Oct 17, 2011

Carrot Halwa / Gajar Ka Halwa – Sweets for Diwali

Hai Friends..Hope you are having a great week ahead..Mine was Ok...I promised you all that I will share my diwali stories right..This is my first one..I think this one happened 8-10 years back...Its a Miserable Diwali..I can never forget it..We were enjoying Diwali with lots of foods and crackers..All Happiness should come to an end right....That day also came to an end...YES..napping time arrived and mum was running behind us to make us sleep...

Before going to the story let me describe some thing about our house first...We had a huge place infront of our house and its been covered with dried coconut leaves on top (something like this)...Actually it was our grandma’s house,it looks like a old and ancient house,but a beautiful one..
Back to story...Somehow we came back to bed and started having wonderful dreams of that day..I think its near to midnight, suddenly my grandma who slept near to the windows felt so hot..When she looked into it..She saw flames of fire just wafting through those coconut leaves roof..Yes..Our House is on Fire..OMG..She woke me, amma and my sisters...Amma was very much scared first, But somehow she gained all her courage together,went out and opened the front door realizing that someone can come and help us...By which time our neighbours and friends realized the fire and came running to our house and took tons and tons of water and set the fire off..Luckily nobody is hurt and we were safe...If those people has never arrived then I don’t know what must have happened..The Reason for the fire is somebody near our street has set a rocket (cracker) which came straight and sat on our roof which caused this horrible accident..So what I say is Please be careful while lighting those crackers..Have a Safe Diwali..

Ok Now coming back to today’s recipe...I know I know everyone loves Carrot Halwa, including me...But most of us think that making halwa is a difficult task..If so, Check out this...I hope you all will love it...So off you go for the step by step recipe with pictures...


Carrot-3 large grated finely
Milk- ½ litre
Ghee – 120 ml / ½ cup / 4 fluid ounces
Cashews, Almonds, Raisans, Pista-3 tblspn chopped(I used Badam)
Sugar- ½ cup / 100 gms(or to taste)
Cardamom / Yelakai-4
Saffron or Orange food colouring-a pinch


Heat half of the ghee in a kadai..Fry some badam pieces in this till golden and remove it..

Now Add in grated carrot and fry for 5 mins..

Pour in milk and bring that to boil..

Simmer the flame and cover it with a lid..Let this cook for 20-30 mins until the carrot is cooked through and milk is evaporated.

Now add in sugar and mix well..Throw in the cardamom too..

Now add in a pinch of saffron yellow colour and mix well..

Let this cook untill the halwa gets thickened..It will take around 10-15 mins..

Now add in remaining ghee and mix well..

Add in the nuts and mix well..Cook this until the halwa leaves the sides of the pan..

Switch off the flame and serve hot..


Take all your ingrediants..Please add some food colouring in this
grate your carrot using fine grater
heat some ghee in a kadai
add in badam
fry till golden
remove and set aside
add in carrots
fry for few minutes
pour in milk
and bring that to boil
cover and simmer
untill the carrot is cooked
add in sugar
and crushed cardamom
add a pinch of food colouring
and mix well
let it cook till it gets thick
add more ghee
and fried nuts
mix well
cook untill it leaves the sides of the pan



  1. by the time i made something chocolate, your choc giveaway was long a thing of past!!

    this is delicious...had it at a dinner jus two days back!!

  2. I must do it!! I love carrot, so it is perfect!!
    Thanks for share!!
    hugs, from spain! ;-)

  3. Who will say no to carrot halwa, awesome..

  4. Carrot Halwa luks yumm.Luv ur delicious recipes here in this wonderful blog,Arthi.Thanks for dropping in and the add.Following U.

  5. yummy n delicious halwa...perfectly done!!nice presentation!

  6. wow! carrot halwa looks so tempting and yummy,lovely clicks.

  7. Carrot Halwa looks super tempting!

  8. carrot halwa looks delicious.. it is one of my favorites... liked your step by step pictures... glad to follow you.. do visit me sometime..

  9. Reading your diwali tale,I conveyed my daughter that my concurrence for crackers is not standing.Bitter no Aarthi ? I have to think now dear.

    I have seen several gajar halwa recipes so far in the blog world.I haven't seen such a royal presentation but.Extremely tempting and classic Aarthi.Hats off to you.

  10. Halwa looks awesome!!!!And i am scared with these diwali rockets too, never can predict which way they turn:-)

  11. I'm SO glad everyone was safe from the fire. The halwa look really, REALLY good! Thanks for sharing (and thanks for the step-by-step pictures)

  12. Looks so delicious...yummy looking!

  13. Lovely pictorial of carrot halwa! lOoks irresistible !

  14. my favourite sweet. next time when you do this just add grated dairymilk chocolate. you ll love it.

  15. hi aarthi many thanks for your visit, really appreciate that.
    for a start, let me wish you all the best in blogging and looking forward to follow your recipes. have a nice day

  16. Love the way you have presented the halwa

  17. Love your blog and indian receipts! I follow you from now on :)
    I didn't know halwa but it looks yummy!


  18. que buena pinta tiene, siento lo de la casa. al menos oslo fué un susto. saludos

  19. Sorry to hear about the fire incident..happy to know you guys are fine..and for the recipe...its an ever favorite dessert..

  20. It does look delicious and very interesting. Blessings, Catherine xo

  21. need a cup of vanila icecream to pair with this yummy halwa.

  22. Love the flavors in this and it looks incredible!

  23. Sorry about the fire, lets hope this diwali is safe for everyone.

    Carrot halwa looks absolutely fantastic! Drool worthy pictures :)


  24. Hermoso plato me encanta la zanahoria luce espectacular,abrazos grandes, hugs,hugs.

  25. Wonderful images with all the beautiful serving pieces. Very festive and special.

  26. Can we add milkmaid along with sugar?

  27. Love your recipes.... really awesome... I'm going to try this for new year

  28. Hi, can i use bread instead of carrot?

  29. If we add condensed milk in place of sugar , how much quantity should we add?

  30. @Sandhya G.it deoends on ur sweetness, add it and taste then add more..

  31. I tried it aarthi but it tastes like paalkova. I don't know why..

  32. Could u pls tell me why it tastes like palkova???

  33. @Anonymousbecause u have cooked it in milk so it will like milky

  34. Tried this todayand it turned out so so yummy....got appreciated by my mom...thanks aarthi...keep rocking......

  35. Hai Aarthi, Can we use butter instead of ghee?

  36. It came out really sooo good !!!!tastes yummy!!!! Thank you aarthi for ur pictorial representation :-) :-)

  37. I tried this recipe really it was very nice.
    can we add kova for this recipe and in which step can u pls tell me

  38. I tried this recipe really it was very nice.
    can we add kova for this recipe and in which step can u pls tell me

  39. can we add kova to this recipe if it can be added can u pls tell when it can be added after which step

    1. yes u can, add it after u add sugar


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