Jan 22, 2014

How to Make Burnt Garlic (Fried Garlic) / How to make Garlic Oil at Home / Homemade Garlic Oil / Garlic Infused Olive Oil / How to Make Garlic Infused Oil at Home

Burnt Garlic or Fried Garlic is new to me..I came across a recipe for noodles which uses this as the main ingredient. I loved it so much, that i want to try it asap. And i finally made it too..As a first step for that noodles recipe, i made this amazing fried garlic. It is so simple to make frankly, it needs only garlic and oil.

When you make this fried garlic, as a bonus you get a rich garlic infused oil too..I stored that oil in a air tight container and put it in fridge. Whenever i run out of garlic or too lazy to peel and chop a garlic, i use this oil for cooking. It has a intense garlicky aroma to it. So make this in bulk and keep it handy. It may make your simple meal a perfect one..

Looking for a recipe to use this, Check out my Burnt Garlic Noodles Recipe..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 10 to 15 mins
Makes : 1 cup of garlic oil & 3 to 4 tblspn of fried garlic


Oil - 1 cup ( Vegetable Oil or Light Olive Oil)
Garlic - 20 cloves


Peel Garlic and chop them.

Take a clean sauce pan and heat oil in it..Once the oil in warm, add the chopped garlic in it and keep cooking in a very low flame.

It will take around 8 to 10 mins for the garlic to turn into golden. Dont over fry the garlic, because the garlic keep on frying in hot oil as it cools.

Turn of the stove when the garlic turns a couple shades darker.

Let it cool completely. Now the garlic must be golden and crispier.

Drain the oil using a sieve. Place the drained fried garlic in a paper towel and remove the excess oil.

Store the fried garlic and garlic oil in a sir tight container in fridge and use accordingly.


The fried garlic and garlic oil can be stored in fridge for upto 2 months..

You will need oil and garlic

Chop the garlic

Heat oil

Add the garlic

Keep frying

Cook them

They will turn light golden first

Now they are little dark

Now they are crispy and golden

They will keep on cooking as it cools

This is how it looks once it is cold

Strain it

Lucious garlic oil

Beautiful golden fried garlic

You can use this in stir fries, fried rice or even noodles

Store this oil in fridge and use it in your dishes..


  1. Too good Aarthi! Have been a regular at your site. Its a huge storehouse of recipes! Wanted the hummus recipe and now I have the pesto, the tahini and what not! God bless u!


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