Feb 11, 2013

How to make Sprouts at Home / Homemade Moong Sprouts

I have been consuming a lot of sprouts recently. I love how this simple bean become much more nutritious when they are sprouted. I have been adding it to salads, stir fries. Specially i love it with my fruit salad, i will post that tomorrow..Making sprouts at home is not at all a big deal..It is so easy to make, i have been buying sprouts from shop all these days. But when i discovered the art of making it at home, i never go back to the supermarket stuff. You can sprouts any whole bean of your choice. You can consume these sprouted beans even raw or in salads. They are so protein rich substance to add to your diet.

Preparation Time : 24 hours
Makes - 3 cups


Moong Bean / Green Gram / Payatham Paruppu - 1 cup


Take moong bean in a bowl and wash it with plenty of water.

Now cover them with fresh water and let them soak for 6 to 8 hours.

Now drain them completely. Now add them to a hot case or any container and cover them. leave them for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.

Now you can see small sprouts peeking from them.

Transfer them to a air tight container and store them in fridge for upto a week.


1)If you don't have a hot case. You can put them in a clean cloth and tie them. Now keep them in side a clean bowl and leave them overnight,

2)if you want longer sprouts leave them out for a more time.

3)Always store them in a air tight container in fridge.

4)Drain the soaked bean completely before putting them in the hot case.

5)You can follow this method to make sprouts with any bean like channa, mochai, peanuts, urad dal..But the soaking time with vary.

Find the best quality moong bean..
take a cup of bean in a bowl
wash it throughly
now cover them with fresh water
cover them with a lid and let it soak
till they double in size
now drain them
Add them to a hot case or any container
cover with a lid
leave it overnight to sprout


  1. This is very useful!! Going to try it out tonight itself!

  2. Mine never sprouted long but I hv never tried putting in fridge, so will try. I love ur baby corn masala and garlic rice...so does everyone in the family...

  3. I made sprouted mung beans just last week because we can't find them so frequently in our supermarkets. and apart from that i love to make as many things at home for cooking because then i actually know and see what goes in during the process :).
    I made a spicy batter from flour and coated the sprouted beans in it and fried it. It was simply heavenly!! The crunchy batter combined with the soft sprouts was really good!!

  4. Give me the recipe plz

  5. Hai arthy pls post sprouting of channa dal n the soaking time for other dhall also.since I tried many times but failed.pls post it too.if can pls post how to sprput almond also.

  6. Very very healthy recipe... Thank u Aarthi....

  7. Omg.. excellent.. till now i thought sprouting is a difficult task, and i always lazy to make it.. but after seeing your recipe, its damn easy... i will follow your instructions.. thank you Aarthi..


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