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Dec 30, 2013

Dilkush Bread Recipe / Dilkhush Recipe / Dilkush Pastry / Coconut & Tutti Fruity Stuffed Bread / Coconut Bread (Buns)

Ok here i am with my family favorite recipe.Can you believe this got over within 1 hour of making it. Everyone was digging into it telling me that it taste exactly like bakery bought ones. Do i need anymore appreciation than this..I know that this dish will be most of your favorite one too, so i am sharing you the recipe.

Now coming to the dilkush. This is basically a sweetened coconut and tutti fruit filling with lots of nuts, cherries and it has a lovely aroma of cardamom powder and melted butter, this yummy filling is stuffed into a sweet, soft, buttery bread. I am sure now that you are clear about this dish.

This is particularly a no fail recipe, how ever you bake it, it turns out delicious. The main thing you should keep in mind is use good quality yeast and dont over bake, as it will make the bread turn hard. Other than this, if you follow the recipe, then it is a hit one. Hope you will try this and let me know how it turned out for you..

Preparation Time : 20 mins
Resting Time : 2 to 2.30 hours
Baking Time : 25 to 30 mins
Makes : 10 to 12 slices


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 2 cup / 250 grams
Instant Dry Yeast - 2 tsp
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Warm Milk - 250 ml + 2 tblspn of brushing on top
Butter - 1 tblspn melted

For Filling:
Fresh Coconut - 1.5 cup
Tutti fruity - 3/4 cup
Cashew Nuts - 1/4 cup
Cherries -10 chopped
Sugar - 3/4 cup
Butter - 2 tblspn melted
Cardamom powder / Yelakai Podi - 1 tsp


Start by making the dough. Take flour, sugar, salt, yeast in a mixing bowl. Pour warm milk over it and knead it into a slightly sticky dough. Now drizzle some butter over it and mix well. Cover and let it sit in a warm place of 1 to 2 hours till it doubles in size.

Now lets make the filling. Take coconut and sugar in a blender and blend them till it resembles a coarse mixture. In a bowl, add coconut mix, tutti fruity, cherries, nuts, cardamom powder and butter. Mix that well, filling is done.

Line a baking tray with foil and grease it well with butter.

Once the dough has rised punch it back down and knead well for a min. Divide the dough into two equal portions.

Take one dough out and roll it into a round circle. Place the circle on the baking tray, spread the filling all over the dough circle. Now dip your fingers in water and moisten the edges. 

Now roll another dough into a round circle. Place that circle over the moistened edges and press with your fingers to seal them well. 

Now dip your fingers again in water and moisten the edges, fold the around the sides so it is well sealed. Leave it to rest for 10 mins.

In the meantime preheat the oven to 200 degree C / 400 degree F.

Now Use a  knife to make some slashes over the top so the steam can escape.

Brush the top with some milk and bake it in oven for 25 to 35 mins. Dont overbake.

Once it is done, remove from oven and brush the top with some melted butter. Cover the top with a damp cloth so the crust will become soft.

Once it is cooled, slice and serve. 

If you have any leftover, keep it in fridge. Reheat in microwave for 30 seconds or so while serving.


1)Make sure you use warm milk for kneading the dough. If you use cold milk, then the yeast wont activate. If you use hot milk, then you will kill the yeast.

2)If you are not sure that your yeast is fresh, then activate the yeast first and then add it to flour. To activate yeast,  Add yeast to warm milk along with some sugar and leave it for 5 mins or so. You will see the mix will become foamy, now add this to the flour and continue the process.

3)I added extra sugar in the bread dough, this will make it more tasty.

4) I used fresh coconut in the filling to make it fresh. You could also use dessicated coconut too.

5)You could use whatever nuts you like in the filling.
6) If you are using fresh coconut, keep the bread in fridge if you have any leftover.  so it wont get spoiled. you can reheat it in microwave for 30 seconds or so when serving, it will turn fresh. 
Ingredients for dough

Take flour in a bowl

Add sugar

Add salt

Now goes yeast

Mix that well

Now pour in warm milk

Make it into a sticky dough

Add a tblspn of melted butter

Mix that around

Cover and let it rest

Now lets make the filling

Take coconut in a blender

Add sugar

Blend them together lightly

transfer that to a bowl

Add cardamom powder

Add in cashewnuts

Now goes cherries

and some tutti fruities

Drizzle some ghee of melted butter

Mix that around

After couple of hours the dough has risen beautifully

punch it down
Divide into two portions, take one out

roll it out

Place it on a greased foil lined tray

Spread the filling evenly

Dip your fingers in water

Moisten the edges

Now take another ball

Spread that too

Place it over the moistened edges

dip the water again

moisten the edges again

fold over to seal

all well sealed

use a kinfe

make slashes over it

brush some milk or egg wash over it

bake them

brush some butter to give a shine look

cover with damp cloth to make the crust soft

slice and serve

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ShiWOW said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the step by step pics. Made my Dil very
Kush. Going to try it today.

