Oct 6, 2015

Easy Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe Ever

This is a recipe which i wanted to bake so badly..This recipe is exactly made from bake like a pro famous chocolate mud cake video. I have watched that video lots and lots of time and managed to make this cake perfectly just like how he showed it..It was rich, dark and very fudgy and so chocolaty..So yum..

And please dont ask for the substitute for eggs in this recipe, because i dont know what you can substitute it with..

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This cake is very very rich and it is the tallest single tier cake which i ever baked. It came out so tall and the cake hold really well as well. Plus it was so soft and moist just like eating a chocolate bar..Follow the recipe which i have mentioned in the recipe to the T and you will have the perfect cake.I can assure you...You can never go wrong with this recipe..

I decorated this cake using a chocolate ganache, but you can use chocolate buttercream frosting too. You can leave this cake without frosting as well. And you can even split the cake half in the middle and frost it as well, so you have a two layered cake..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turned out for you..

I made this as a b'day cake for my lil sis..I placed some kitkat bars all around the cakes and tied it with a ribbon, then i just arranged some coloured candy (m&m's or gems) on the sides of the cake.

Preparation Time : 20 mins 
Baking Time : 13/4 hour to 2 hours
Serves: 12 to 14 servings


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 2 cups / 240 grams

Cocoa Powder - 1/2 cup / 60 grams
Baking Powder - 2 tsp
Baking Soda / Cooking Soda - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Water - 3/4 cup / 180 ml
Soft Unsalted Butter - 250 grams
Milk - 1/2 cup / 120 ml
Eggs - 4
Sugar - 2 3/4 cup / 550 grams
Dark Chocolate - 220 Grams chopped
Instant Coffee Powder - 2 tblspn
Oil - 2 tblspn
Chocolate ganache - 1 batch (Click here for recipe)

(My 1 cup measures 240 ml)


Preheat oven to 150 degree C. Line the base and sides of a 20 cm deep round pan with parchment paper..Make sure the parchment comes above the pan, since it will rise so much.

Now time to make the batter. Take water in a sauce pan and bring it to a boil

Add in coffee, butter, dark chocolate and heat 
it gently till it is melted.

Add in sugar and whisk well till it is completely melted.

Pour this in a bowl and set aside to cool down a bit.

Now sift flour, cocoa, baking soda, baking powder and salt. 

Now add in milk to the chocolate mix, add in one egg at a time and whisk it well.

Add in the sifted flour mix in and mix well.

Pour this in the prepared pan and pop it in oven for 1.45 hours to 2 hours.

Now remove it from oven and let it cool completely.

Now unmould from tin and cut the top with a serrated knife. 

Spoon the ganache on top and spread on all sides.

Decorate as you wish. Chill in fridge for couple of hours.


Take all your ingredients

Start by lining a 20 cm cake pan on the base and sides..
you can see how much paper i have left in the sides, 
because we will be filling batter till top so it will rise..
chop dark chocolate into small piece

Take water in a sauce pan

add in instant coffee powder..I added little water to it to dilute it

add a good amount of butter

now add in chocolate

once it is melted..add in sugar

now you have to mix it on low heat till sugar is melted

Now the sugar is melted

pour it in a large bowl 

you have to cool it little

Now lets sift the dry ingredients together..Take maida 

add in cocoa powder

add in baking soda and baking powder

add little salt

sift it well

Now take the chocolate mix

add in milk

add in oil

add in eggs and whisk well

now it is mixed well

add n dry ingredients

mix well

Once it is mixed

pour it into the pan..it will come till the top


look how much it has risen

once it is completely cooled, remove it from pan
Make a batch of chocolate ganache..Recipe here

i sliced the top of the cake..a little

time to decorate

spoon ganache on top

spread it evenly

spread on sides

Spread on top as well

You can leave it like this plain and simple

You can give textures like these using the knife

Or you can decorate it like this

Look how moist and soft it looks


  1. Please give me eggless version

  2. @manishawill soon share a eggless version

  3. I too want an eggless version!!

  4. It would be great to get this as a more healthy version...like for folks who cannot eat soooo much sugar and butter. It's truly not that good for your tummy:(

  5. Hi madam cake is super but one clarification if we adding egg means no need beat using egg beater ?

  6. Hi madam cake is super but having one clarification if we adding egg means no need to beat the egg with egg beater a

  7. Hi madam cake is so yummy but having one clarification if we adding egg means no need to beat the egg using egg beater

  8. Hi madam cake is so yummy but having one clarification if we adding egg means no need to beat the egg using egg beater

  9. Please share eggless version .

  10. Mam.. Can u say how to bake this in electric cookware

  11. Hi Aarti, just wanted to know if this recipe can be halved? Looking forward for your reply. Thank you

  12. Can this recipe be halved??

  13. @Anonymousyes u can halve the recipe, reduce the cooking time accordingly

  14. Hi mam
    Can you give the temperature and baking time plz

  15. @Priscillait is mentioned in the writen part of the recipe

  16. hi Aarati, can we bake the same cake in Pressure cooker, if so plz tell how much time should be given

