Aug 9, 2013

Pressure Cooker Chicken Biryani / One Pot Biryani - Ramzan Special Recipes

Making Biryani can never get easier than this. I love biryani and make them more often than anything else. You can check out my biryani making days here. Most of the time it is made in a pressure cooker, but somedays i feel like having the royal taste of authentic biryani, so go for the layered dum version. Check out my veg dum biryani, hyderabadi dum biryani, dum chicken kofta biryani and mughlai chicken biryani, Fish Dum Biryani.

This biryani is one of the tried and tested recipe of so many decades. Because i have made this more times than i remember. It is so simple to make, but i found that the flavours marry so well when we make biryani like this than layering it.

If you dont like the whole spices catching in your mouth, when you eat. Then you can try out my chicken biryani recipe, where i included a tips for that.

Preparation Time : 30 mins
Cooking Time : 45 mins
Serves - 4 to 5


Basmati Rice - 2 cups
Water - 3 cups
Chicken -1/2 kg
Onion-2 large thinly sliced
Green chilli - 4 slitted
Ginger Garlic Paste - 3 tblspn
Pandan Leaves / Brinji Ilai - 1
Coriander Leaves-1/2 cup
Mint leaves- 1/2  cup
Thick Unsour Curd / Yogurt -1 cup
Red chilli powder - 2 tsp or to taste
Garam Masala powder - 1 tblspn
Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp
Coriander Powder / Malli podi - 1 tblspn
Cumin Powder / Jeera Podi - 1 tsp
Cashew-2 tblspn
Raisans-2 tblspn
Oil - 3 tblspn
Ghee - 3 tblspn
Salt to taste
Lemon Juice as needed 

For Seasoning:
Cumin seeds / Jeerakam - 1 tsp
Fennel Seeds / Sombu / Saunf - 1 tsp
Cinnamon / Pattai - 1 small stick
Cloves / Krambu - 5
Cardamom / Yelakai - 5 crushed
Bay Leaf - 1


Wash and Soak the basmati rice for around 30 min,Then drain it and set aside.

In a pressure cooker heat oil and ghee, Fry some cashews and raisans in that til golden. Drain them and set aside.

Now in the same oil, crackle all the seasoning ingredients and pandan leaves.

Add in the onion, green chilli and fry on a low heat till brown.

Add in ginger garlic paste and saute for a min.

Add in tomatoes, spice powders, coriander leaves and mint leaves. Mix this well.

Add in yogurt and give a good mix. Now throw in the chicken pieces and saute it for 10 mins till the chicken is well coated in the masala.

Add in the soaked Basmati rice and combine well. Pour in 3 cups of water and season with some salt and mix well
Now bring this mixture to a boil and reduce the flame, cover the pressure cooker and cook it for 1 whistle, then simmer the flame and cook for 15 mins. Now turn off the heat and let the steam go all by itself. 

Once cooked, open the pressure cooker and fluff it with a fork. You can squeeze some lemon juice at this point and mix well.

Garnish with Fried Cashew and Raisans and sprinkle some coriander leaves.

Serve it with Onion and Tomato Raita.

Take all your ingredients

Soak rice

Heat oil and ghee in a pressure cooker

Fry some cashews and raisans

Remove and set aside

Crackle in whole spices

Add in a pandan leaf

Add in onions and green chillies

Saute till golden

Add in ginger garlic paste

give a good mix

add in tomatoes


spice powders

toss well

pour in yogurt

give a good mix

Add the chicken pieces

Toss well with the masala

Add the drained rice

mix well with the masala

Pour in water

Bring this to a boil

Once it reaches a boil

cover and cook as per method

Once done fluff up the rice..

Garnish with nuts, lemon juice and serve


Venisri Senthan said... Best Blogger Tips

Never used pressure cooker before...your briyani looks amazing dear! So yumm ;)

Rumana Ambrin said... Best Blogger Tips

Even I cook briyani in pressure cooker.. Delicious..

Anu Shoj said... Best Blogger Tips

yum yum...inviting biriyani....

