Dec 8, 2014

Chicken Dum Biryani Recipe / Restaurant Style Chicken Biryani Recipe

I have made so many types of biryani, but i would say that dum biryani is the real one and has the real taste to it. I love pressure cooker biryani and one pot biryani as well but nothing can beat a dum biryani when it is properly made..I have few dum biryani recipes in my blog.

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The cool part in making dum biryani is, when you are dumming the biryani, your house will be smelling like heaven. And also when you open the biryani it is just heaven. Can't describe it in words..You can check out my other simple veg biryani and non veg biryani as well..

Past saturday my uncles family visited us, my cousin demanded me to cook lunch for him. So i decided to try a biryani since there is nothing more special than dum biryani. I made biryani, chicken 65, raita, biryani brinjal as well. They loved the meal and enjoyed it to the core..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 1.30 mins to 2 hours
Marination Time : 2 hours or overnight
Serves : 12 to 15


Basmati Rice - 1 kg
Chicken - 1.5 kg with bone
Oil - 3/4 cup
Onion - 3 large sliced thinly
Saffron a pinch
Warm Milk - 1/4 cup
Coriander leaves - 1/4 cup finely chopped
Mint Leaves - 1/4 cup finely chopped
Ghee - 3 tblspn
Cashews - 50 grams
Kishmish / Sultanas - 50 grams
Kewra Essence few drops
Rose Essence few drops
Salt to taste

For Marination:
Chilli Powder - 2 tblspn
Coriander Powder / Malli Podi - 3 tblspn
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves - 1/2 cup chopped finely
Mint Leaves - 1/2 cup chopped finely
Thick Unsour Curd - 1.5 cup
Green Chillies - 4 broken into big pieces
Ginger Garlic Paste - 3 tblspn
Special Garam Masala Powder - recipe below
Lemon Juice - 1 tblspn

For Special Garam Masala Powder:
Cloves / Krambu - 10
Cardamom / Yelakai - 10
Bay Leaf - 3
Cinnamon / Pattai - 5 cm piece
Cumin Seeds / Jeerakam - 1 tblspn
Black Stone Flower / Kal Paasi - 4 piece
Star Anise - 1
Fennel Seeds / Sombu / Saunf - 1 tblspn


Powder the special garam masala powder.

Start by marinating the chicken with all the ingredients given. Let it marinate for 2 hours but overnight is great.

Wash and soak basmati rice for a hour.

Bring lots of water with salt to a boil. Once it boils, add in the drained rice and cook it for 5 to 7 mins till it is 90 percent done. When you taste it, it should have a bite.Drain it and set aside.

Heat oil in a big pot which you are making biryani.

Add in onions and fry till golden, drain and set aside.

Soak saffron in some warm milk, heat ghee in a sauce pan and fry cashews and raisans till golden.

In the same oil add in chicken and mix well for 5 mins.

Now layer the rice over it, top with fried onions, chopped herbs, saffron milk, fried nuts along with the ghee, kewra and rose essence. Cover the entire pot with foil and cover with a plate. Place a weight over it and let it cook on a very very low flame for 30 to 35 mins.

Now remove the weight and foil and fluff the rice carefully.



1)Soaking rice and marination chicken is very important, so never skip it.
2)Use god quality basmati rice for this, i used india gate basmati rice.
3)Cooking the rice perfectly is important. If you over cook it, the the whole biryani will be mushy. SO stand near the rice and keep checking it, after you add rice to boiling water, it will just take 5 to 7 mins for the rice to get cooked. 


Start by soaking basmati rice for 1 hour..

Take all your ingredients for the masala powder

Take them in a blender

Powder them, set aside..

