Jul 6, 2015

Jelly Roll Ups Recipe - Jello Pinwheels Recipe - Marshmallow Pinwheels Recipe

I love playing with jello, they are so much to make and eat.Specially when you are having kids around they make a perfect dish to enjoy. I am doing quite a bit of jelly recipe for the past few days, i have one more jello recipes coming up as well..

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This is such a easy recipe to make, you just need three ingredients to make this, actually it is two ingredients because the another ingredient is water..So easy and so much fun...Your kids will love it for sure..

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Since it uses the marshmallow the taste will be chewy and kind of firm jellowy texture. Which kids will adore..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 5 mins

Cooking Time : 1 to 2 mins
Setting Time : 1 hour
Makes : 12 slices


Jelly - 1 packet ( around 90 grams)

Warm Water - 1/2 cup
Marshmallows - 1 1/2 cup


Take jelly packet in a sauce pan, add in warm water and mix well till it is melted.

Now put this on low heat for 30 to 45 sec. Now the mix must be hot and the jelly crystal must be melted.

Now add in marshmallow and whisk well till it is melted.

You can put this back on heat and heat it for just 10 secs if the mixture has cooled and the marshmallow is not melting..you should never cook this too much on the heat. if you cook then the marshmallow will boil and you wont get the two layers when you set this up.

Now once the marshmallow is all melted. Pour this in the prepared pan and set this in fridge for 1 hour or so.

Now use a knife to release the sides and start rolling it carefully. Start rolling, when you roll the jelly will automatically 

stick to the marshmallow layer.
Once it is rolled. Use a thread to cut the rolls up into slices.


This recipe is so much fun to do...You just need some marshmallows, a packet of your favourite jelly and some water

First take a square pan

drizzle little oil over it

spread it on all sides 

set aside

Now measure your marshmallows

take your packet of jelly, it is a 90 gram packet

open and take them in a sauce pan

add in 1/2 cup of warm water

use a whisk to whip this up..

mix well till the jelly crystal is melted

now put this in a low heat and heat gently for 30 sec
 to 45 sec

now the jelly is melted beautifully

at this point add in 1.5 cup of marshmallows

now whisk this in the hot liquid

it will melt slowly

keep whisking..you can put this back on heat and heat it for just 10 secs if the mixture has cooled and the marshmallow is not melting..

whisk whisk whisk

you should never cook this too much on the heat. if you
 cook then the marshmallow will boil and you wont get
the two layers when you set this up

now you see the marshmallow is all melted

pour this into the greased pan

pour it

keep pouring

now everything is poured

put this in fridge and let it set for 1 hour..looking at the orange wedges, it is a special recipe, coming up very soon

now the jelly is set

run knife around the sides

remove it carefully..if you use glass tray then it will be
even more easy

start rolling, when you roll the jelly will automatically
stick to the marshmallow layer

roll it carefully

now it is rolled

remove them to a plate

now to cut these you need plain thread

just twist it around it and slice them


Look how beautiful it looks


  1. Looks yummy..�� does this marshmallow contains egg in it? I have never seen it before..

  2. @LoVeLy AsHsome storebought may use eggs..use can make my homemade ones

  3. Thanks for the recipe Aarthi ,but when I tried the jelly was not getting set even though I kept in the fridge can you pls tell me where I went wrong

  4. @Megana Pradeepmay e something wrong with the mix or jelly packet

  5. arthi
    when u mixed jelly u will add marshallows? if not then y u separate the marshallows into two spoons .. advice plz

  6. @Anonymousonce the mix comes to a boil you have add al the marhsmallow at once. u need totally 1.5 cup.

  7. Can we even make these with vegan marshmallows ...coz I'm a vegetarian


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