Jun 1, 2012

Homemade Spring Roll Sheets( Samosa Sheets) / Spring Roll Wrappers / Spring Roll Pastry (WITH VIDEO)

Spring rolls are one of my favorite. I even got a order for 100 spring rolls for a function in my neighbourhood. Though it takes sometime to make, it is completely worth every second. It involves some steps to make spring rolls. The most important part is making of the sheets. It takes most of the time, but once you have made sheets and filling, then you are few minutes away from a crispy spring rolls. I have given couple of videos as well for this.
I would advice you to double the quantity if you start making the rolls. So that you can freeze half of the spring rolls and fry them whenever you need. It stays pretty good in freezer and taste fresh. This sheets can be used to make samosas or any rolls as well. You can stuff this with any filling as you like. I hope you will love It and tell me if you tried it.

Makes : 150 sheets


All Purpose Flour / Maida- 1kg
Salt  as needed
Oil - 5 tblspn + for spreading on the sheets while rolling
Water as needed


Take flour, salt and oil in a bowl. And mix them with your hands so that the oil is well distributed.

Add water slowly and make into a soft dough. Knead it for 5 mins. Cover and let it rest for 15 mins.

Now divide the dough into equal portions.  I made it in the size of a small lime.

Take dough ball out and roll it a little. Take a tsp of oil and drizzle over both of the dough and spread it with your hands.

Now stick both the dough oiled side down. Roll this into a thin sheet.

Heat a tawa on high heat. Now place the roti over the tawa and cook for less than 10 sec on each side. The sheet should n't be overly cooked. The doughyness should be gone, that’s it. Don’t over cook the sheets.

Now remove the sheet and find a open part. Now pull that open part so that the sheet will be separated into two thin sheets.

Cover this with a towel so that it doesn't dry out.

Spring roll sheets are done.

How to store them:

Take the sheets and place parchment paper inbetween them and stack it high. Put them in a ziplock back and freeze it.

While you need to use them just warm them in microwave for few seconds so that they become soft and use them accordingly. These sheets gets dry easily so warm small portions as you need.

I would advice to make the springroll till the crumbing part and freeze them. This makes life easier. So whenever you want, you can take the springroll and fry them.


Take flour, salt and oil in a bowl
and mix well with your hands
pour water in it
and make into a soft dough
divide into equal portions
Take two balls out of this
and roll it
drizzle some oil
stick them together
and roll thinly
fry them in a pan lightly
remove them
and peel them into two sheets
Use it accordingly

Check out this video to find How to roll Spring Roll Sheets..

How to Separate Spring Roll Sheet after cooked..


  1. Dear Aarthi
    How are you? Nowadays very few people try to make these sheets ...most blogs start with the bought out sheets and give details about the fillings!
    I like the presentation and the detailing! Very nice indeed! Will try to make it someday when I am back home again !!
    Both of you have a nice weekend ! !!

  2. this reminds me of my friend who had made spring rolls at home and kept it frozen.. and it was yummy

    let me check out ur springroll recipe and aarthi i had mailed u with a query. do ans when you get time

  3. Omg... Never know spring roll sheets can be made at home.. Great dear...

  4. very useful recipe.....thnx 4 sharing

  5. Nice post for storing. I have done this to freeze samosas.

  6. Very useful post for all spring roll fans:)very perfectly done and explained!

  7. Nice idea to prepare spring roll sheets..lovely presentation dear..

  8. Really very handy and great looking spring rolls.

  9. Lovely spring roll sheet! I never knew it could be made at home..

  10. Nice effort and really nicely done :)

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    The Master Chef Contest

  11. Great post dear,thanks for sharing:)

  12. you are so amazing..I would never think of even trying to make these myself

  13. I wish you live in my neighbourhood... ;-)

  14. That's quite a post!
    Perfect for quick samosas and spring rolls..love it!

  15. Wow..super..Luv the way it is made from scratch..

  16. Nice.

    The way I have made spring roll wrappers till now has been in the batter form that I spread out in a circle like a Dosa.

  17. Welcome back! So glad you posted how to make these!

  18. Super informative post aarthi..How do they not get spoilt?Do they stay fresh after freezing?

  19. @SirisFoodYes they stay good after freezing too

  20. Very interesting! Your posts really helped those who don't get access to readymade spring roll sheets in their markets, and also to those like me who prefer everything homemade! Thanks for the stepwise instructions!

  21. Wow, am way impressed that you make your own sheets...I am exhausted just driving to the store to buy mine out of the freezer! I do make my own strudel dough so maybe I am quite capable...just lazy! Great tutorial as always.

  22. Thank u soo much,u really helped me out wit ur step by step procedures. I appreciate

  23. Thanks so much for this method, cos all the while i having been hurting my self while trying to make the sheet. once again i say a big thank you

  24. Thanks so much for this method, cos all the while i having been hurting my self while trying to make the sheet. once again i say a big thank you

  25. Thanks for this method,cos i have really hurt my self while trying to make the sheet. once again i say a very big thank you.

  26. Thanks for this method,cos i have really hurt my self while trying to make the sheet. once again i say a very big thank you.

  27. Cool technique!

  28. Can we use these sheets for making puffs?

  29. @AnonymousNo you cannot, here is the link for puff pastry

  30. Pls tell if dere is any app of yummy tummyarthi..I shall be Vry thankful to u...its quite difficult to see on Fb

  31. Thanks It Turned Out Well.Is It Compulsory To Freeze It?

  32. @AnonymousU can store it in fridge as well. but warm before using..

  33. You can add bread crumbs into the maida for the better texture.

  34. Hi aarthi ma'am..
    I recently came to see ur facebook page, it's really awesome.. And very useful.. Thank u sooo much.. And best wishes for ur page.. And god bless u to keep going gr8.. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜
    I will keep following ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜

    1. Add cornflour also to make the sheet crispy.

  35. Wowwwww amazing I am gonna try it u r superb.. but do we have to fry it from all the sides using oil u mean shallow fry plZ make it clear..

  36. Love your blog... tried most of your recipes. Thank you for sharing with us.

  37. Date " 1/6/2016
    It is great to see the efforts you are putting in to make Good and tasty pattis- for SR and Samosa. You are at right time for this critical item.

    We shall try the same and send you feedback.

    Please delete all the Harsh comments. Keep receiving good and appreciative feedback. This will surely encourage you to comeout with a product , that makes you happeir and surely others.

    With Many Best Wishes.
    S.I.VIJAPURI- Pune

  38. Which method is better for spting rolls or the batter one?will adding cornflour help in getting it more crispy?


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