Take chicken in a bowl

Add in salt, chilli powder and coriander powder

Add in chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves

some broken green chillies

and some thick unsour curd

now add in the special masala powder

along with some ginger garlic paste

Mix well and let it marinate overnight, i let it marinate for 2 hours

Meanwhile heat oil in a large pot, in which you are going to make biryani

add in lots of sliced onions

fry till golden

drain them

set aside
Now bring lots of water to boil

add in salt

Once it reaches a boil

add in the soaked rice

cook them till they are 90 percent done

When you taste it, it should have a little bite to it..

drain them

Now in the remaining oil in which the onion where frying

Add in the marinate chicken

I forgot to add in lemon juice to the marination,so i squeezed some in now..
You could add it when you marinate the chicken.

Mix them for 5 mins..

Now lay the rice over it

and the fried onions

I soaked some saffron in some milk

pour that over as well

sprinkle some chopped coriander and mint leaves

now this is can add kewra and rose essense as well..very little..

Now take 2 to 3 tblspn of ghee in a pan

add in cashews

fry till golden

add in raisans

fry till it is golden

pour that over the biryani along with the ghee

Now cover the pot with foil and place a plate over it

I placed some weight over it and put the flame to the lowest possible.

i cooked it for 30 to 35 mins

Fluff the rice carefully


taste great with raita and biryani brinjal


  1. Wow... It looks delicious. Will surely try and let u know. Can I use ur mentioned spl garam masala powder to make ordinary veg/chicken briyani made in pressure cooker as well. Is thr anything else to add to enhance the taste.

  2. Wow !! I love Biriyani . this looks so gud my mouth is watering Aarthi. I am surely going to try this thanks for posting n hats of for all the hard work you have put in thanks for sharin. Appritiated !!

  3. Wowww.. Perfect CDB.. Mouth watering!!

  4. Hi delicious looking recipe. Just quick question, if i don't put in yogurt and milk is it ok?

  5. mouth watering

  6. Hi Aarthi,

    I'm a huge follower of your blog. Awesome recipes. May I ask where you got this silver plate from? It's beautiful

  7. hai arthi....

    this chicken dum briyani recipe looks yummy......... I gonna try.... keep rocking .....

  8. I was waiting for you to post this recipe...thanks a lot aarthi....will try this out for sure...

  9. @AnonymousNo you have to use those..But if you want dont need, but it will surely affect the taste

  10. Wow Biriyani looks awesome!!! Great work!!!

  11. That looks really good, can I omit cashew nuts and raisins

  12. @AnonymousYou can leave it, but it adds a nice taste.

  13. Hi Aarthi, Is there any substitute for Saffron.

  14. Hi, how many tablespoon of garam masala is needed? I have my own garam masala. Thank you.

  15. Wht is biryani brinjal

  16. @AnonymousIt is a sidedish served with biryani.

  17. Wonderful the way you make cooking so cooking site I have ever found..thanks for making our lives delicious. .

  18. Excellent receipe thanks for the one which you have given ill try today... It will rock i hope...

  19. Amazing step by step procedures for any stage of cook - love it. Love the pictures and good to know about the kewra water - Thanks.

  20. Love your presentation of this delicious recipe. I really understand its procedure .. thanks for sharing . I really enjoyed it !!

  21. we are bachelors and we tried it today in our room, it came out very well, this site is simple and clear, thank you mrs.Aarthi

  22. Hi I tried this biryani and it came out baby enjoyed while eating.i tried for those 2 essence but I didn't get.and one more thing is I didn't get the same colour even I used the saffron with milk

  23. hi...i am from pakistan, lahore and i have never heard of black stone flower over here..i want to make this tomorrow for lunch..can u tell me an alternative to it asap..pleaseee..thank you :)

  24. Can we use curd also for marinating na?

  25. Looking good.. Is the chicken cooked properly?

  26. The receipe was ultimate hit .....everyone just loved it. Thank you very much :)

  27. Hello Aarthi. I made this biryani today and it was just heavenly. Aarthi I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been following your blog just for the last two months and I must tell you that my family has fallen in love with my cooking, just because of you. This might be a minor thing for others but it means a lot for a novice cook like me who usually do not get compliments for her cooking. I am really indebted to you. A big big big thank to you. Keep doing the good work. God bless. :) :)

  28. wow! great recipe. Going to give this a go. Thanks for sharing this.