  17. @Vincy Johnnot sure about pressure cooker. but you can halve the recipe and bake in cooker

  18. Plz give us substitute for eggs...wld b appreciated :-)

  19. @AnonymousI am really sorry, there is no sub for eggs in this recipe. will soon share a eggless version of this soon

  20. Hi aarti
    Can I make this a day before
    Will it taste good or will it become hard in fridge?????

  21. Pictures and writing is so clear...I loved ur blog very much..

  22. @rukhaiya haji hussainiyes u can make it the day before. remove the cake from fridge few hours before serving

  23. Hi ,
    What can be substituted for baking soda ?

  24. @Anonymousyou cannot sub baking soda. it is must

  25. Hi, Today I have tried the chocolate mud cake.Center part didn't rise. Looks like well.
    Cant get the dome shape.I did it in the cooker.plz help.

  26. @Rani.it will be little sink in the center

  27. Fingers crossed.. Just now popped it in the oven.. But I used a 26 inch pan and did not use the lining as the batter was half way through.. Will it affect my cake.. ? And a silly doubt -- the timer is 60 min and should I turn the timer again when it stops ? What if I check my cake after 60 min .?

  28. @Anonymousu can check the cake if it is done. I think u might face a problem of take it from the tin..not sure though..

  29. can i use a large spring pan?

  30. @Aarthi I used a spring pan and so did not have problem with that but my cake completely sinked in at the center. What might be the problem ? but tasted like the one I bought at ambrosia. Thank you for the recipe arthi.

  31. @Anonymousif ur cake pan is smaller it may sink.

  32. Looks yummy ! Could this recipe be baked in a loaf pan ?

  33. How much water to boil?

  34. @Anonymousyes u can, but this recipe will make around 2 to 3 loaf cakes

  35. how much time do you think it would take? 40-45 mins?

  36. @Anonymousnot sure, you have to keep a eye on it

  37. How much time we should keep for pre-heating the oven

  38. Wow I can't wait to try this recipe it sounds great!! Question, the pictures show the cake as moist as I've ever seen, is it from the ganache?

  39. This looks amazing.... Can I use a rectangular pan?? any idea if so on the time?

    1. you can use that pan. timing may vary.

  40. I just make this cake but with only half of the recipe and it turned out amazing, it is by far one of the best cakes I have ever made.

  41. Can I cover this cake in fondant. It looks like a great recipe!

    1. I would -mud cakes arendense so great for covering in ganache or buttercream and then fondant - you can get a good finish with fondant in my opinion:-)

  42. Can I cover this cake with Fondant? It looks like a great recipe!

  43. great recipe and detailed post. is it unsweetened cocoa you used or dutch processed? can we use dutch cocoa as there's baking soda?

  44. in the written recipe it doesnt say to put in the oil! i have just put mine in the oven (minus the oil) which im just realising now! fingers crossed it comes out ok haha

  45. Is this cooked in a conventional or fan-forced oven?

  46. This was the most delicious, moist cake I have ever made. I covered it with ganache and then fondant and it turned out wonderful. Didn't put the oil in but it appeared not to need it. And the cooking time needed was only 1hr 25. Will definitely be making this one again. Thank you!

  47. The amount of sugar seems excessive for the flour amount. Isn't be the cake sickly sweet? I am tempted to nearly halve the amount of sugar as my chocolate is quite sweet. Will it affect the final consistency if i use only 300g of sugar?

  48. Hi Arthi, can u let me know where to get dark chocolate bar in Nagercoil.

  49. Hi Arthi can you please suggest where to get such dark chocolate bars used in the above recipe at Nagercoil?

  50. Are you using a convection (fan-forced) oven or a conventional oven? The temp (translated to fahrenheit is only 300) seems kind of low but your bake time IS very long so that might be the correct temp even for a conventional oven.

    1. same question... can we bake this in convection oven (the normal oven with grill, convection and microwave), as i do not have an OTG...

      plz help....

    2. You can make this in convection mode.

  51. Can we replace egg in this recipe

    1. no i dont think so. will soon share a eggless version.

  52. Hi Aarthi ,

    Can i use dairy milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate

  53. how long you store this cake in fridge ?
    what's the temperature of the fridge ? thanks

  54. How much oil to be added?

  55. Carol B. ,phoenix,Az,USAJanuary 24, 2017 at 12:21 PM

    A couple questions please. Can you convert butter & cocoa into US measures for me? Also, i would like to make this as a layer cake, can i use 3 - 9 inch pans and have the same fabulous result?
    Carol B.
    Phoenix, Az, USA

    1. use 1 cup butter and 1/2 cup cocoa. yes u can make layer cake

  56. Can I bake this without parchment paper????

  57. Hi..tried to make this..but it became hard in centre

  58. Hi their can you freeze this cake and if so will it still have the moist consistancy

    1. yes u can. Defrost at room temp before serving

  59. Can I bake it at a higher temp for lesser time?


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