Aug 8, 2014

Modak Recipe / Mothagam Recipe / Thengai Poorna Kozhukattai Recipe

Lord Ganesh favorite kolukattai, my favorite too, i hope it is everyones favorite..It turns out so tasty when made the right way. One my relative, make the melt in mouth and the softest modak, but she makes it round shape and not with the mould. She makes it really tiny, it is delicious..For more kozhukattai recipe check this link, i have pidi kozhukattai, elai paniyaram, paal kozhukattai..If you are looking for savoury kozhukattai, check out my rava kozhukattai, oats kozhukattai, aval kozhukattai and many more..

I hope you will love this recipe..Please try this and let me know how it turns out..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 1 hour
Makes : 12 to 15 modak


For Dough:
Rice Flour / Store Bought Arisi Mavu - 1 cup
Salt a pinch
Hot Boiling Water as needed
Gingelly Oil - 2 tsp + more for greasing mould

For Filling:
Jaggery / Sarkarai / Palm Sugar - 1.5 cup
Water - 1/2 cup
Fresh Coconut - 1.5 cup grated
Cardamom Powder / Yelakai podi- 1 tsp
Ghee - 1 tsp


Take coconut in a blender and pulse it few times till it is fine.

Take jaggery and water in a sauce pan and heat till it is melted. Strain and set aside.

Pour this back into the same kadai. Add in coconut and mix well.

Keep cooking this till it is thick. Add in cardamom powder, ghee and mix well. Remove this to a bowl and allow it to cool down.

Now make the dough. Take water in a sauce pan, add in salt and 1 tsp of oil. Once the water reaches a boil add in rice flour and mix well. It will become like a sticky dough.

Now remove this to a bowl and let it cool for 15 mins. Once it is cooled, add in 1 tsp of oil and make it into a soft dough.

Now take modak mould and grease it lightly. Take small portion of dough and spread it evenly in mould. Place the filling in and cover it with more dough.Now release the mould, you will have a modak.

Take a small portion of dough and flatten it thinly. Place a small ball of filling in it and cover it. Roll it between your hands to Smoothen it.

Now place this in a steamer and steam it for 8 to 10 mins.

Let it cool for 5 mins before removing and serve.


Take coconut in a blender and pulse it few times..

Take jaggery and water in a kadai

Heat till it is melted

Strain it

Clean jaggery water

take it in a kadai

add in coconut
mix well

bring it to a boil

cook for few mins till it gets thick

Cook till the mix is thick


Add in cardamom powder

some ghee

mix well

remove it to a bowl and let it cool..

Heat water in a sauce pan

add in a touch of salt

Add some oil

Bring it to a boil

Take it of heat and add in rice flour

keep mixing

remove this to a bowl and allow it to cool down

add a tsp of oil

make it into a soft dough
Now shape the filling into small balls

Modak Mould

This is how it looks

Grease it with some oil

take a small ball of dough

use your fingers to spread it

just like this

place the filling inside

and cover it with some more dough

now open the mould have a modak

If you dont have mould, You take small ball of dough

use your fingers to spread it

spread it thinly

place a ball in the center

cover it up

roll it

so it is smooth

I made half into modak shape

and half into ball shape

Place it in a steamer

Bring water to a boil

Place the modak plate in the steamer

cover it and steam

for 8 to 10 mins



  1. Hi,
    Where can I buy this in toronto.

  2. Hi Aarthi
    Where can I get this in Nagercoil?

  3. @VibhaYou can get it in any shop that sells utensils. Specially TIP TOP near Government hospital

  4. I tried it today..first attempt n it was heavenly.thank u! Hubby n kids loved it

  5. Wher can i gt it in chennai..
    I hve nvr seen dis.

  6. @Sujatha
    how about using readymade kolukattai flour

  7. @Sujatha
    how about using readymade kolukattai flour

  8. hi Aarthi,
    im a great follower of ur blog. next to my mother recepies i try urs they never let me down they come out real great always it gets me appreciation from my hubby. i live in U.S away from home first vinayagar chaturthi for hubby n myself. modak is hard for me. always i dont know how much water to pour ? pls guide me explaining about the consistency it should b? still i made n steamed it tasted great. but i know its not the way it was!

  9. @Anonymousthe dough which you make has to be made with hot boiling water and it has to be soft. If it is hard then the modak will be hard. Also dont over steam it else it will turn hard

  10. I tried these but the outer side of rice flour became vry hard. Yesterday it was still soft but nw its hard n I kept it outside only.not even in fridge.

  11. Hi, Thanks for sharing.What is the measurement for 1 cup? Is it 250g?

  12. Hi Arthi.. Can we use raw rice flour?

  13. Hi Arthi can we use raw rice flour?

  14. Shall I make the rice flour batter and it to the boiling water without switch off the stove?
    Bcz I have lumps while add flour into the the hot water.

  15. Made Modak on Ganesh Chaturthi, That too for first time... It came out well.. Thanks a lot Aarti..

  16. Hi, Tried this for the first time.Filling became hard...wondering where did I go wrong.Do I need to use a specific type of jaggery for making modak?

  17. Hi, I tried this recipe for the first time...the filling became hard.Appreciate if you could let me know where did I go wrong.Do I need to use specific type of jaggery for making modak?


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