  29. Hi ,

    I tried once this recipe but my chicken didnt cook well .

    I cooked it for 30 min but rice cooked very well

    PLS help

  30. @Anonymousdid u marinate it. And you can cook the chicken a little when u added to to the oil. cook it for 5 to 10 mins then lay the rice

  31. Hi aarthi, one question tgat i have is that will the chicken get cooked within those 30-35 minutes of dum..or i need to pre-cook it a little separately

  32. @nehasince it has marinated it will get cooked in that time.

  33. Thanks aarthi..will try ur blog

  34. I have been doing biriyani for sometimes and I am always looking to some new recipes or other dishes and I have never come across a page with such details.Real food, real picutures, not something from magazine, it makes it look unreal.I am from Slovenia, my husband is a Pakistani and Im learning this type of cooking from pages. So thank you so much I love it how you post pictures.I need the pictures to see what is going on. I havent checked other stuff but I will.!!!!!!!This is what I need!Ursula.

  35. hii...aarthi ji....
    i prepared this receipe n its simply in my process i didnt add any essense...
    can i add strawberry mix or elechi essence???

  36. Love the recipe, the platter is lovely

  37. Hi Aarthi.... Y D Briyani s not so spicy?? This s my second try and also more than last time I added little extra chilly powder... But still it's not spicy... Help me out...

  38. @Sindhi try adding green chillies next time

  39. Cooking is my hobby. I made this for my daughter and now she wants only this biryani. Thanks for the recipe. I spiced it up a little bit with additional chilies second time and it came out well.

  40. Hi! I accidentely stopped by this site while I was searching for a biryani recipe. Thanks for putting the entire process in detail. The only change that I did was to make this in a rice cooker post assembing! It was utterly delicious. Thanks again!

  41. Hi..perfect biriyani aarthi.I got frustrated because i dont get perfect dum biriyani in terms of rice and masala.I used to cook the rice seperately with oil and salt.After the half an hour dum process,my rice grains becomes very hard and it is very difficult to chew the rice.Because of this hard rice,my masala doesn't coated with my rice.totally spoiled biriyani.I have tried 10 times totally but i never get the rice cooked properly.pls tell me the solution to my problem..i used to make dum biriyani with normal rice and it is good.i have tried deep and royal basmati rice.

  42. @Anonymouscooking the rice perfectly before dumming is important. It will take around 7 to 8 mins alone to cook the rice. so always keep tastying. The rice should be cooked completely but it should have a bite in the center.

  43. Thank you for helping me make my Dream Biryani where in my daughter called my Biryani as Biryani and not chicken rice... thanks a tonn

  44. Thank you for this great recipe! I just finish having this for dinner. My husband and two kids loved it!! I loved it as well and your cooking instructions were exact.

    Thank you!

  45. My mouth waters reading this recipe! Excellent job with the picture guide. Really helps visualise what you mean. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Hi Aarthi !
    I tried this last sunday. The taste was heaven. It felt very lite even after having a large quantity.
    I have a doubt here. After marinating the chicken, do we got to keep it in the refrigerator till we cook it ?

  47. Thk u soo much... Biryani Is delicious... Followed every step u said......

  48. Very neat and easy to follow recipe. Finally found a step by step method I was looking for. I thought I'd a few queries before I follow this method :
    1. Your pics show that your chicken pieces are a little burnt. Is it due to your keeping it at the base and not alternating layers? Many people use rice at the base?
    2. How does one avoid the burning and sticking of the biryani to the base? Are there any quick home remedies?
    3. I remember making biryani in ur type of method earlier (almost) but I found that the chicken pieces were quite bland and not spicy. What may be the best way to infuse the masala into the chicken? How can we make the chicken pieces succulent with hot spices?

    Many thanks again for this great posts


  49. @Anonymousyou can place the entire container in a bigger pot with water at the base and dum it. It prevents the chicken sticking. The chicke is not burnt it was browned.

