


  1. Simple way to prepare rasagullas.. Yummmy!!! Bookmarked..

  2. yummy rasagulla...perfectly done and thanx for the detailed step wise pic...

  3. Love this juicy spongy rasagullas very much..

  4. One of my favorite sweets...looks divine Aarthi

  5. Nice clicks with step process. Yummy yummy n happy diwali in advance.

  6. beautifully explained pictorial - Delicious looking rasagollas :)

  7. looks so yum...even i have a rasmalai recipe in my draft....

  8. I make similarly fresh ricotta;))

  9. perfect rasgulla!! neatly explained photos!

  10. Looks too good!! Love rasgullas anytime!

  11. ha Aarthi, interesting diwali romcom.
    Rasgulla recipe step by step is very very helpful thanks for it. The rasgullas look perfect

  12. Looks yummy...delicious looking perfect rasgullas

  13. Looks soft and spongy!very well done.

  14. Your step by step receipts are great, they are really helpful!
    Your rasgullas look perfect and delicious!


  15. Rasgulla has come out perfect. Very interesting Diwali story...

  16. thanks for the detail pictorial ...Rasgulla looks perfect for the festive season

    Hamaree Rasoi

  17. Beautiful romantic memories :) Love today's sweets! Your blog looks great!

  18. Delicious sweet and looks perfect.
    Thanks for dropping by and those lovely comments.
    Happy to follow u.

  19. romantic post ;)
    rasagulla looks delicious dear:)

  20. It looks so yummy! Can't understand how you are not a fan of it :).

  21. What a perfect looking Rasgulla! I have never tried my hand at making festival foods cause I don't have the ""kai"" for it. But your pictorials make it look like its child's play! Love it!

  22. Thx for stopping by my blog and the follow. These rasgullas looks so good. I've never thought of trying to make them b/c they always seemed so complicated. I love the step by step pictures..gives me more confidence to give these a try! Thx for sharing & following you back!

  23. Great.... These pressure cooked rasgullas reminded me of my time when I was very new to cooking and rasgualla being my fav sweet, i would try to make it often but everytime in vain. Once I got a pressure cooker rasgulla recipe and dunno why but i was damm sure that it will turn out good this time so called up my friends too to share it with them. After all the efforts when I finally opened the lid of the pressure cooker, my rasgullas had literally disappeared, and since then i became a laughing stock among my friends... :-) I love those memories. I dunno how but all those rasgullas melted out. Not so easy to give up, i later followed manjula aunty's recipe on manjulaskitchen and at last was succeded in my rasgulla making attempt. The pics of rasgullas in the cooker brought back the old memories. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Insha allah i will once more try out this one...

  24. hai al i tried but panner is flop. i think next attempt vl b super cool.

  25. Wow what a cherishable moment aarthi,god bless you both!!!Scrumptious rasgullas!!!

  26. Arthi but my rasagulla didn't doubled the size.. Should I leave for more than 3 whistles. Also I get only awin milk here is it s ok?

  27. @Sharanya Skarp You have to let it whistle only once, then simmer the flame and cook for 10 mins. then let the pressure go all by itself

  28. I made rassgullas yesterday it came out spongy n delicious. ..thnx arthi...making rassgulla is so simple. .

  29. Today I tried rasgullas.but it was extra soft.and the syrup is not so white in color.l think next try will be successful

  30. We get fresh cow' milk here, which we boil and remove the cream that usually forms, can I still use the sane milk after removing the layer of cream

  31. @AishaYou can use that, but i recommend you to use full fat milk

  32. my rasgullas got flattened whats d reason????

  33. @AnonymousIf there is any water left while making chenna, then rasgulla will get flat..So try to get as much liquid from it and then make balls..

  34. Hi aarthi,

    These rasgullas look awesome... :)

    Can I make this with the paneer that we get in shops and start directly with the dough makjng step....

    please help me with this so that I shall make this sweet tomorrow for Diwali...


  35. @AnonymousNo fresh paneer is recommended for soft rasgullas

  36. @AnonymousNo fresh paneer is recommended for soft rasgullas

  37. Rasagulla ...followed all the steps perfectly...but when i eagarly opened my PC ..found a paneer porridge in side...:(
    What went wrong ?

  38. @UmamaheswariU haven't drained the water and kneaded it properly so it has crumbled

  39. Hi aarthi my rasgulla size get shrink when I removed from the cooker

  40. My rasgulla get shrink when I removed from the cooker.

  41. @sumathiThe whey is not properly drained i think so.

  42. This is the 3rd time I am trying rasgullas. The first 2 times I tried the recipe from other websites. It was a flop. Now I saw urs.. again it did not turn out well.. I don't know y i am Not getting. Whr is the mistake? I did exactly the same measurements.. greenish whey did Not come at all.. it did not curdle fully.. y? Can u pls explain. I boiled milk. Added 1.5 spoons of lemon juice. Mixed for around 5 mins.yet did not curdle properly. Y,????

  43. @Anonymousif it didn't curdle add more lemon juice or curd.

  44. my rasgulla is nt make spongy what to do??

  45. @Anonymousknead the dough well...if the rasgulla is not spongy cut it in half and make rasmalai

  46. Hi aarthi, thought of making rasmalai but after seeing your rasgullas I dont think I can resist myself from eating them.. so immediately started off.. my chenna process is on the go. Will soon let you know how my rasgullas turned out in a couple of hours.. many thanks to u.. :-)

  47. M very sorry for d delay in my update aarthi.with guests at home got held up..and thanks a lot to u.. my rasgullas turned out yummy.. dey were very juicy and yummy bt it would ve been nice if it was more spongier.. will surely give it a try nxt time.

  48. Delicious.. Order Rasgullas from SurpriseForU.com this Diwali and make your Diwali more sweeter.


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