Chandrani Banerjee said... Best Blogger Tips

Very delicious and innovative dilkhush bread.

Shweet Spicess said... Best Blogger Tips

very nice recipe

Pretend Chef said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like a treat my son would love.

Archana Kumar said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks great ! My son loves in but we don't get it in the bakeries here, will definitely try this out...Thanks for sharing

Geetha Venkat said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome Aarthi. All time favourite. Thanks for the recipe..

hafsa imdad said... Best Blogger Tips

Thankyou aarthi .luv u

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, i am purchasing an oven this new year, asking everyone's suggestions, so wt is your suggestion cos i need to bake cakes, cookies, cook some other stuff etc in the same..

POGO said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Aarthi...loved your happy to found your blog....i have a microwave-grill oven. I am going to buy an oven to bake cakes,cookies,pies like ur dilkush etc... I need to know...what type I should buy for this? OTG or convection?And baking only for family how much litres oven would be ideal?Please. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for your mail, i am glad you liked my blog. And since you have microwave oven, i suggest you to go for OTG oven. For home purpose any OTG above 17 liter would be good.

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymous I use a Koryo 19 liter oven in my mom place and morphy richards 40 liter oven in my home. I have used both ovens and found both of them to be good

POGO said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Aarthi..a doubt...again
From various net seems that cakes or buns baked in an OTG turns out dry on top. Is it true? If yes... what can be done to avoid it? Pls help. Thanks

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

no it is not like that. dryness comes because of the consistency of the dough. If you find your buns has crusty top, cover it with a damp cloth after it is baked. This will make the crust soft

Priyaseker said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Arthi,
i used fresh grated coconut and baked it..the filling inside the bun turned out to be watery immediately after baking and very wet after the bun is cooled. Pls give some tips as what to do if i use fresh grated coconut. With sugar , it becomes soggy and watery..Thnx!!!

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Priyaseker Keep fresh coconut in freezer for 30 mins, the powder it with sugar

Sai Chikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Superb dil kush....

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hi aarthi ,i love all your recipes , just want to ask when ever it is writen pre heat for 180 d cel, what it means ,pre heat for how many minutes , it may be cake or breads , i have conventional oven of LG

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymous Preheating means turning the oven on at the required temp for a good 10 mins, so when you put the cake or bread pan inside the oven, the oven has to be hot and not cold so it helps in good baking

swarna santosh said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi aarthi.. i like ur recipes and way of presentation.. can u please place a pic of step that where u put the baking pan/sheet in oven.. and after that final pic of completing baking
. please please

Nivedhitha Arvind said... Best Blogger Tips

Can we use active dry yeast for dis recipe

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Nivedhitha Arvindyes u can use

anija said... Best Blogger Tips

Can v make it in a micro wave? ?? If yes how?

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@anijaNo you cannot make this in microwave unless you have convection mode

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Can you plz tel tel me how wil i know if the temp has reached to 180 or 200 coz i have a oven which shows high or low flame

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@AnonymousI am not sure about it..

valar mathi said... Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hi what to use instead of dry yeast

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymousno substitute

aarthi dhanraj said... Best Blogger Tips

Hai aarthi,is realy bread baling this simple ? I followed ur recipe to the core each n evry step in this one,n big whole wheat loaf n other version with curd whole wheat bread..all threehad thick crust n yeasty smell...where im going wrong?u r the only one baking bread in our region i can find...other baking recipes r from foreign contries n i cant follow theirs.wat brand of yeast u use? I bought gloripan n infud thats our super market brand..both same results

aarthi dhanraj said... Best Blogger Tips

Today i tried ur pepper chiken n it turned wonderful n v.easy peasy...who ever gave u the idea of this photographic explanation thing giving my whole hearted thanx to them dear..hows ur daughter doing?

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@aarthi dhanrajI use a brand which is sold in my super market. I think it is because of yeast.

aarthi dhanraj said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello aarthi..u becoming my kindoff pen friend...ur presence is always in my kitchen n mind..n i tried this..actualy t second came out so well...i even reolaced haf wheat flour n increased the sweetnes to hide ot...yet the bread in this s so nice...hope my breads too vl come nice hereafter...:-)