  50. Should i go for special garam masala or i shold i go for biryani masala which is available in market?

  51. Thank u so very much.. This is my fav dish.. N I'm ur big fan n follower..
    I want to know that can I add some potato?? If yes , then plz let me know whether any spcl ingredients or marination is needed or not!! Plz le5 me know..
    Thank u so much..

  52. hi arthi, i am following your blog for quite a sometime and ur recipes are amazing.I have doubt , How to ensure we make enough masala for the rice?I tried ur mushroom dum briyani, Where the smell turned out to be excellent but felt something missing?a kinda bland taste,yet we didn't waste a single grain of the briyani as it was delicious and the whole kitchen was filled with the aroma!,but i need to know how to ensure that i have enough masala?

  53. @Unknownspecial garam masala is what makes this unique

  54. @ankita Mukherjeeyou can add boiled and fried potatoes, add it on top of the marinated chicken and layer the rice

  55. @Mohanapriya Swamiappanfollow the exact amount, it will give you the perfect masala.

  56. Hi Arthy,
    When ever I tried biriyani something is missing and biryani is sour n tasteless. Please give some good tips

  57. Hi can I use seeraga samba rice instead
    how long will it take to cook

  58. @Anonymousit may be because there is less masala..follow this measurements it will work

  59. This briyani looks great! I will definitely use this for my Diwali party. Will this be too spicy for young children?

  60. @Anonymousu can reduce spice level accordingly

  61. Hello, Thank you for sharing your receipe : i am trying out your Chicken Dum Biryani. may i ask how do i cook it with pressure cooker? do i set the cooking to stew or rice? should i fried the chicken first ? thank you so much for your help!!!

  62. @ilohthis cannot be done in cooker, since layering should be there. you can layer it in pressure cooker and cover it without whistle and cook on dum for 20 mins or so

  63. Hey Aarthi! You do an amazing job! Love your recipes, the presentation and now the videos! Good luck! Keep it going!

  64. Hi,

    Your Biryani Receipe is nice.

    Here is my biryani receipe, if you like please try it.


    1 Kg Chicken
    1 Kg Basmati rice
    3 Cups Curd
    3 Table spoon Red chilly powder
    2 Table spoon salt
    2 Table spoon coriander powder
    1 Table spoon cumin(zeera powder)
    1 1/2 Table spoon chicken masala
    10 Cloves(5 Whole and 5 for Powdering)
    6 Cinnamon stick (3 Whole and 3 for powdering)
    8 Green Elaichi(4 whole and 4 for Grinding)
    4 Black Elaichi (2 Whole and 2 For grinding)
    2 Table Spoon Ginger/Garli Paste
    10 Seeds black pepper (5 Whole and 5 for grinding
    1 Table spoon (nutmeg or jaypal powder)
    2 Table spoon Shahi zeera
    5 or 6 Big size onions for frying.
    4 Table spoon Rose water (check before buying can be used for cooking purpose)
    1 Pinch Saffron
    4 Table spoon Ghee
    2 Table spoon Kewra water
    Coriander and Mint leaves
    3 Pieces Javitri
    5 Grams Dagad phool
    3 Table spoon Green Chilly paste
    3 Lemons or Vinegar for tinderising chicken or Raw papayya paste(2 Table spoon)

    We have Four parts for preparing biryani

    First part:
    Marination part:

    Take a bowl, take 3 cups of thich curd,add powder of (shahi zeera, Cloves, Nutmeg,Black & green Elaichi,Chicken masala, Red chilly powder, Zeera powder, Coriander powder, 8 Table spoon oil,salt,fried onions and coriander & mint leaves. Keep it aside

    Second Part:

    Take chicken add lemon juice, green chilly paste and add marinated paste to it which is mentioned in marination part and keep it for 4 hrs.

    Third part:

    Soak basmatic rice for 45 mins, put salt(2 Table spoon or according to taste, put all the whole spice which is mentioned above as (WHOLE)in spices section, bring to boiling stage, then add basmasti rice to it, cook rice and make sure you dont over, it should be 75% cooked I.E when you put rice in your mouth for testing it should little soft not hard.Take out all the spices,throw away and drain rice.

