Nov 18, 2014

Broken Glass Jelly Pudding Recipe

Yesterday i received a mail from my viewer asking me to post broken glass jelly pudding. Seriously i haven't heard about it before. So i googled it and was totally inspired by the pictures and wanted to make it immediately. Next day when i checked my fridge, i found only a packet of raspberry jelly. I wanted some more colours as well, so i asked hubby to get few diff colours of jelly. but to my bad luck green coloured jelly is out of stock. I made it in few minutes and it was total hit. Loved it to the core..

I loved this pudding so much, i was so delicious. I loved the tart taste of jelly inbetween the creamy taste of condensed milk mix.It is so easy to make, plus it is so much fun to make as well. Not to mention it is so yum.. 

Hope you will try this out and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 30 mins
Setting Time : 2 to 3 hours
Serves : 8 to 10


Jelly Crystals - 3 to 4 flavours and colours (I used 3 colours)

Gelatin - 30 Grams 
Condensed Milk - 400 grams
Water - 3 cup for jelly & 1.5 cup for the condensed milk filling
Oil a little for greasing moulds


Start by making jelly. Heat water till boiling, pour 1 cup of water in each jelly crystal and mix well. Pour this in a tin or tray and chill till set.

Now pour 1/2 cup cold water in gelatin and let it soak for 5 mins. Take this in a sauce pan, heat till it is melted. Set aside.

Take condensed milk in a bowl. In the condensed milk tin pour 1 cup of water and mix well. Pour this over the condensed milk and mix well. Pour the gelatin mix and mix well.

Now remove the jelly from fridge slice it into cubes.

Now take a big tray or mould to set the pudding. Grease it well with oil.

Put the cubes in the mould. Pour the custard mix over this.

Chill this for 2 to 3 hours till it is set.

For inverting. Pour hot water in a plate. Dip the mould in the hot water. Invert it and slice and serve.

You need a handful of ingredients

I used these aluminum pan for setting jelly

Heat 3 cups of water till it reaches boil

Now open up a packet of jelly

pour a cup of hot water in

whisk well till it is melted

now it is all melted

pour it in a tin

1 done

Open another packet..This is orange flavoured one

pour hot water and mix

fill another tin and set aside

Now the third one. this is pineapple

add hot water and mix

pour into another tin 

put all the three tins in fridge and chill till they are set

Now lets make condensed milk filling..Take gelatin in a bowl

Add in 1/2 cup of cold water

mix well, set aside till it soften

now it all softened

pour it into a sauce pan and melt it on heat

Now open a can of condensed milk

pour it in a sauce pan

pour in a cup of water in the condensed milk tin and swirl to mix

pour it back into the sauce pan

mix well

add in melted gelatin mix

mix well and let it cool a little

now remove the set jelly from fridge

remove it from tin

time to slice

cut into small squares

i cut all the three set jelly as well

oil the pan which you are going to set the pudding

fill it with the cubed jelly

Pour the custard mix in

time to chill

chill it for few hours

now it is all set

to remove this from mould, pour boiling water in a big plate

dip the mould lightly in hot water

place a plate over it

invert it to unmould

Slice and serve


  1. Hi Aarthi.
    I have been regularly following your posts. Your recipes are very simple quick and tasty and bring a pleasure to cooking..
    Can I use anything else other than gelatin for this pudding

  2. This is really great post . Thanks

  3. Dear aarthi,
    Can I prepare this pudding in a glass dish?? If so, do I have to demould it??

  4. @AnonymousNo need to unmould, you can serve it from there itself

  5. Hi
    Its really beautiful and colourful and obviously yummm
    i have little query..incase gelatin is not available then what other substitute can be used?

  6. @Ashima KakarYou can use china grass instead of gelatin

  7. Hello, can I use custard powder and make custard from that instead of making the gelatin and condense milk thing?

  8. Amazing, delicious, stupendous, mouthwatering..I am running out of compliments for this pudding. Wonderfully prepared.

  9. Hi Arthi, plz quantify the usage of jelly powders. Sugar need not be added ??

  10. @sathisha mansoorNo need to add, it is thing which u get with icecreams,

  11. @AnonymousNo it wont set. But you can have it as custard with jelly.

  12. Superb...eye catching pictures...awesome.

  13. Wil the milk not curdle whn we pour it wid the jelly?
    N i wud like to use chinagrass wid milk n condenced.milk instead of gelatin n plain condenced milk.
    Jst lill worried abt the milk curdling.
    N shoud we pour after the milk cools down?

  14. Hi Aarthi....pudding looks lovely and eye catching. I've a small doubt, how much chinagrass should be used instea of gelatin used in the recipe?
    Your pictorial method is really helpful...thanks for those wonderful recipes

  15. @ThazniUse a little more than gelatin. I would say around 45 to 50 grams.

  16. @maryamThe milk wont curdle. You have to cool it then pour it over the jelly. You can use china grass use around 45 to 50 grams,

  17. Hi small doubt,the water used in custard is boiled n cooled or plain water

  18. We should freeze the jelly and after pouring the condensed milk both the times in freezer or normal fridge compartment to set

  19. @AnonymousYou can set it anywhere. Fridge it takes little long..freezer it chills fast.

  20. U said 1.5cup white custard but u haven't used it u have directly used condense milk with gelatin

  21. @Sandhya Stanleysoryy it is 1.5 cup of water for the white custard. you have to add water into the condensed milk

  22. Can we use custard instead of condensed milk?

  23. Hi AARTHI,
    I cooled the milk and poured it over the jelly. After a while I could see the jelly was slowly melting before keeping the fridge. What was my mistake? And should this be served chilled?

  24. @Anonymousyes this has to be served chilled. once you add the custard, put this in fridge. it will get set in few hours.

  25. Hi
    Your recipes soo good i really like this broken glass pudding iam going to try this today.
    Keep posting this type of inspiring recipes...

  26. Hello, Wen u poured the custard mix into the setting dish on the layered jelly, is the custard mix cooled or it is slightly warm? Because I find the jelly melting wen I pour it warm. And if I cool the custard milk n den try to pour, den the gelatin would have set the milk by den. Pls help

  27. @Anonymousit has to come to room temp, the gelatin wont set, you have to keep it outside

  28. Awesome! instructions with pictures are very clear .Thanx :-)

  29. Can u tell me gelatin in spoon or cup measurement pls

  30. Please share rice pudding using basmati rice and coconut milk in Facebook. Ive searched in ur website. It was not there

  31. @Suganthi Dhamotharan

  32. Hi arthi . Can this be prepared before hand like two or three days or tastes best when prepared fresh?

  33. @sobana sivayes u can bake two days in advance. wrap it tightly and store

  34. Im new to ur blog...and boy ...find urs to be one of the best cookery blogs...u hv a fan in me forever..!!!

  35. awesome blog.I tried out this recipe.Firstly though my jelly set well i couldnt cut into cubes.Next when i set using the condensed milk mixture which was really cold the jelly had melted.Can you please explain where i went wrong.I used Weikfield jelly.

  36. @Anonymous you dont have to cut in perfect cubes..and cool the condensed milk mix before adding it in the jelly

  37. Hi aarthi, I made layered pudding, but the condensed milk became hardened. Why could that be and what I should do?

  38. @Fazeeha Faizhardened means? did u use freezer or fridge


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