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Coral Crue said... Best Blogger Tips

this looks extremely yummy
Eid Mubarak to everyone!

azmi said... Best Blogger Tips

I like the way you describe it with pictures. I absolutely love it !

azmi said... Best Blogger Tips

I really appreciate the way you describe with pictures.. loving it absolutely !

Krithi Karthi said... Best Blogger Tips

You are really a doll dear... lovely recipe..
How are you doing?
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Charles said... Best Blogger Tips

How long should it cook for, roughly? I have a pressure cooker but almost never use it so I have no idea really!

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Charles Cook it for 1 whistle and simmer for 15 mins. or You should cook it on very low heat for 20 to 25 mins.

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Krithi KarthiThanks krithi, i am good..How r u

Nisha said... Best Blogger Tips

Bookmarked , Very nicely done

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

pl give the measurements in grams.Is cup measurements are US standard measurement?How much rice & water you have taken in grams & ml respectively?

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymous I have taken 500 grams of rice, 750 ml of water

Savitha Francis said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Aarti,

Ur biriyani looks yum! Pls let me know where did u get tat pandan leaves?! tat isn't easily available in the market!

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Savitha FrancisPandan leaf grows in our garden. You can use dry bay leaf instead of pandan

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried.. it was amazing aarthi.. I m impressed by ur recipes :)

Swathi Eada said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the Pics! So tempting. I have never tried biryani in a pressure cooker i use the oven. I will definately try this recipe.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

can i knw d basmati rice brand u have used..i never used basmati rice...

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@AnonymousI used india gate or kohinoor

Abby said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow!!! Very impressed !!!!
Do you have more recipes in pressure cook ?????

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

check my index

Ruch said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks delicious, and easier than dum, gonna try it after navratras.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the idea but chicken cooked like this doesn't smell bad? We do lot of bhunaee of chicken with ginger garlic paste to do away the smell...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Can I use a regular cooking pot instead of pressure cooker? What's the purpose of pressure cooker bcoz chicken easily get cook not like beef or any other meat.

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@AnonymousNo it wont

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@AnonymousYes u can use normal pot,

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This is by far my favorite biryani recipe. The only thing is my rice is overcooked so i cooked 1 whistle then cooked without lid. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe

fathima said... Best Blogger Tips

Tried this recipe today....came out wonderfully good.....thanks for recipe.....

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


Smi said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Aarthi,
Tried it today. Will post pic. Still in cooker. Doing the resting time :). Smells awesome. Can't wait till opened to comment.

Sudhakar S said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Ma'am, I would like to prepare Biryani with Seeraga Samba rice. Do I have to soak the rice else Can I cook directly ? If I have to soak what would be the water to rice ratio and if direct what would be the ratio. Please reply.

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Sudhakar SU dont have to soak it , use it as it is..for 1 cup rice use 1.5 cup of water.

Sudhakar S said... Best Blogger Tips

1.5 cup of water excluding the curd and coconut milk(If I'm adding) and how many whistles do I cook it in the cooker ?

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Sudhakar SIf u adding coconut milk, reduce the water level accordingly

Sudhakar S said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for your reply

Banasree Nag said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi...I tried many of your recipes..Most of them came out well..Thanks For those..I tried today your biriyani it W's little when 8 open the cooker I found overcooked rice....I used same measurement as u mentioned.the rice stick at the bottom n got burnt...when I add youghurt it leaves water..that is y I put little less water than 3 cups..still rice become sticky n overcooked ...Please gv sm tips to make yummy biriyani like urs...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Can this recipe be cooked in a electric rice cooker instead of pressure cooker.

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymousyes u can cook this in rice cooker.

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Banasree NagOnce the water comes to a boil, lower the flame to a simmer and cook as mentioned. U must have cooked at high flame.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Mouth watering recipe. If i have to cook for two people , should i halve the ingredients?

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Why do we soak basmati rice?

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymousit reduces the cooking time and make the rice grains longer.