    Forth part:
    Note: Timing for Dum is different for different type of vessels.

    Aluminum Vessel:1 hr
    Non Stick Hundi:30 to 35 Mins

    Take vessel, put marination on bottom level, put rice on top (only one layer)I.E 1 Layer chicken and 1 layer rice only) Sprinkle Fried onions, coriander and mint leaves, Ghee, Safforn, rose water, kewra water)Take aluminum foil which is used for wrapping purpose, cover the hundi with foil, take dough, form round on foil and then place lid so that steam does not escape from it.Place vessel on medium flame for 10 Mins, 5 Mins on low flame, 10 mins under tawa on medium flame, 5 mins on low flame under tawa and do not open vessel for 10 mins after dum process is finished(Non stick)

    Take vessel, put marination on bottom level, put rice on top (only one layer)I.E 1 Layer chicken and 1 layer rice only) Sprinkle Fried onions, coriander and mint leaves, Ghee, Safforn, rose water, kewra water)Take aluminum foil which is used for wrapping purpose, cover the hundi with foil, take dough, form round on foil and then place lid so that steam does not escape from it.Place vessel on medium flame for 15 Mins, 10 Mins on low flame, 15 mins under tawa on medium flame, 10 mins on low flame under tawa and do not open vessel for 10 mins after dum process is finished (Aluminium vessel)


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  66. Aarthi can u pls tell me the measurements for 1/4kg basmati rice.. Waiting for ur kind reply

  67. Aarthi can u pls tell me the measurements for 1/4kg basmati rice.. Waiting for ur kind reply

  68. aarthi ,
    i need ur advice . i m going to prepare it for christmas plz tell me suitable vessel for dumming the biryani. whivh vessel u used ? i have pressure cooker and aluminium vessel for cooking rice will it be ok ? or shall i purchase whivh one from market ? if using cooker or aluminium vessel plz tell me hw much time it would be and should i not use whistle and inner rubber gasket in case using pressure cooker? plz reply in time dear ...

  69. aarthi ,
    i need ur advice . i m going to prepare it for christmas plz tell me suitable vessel for dumming the biryani. whivh vessel u used ? i have pressure cooker and aluminium vessel for cooking rice will it be ok ? or shall i purchase whivh one from market ? if using cooker or aluminium vessel plz tell me hw much time it would be and should i not use whistle and inner rubber gasket in case using pressure cooker? plz reply in time dear ...

  70. @Anonymousu can use pressure cooker,but dont put whistle

  71. heya..ur blog is just awesome.. i just wanted to ask can i use ur pictures for one of my articles?

  72. @Anonymousyou can use my picture, but give link back to my website

  73. Hi Aarti
    I have never made Biryani before.
    I followed your recipe and made it yesterday and it was loved to the core by everyone.
    However I have some questions for the next time:

    The marinated chicken was awesome and I had added more chillies for a greater kick.
    I had to fry the chicken for 20 minutes instead of 5 minutes like you said. I checked the chicken every 5 minutes to make sure that the chicken was 90% cooked.

    In your pictorial there is liquid when you were frying the chicken. Where did the water come from as my chicken thigh with bones was dry?

    When I added the drained rice, there was no water added to the vessel. How would the 5minutes fried chicken cook without any liquid? In my case I cooked the chicken until the blood from the bone was almost gone.

    Instead of the vessel, I put it in the foil turkey maker and tightly covered it with the foil paper and put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 250 degree.

    When I opened the foil and slowly mixed the chicken and rice, it looked just like your recipe picture. The rice was rather blah but the chicken was awesome with the masala. I separated the chicken and added some salt and lots of red pepper and mixed it and added the chicken. It was tasty after that.

    How do you get the rice to pick the masala from the chicken. The chicken had a lot of masala intact.
    When I reheated the rice to serve, I found it to be quite dry and not at all moist even though it was an excellent meal.
    Please reply so that I can improve it for the next time.
    Thank you so much Aarti.

