Aug 22, 2014

Puttu, Payar and Pappadam Recipe / Puttu Recipe / Rice Puttu Recipe

This is one of the best combination to eat puttu,if you have not tried this yet please give it a try..Puttu is one of the famous keralan dish..They usually have puttu with fish curry or kadala curry..I have posted ragi puttu, wheat puttu, tapioca puttu..

I used a typical puttu kolal for this,but if you don’t have that you could use a small bowl and put the coconut and flour mixture in layers and steam it,it will still come out great..But the only thing is you wont get the traditional shape for it.. .I hope you all will give this a try and let me know what you think..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 7 to 10 mins for a batch
Serves : 3 to 4


Store Bought Rice Flour / Arisi Mavu - 3 cups
Salt to taste
Sugar-3 tblspn
Fresh Coconut - 1 cup grated
Water around 3/4 cup or as needed

Accompliments 1:
Green gram / Pacha Payaru - 1 cup cooked with some salt
Papadum deep fried in oil

Accompliments 2:
Sugar-1 tblspn
Ghee-1 tsp


Take rice flour in a bowl..Add in salt,sugar and mix well.

Gradually sprinkle in the water and rub with your fingers till it form coarse crumbs...It should be slightly wet.

Now take a puttu kolal,first add some coconut,then add the flour mixture and again coconut and continue till top like this.

Place this in the steamer or the vessel where we will put this puttu kolal..and cook for 10 min.Now slowly remove it by pushing the puttu kolal with a spoon from the bottom.

Serve it hot with cooked payaru, papadum or banana,sugar,ghee...

Take all your ingredients

Take rice flour in a bowl

Add in some salt

add in sugar

sprinkle in some water

rub with your fingers

rub it well

it should look wet and coarse

take a puttu kolal

put the holed disc inside

first sprinkle in coconut

spoon some rice flour mix

noe coconut

and some rice flour

top it with coconut

fill water in the steaming pot

place the kolal on top and steam

now slowly push from the bottom

i cooked some green gram with salt can fry some pappadum and have with this


harini-jaya said... Best Blogger Tips

sounds interesting. I heard a lot of good things about puttu.

Sadhana Valentina said... Best Blogger Tips

Pic is inviting dear!!

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said... Best Blogger Tips

I have never tried puttu before, but have heard a lot, looks very nice.

Priya said... Best Blogger Tips

Authentic dish, simply inviting and filling..

Sushma said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it!! Looks very good...

Hema Mahen said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely puttu and great combo for it..

Vardhini said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks so yummy Arthi .. very authentic .. love the puttu.


Sobha Shyam said... Best Blogger Tips

Great combo..i love it..nice to see detailed explanation abt making puttu..

Suma Gandlur said... Best Blogger Tips

Love that pictorial description. I got to see that gadget.

Pavani said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow.. such an authentic and traditional dish. Looks delicious. Love your tall steamer :-)

SouthIndianHome said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this puttu a lot.But never made at home. Will try this
South Indian Recipes

kaveri said... Best Blogger Tips

Love Puttu, but we don't make it very this combo

RAKS KITCHEN said... Best Blogger Tips

What a classic combo! Nothing can beat it!

Mom Chef said... Best Blogger Tips

Love Puttu-Kadala..

veena krishnakumar said... Best Blogger Tips

Great combo!!!!never attempted to cook this though!!!

Usha said... Best Blogger Tips

I have seen lot of recipes and heard a lot about puttu but never tasted

bristol plasterers said... Best Blogger Tips

Great recipe. Thanks for posting this up.


karthiga said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi mam kindly tell me how to use red rice putumma for my child and he is now one and a half year old. Waiting for ur reply

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@karthigasame recipe, use red rice puttu mavu

sofia said... Best Blogger Tips

I love to eat puttu a lot and this combination ( puttu , payar and papadam) remembers me my childhood days. My mom used to do this combo often for breakfast. I love that. So thanks a lot for sharing this recipe. So sweet of you.