  74. @Tinshau shouldn't cook the chicken longer, it has to be just sauted for 5 mins. so the moisture will be there and the rice will be tossed in that.


  76. Really awesome blog. Your blog is really useful for me. Thanks for sharing this informative blog. Keep update your blog.
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  77. You are a very talented and hard working lady ! It must have taken a lot of patience to click pics at every stage of ur dish , hats off !

  78. AArthi Just wondering if chicken will get cooked as u had it only for 5 min in heat before putting rice.


  79. @Ramya Jeyaramansince we are putting it in dum it will be cooked and marinating the chicken is must

  80. Hi, I would like to try this recipe! What is thick unsour curd? Any replacement for it?

  81. Is ghee adds additional flavour to biriyani?
    Plz specifically mention masala n other ingredients for 4 persons or for 1 kg chicken

  82. in the oil when you added marinated chicken it was dry.. but in next step it has liquid in it.. just wondering how? as i came across all the comments but couldn't understand.. I have marinated chicken and kept in fridge for overnight.. I want to prepare this tomorrow so I would be glad if you help me in this part... after all my 1st biryani is to be cooked.. pls going for the help.. thank you in advance������

    1. When u add chicken to oil and cook it, the chicken will leach out water. thats why.

  83. Tried it today.came out well.liked by all in myfamily.less oily which we prefer. Thank you for sharing. Also tried the crispy dosa.they were a hit.

  84. Thank you so much your recipe was so clear and flawless it was My first successful biryani all my family loved it thank you again may God bless you and your family;Aynoor

  85. Hi Aarthi,
    i like Chicken Dum Biriyani very much.but i dont know how to make it. and i hope this blog will surely help to make the tasty CDB.i had a veriety chicken biriyani from Mom's Biriyani hotel.its looks like the same as you presented here.i will watch your most of the blogs becoz i loves your way of presentation.its suprb.keep going..

  86. Nice recipe..I really liked it..If i dont want to put cashews and raisans,then it will affect the taste of biriyani or Is it must seo training chennai

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  88. Hi Aarthi,
    Thank you for this recipe! I tried it and my husband who normally never bothers to comments unless he wants to criticize couldn't stop complimenting me. He actually told me three times that it's turned out really well. So, a big thank you to you, God bless and keep up the good work!

  89. Aarthi.. it looks so yummy and nice. One quick question though. is it compulsory to add milk with saffron in the biryani?? what if i skip this part?? will it affect the taste?? please let me know this... if you are so generous please send a mail to this id

    1. Thnaks for your quick reply... :) will try this.

  90. Hi can this recipe can be made in oven?? & in what temperature it can be cooked?? Pls help me

  91. •Great post and informative was awesome to read, thanks for sharing this great content to my vision...
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  92. Hi Aarthi:) I have tried making this biryani many a number of times and everytime it turned out lovely:) One question to you is, I am thinking to prepare vegetable biryani for a big crowd in the upcoming family party. can I simply substitute chicken with veggies here in this same masala marination??? does it works out well with taste and consistency?? am eagerly looking out for your reply and suggestions.. thanks Aarthi:)

  93. Tried your briyani receipe today. its awesome. thank you.

  94. Very vary Beautiful
    Mor introduced
    Chef imam

  95. Hi Ms. Aarthi. I m Tulasi from Malaysia. I tried this chicken sum Briyani with tomato Rita. Turned very well MS. I followed your steps carefully n all came well. Thanks a lot.

  96. Your recipe looka amazing.. what i want to know is are we supppse to dry roast the garam masala before making powder?

    1. You can roast if you wish. but i powdered as it is

  97. Hi Aarthi,
    How much special garam masala should be added in this recipe.

  98. Hi Aarthi,

    I have been following your Biriyani recipe for almost an Year and I cook it every Friday (without failure)..And it just comes out delicious every other time .. Thanks a lot for sharing...


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