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May 8, 2011

Gobi Manchurian - Dry Version

Gobi manchurian
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.This weekend I made so many dishes like Vegetable briyani,Coconut milk rice,Chilli paneer and the pioneer woman’s famous Cinnamon bread.Just now I made it and it came pretty good,it turned out so soft and tasty..will post all those recipe in the coming days.I also made gobi Manchurian,that is for today’s post..I have mentioned in one of my post that cauliflower is my favorite vegetable.I have already posted gobi 65  recipe.This is another one cauliflower dish that is a favorite of many(I KNOW .. I KNOW).Gobi machurian is a kind of Indochinese dish.It is lip smackingly good,this is one of those dish that you want to lick your fingers after eating it.I recommend you all to make the sauce first and then fry the cauliflower and also add the fried cauliflower in the sauce just before you serve,this makes the cauliflower stays a little bit crispy.So hope you all make this and let me know how it came..BYE...


Cauliflower-1 (cut into bite size florets and blanched in boiling salted water)

For Batter:
All Purpose Flour / Maida -1/2 cup / 60 grams
Cornflour / Cornstarch - 1/2 cup / 75 grams
Soy Sauce-1 tblspn
Salt to taste
Pepper-1 tsp

For Sauce:
Onion-2 large chopped very finely
Capsicum-1/2 chopped
Garlic-5 clove sliced
Green Chilli - 1 chopped finely
Ginger-1 inch piece chopped finely
Red chilli paste-1 tblspn
Soya Sauce-1 tblpsn
Vinegar-1 tblpsn
Tomato Ketchup-2 tblpsn
Red colour-a pinch
Sugar-1 tblspn
Ajinomoto-2 tsp
Salt to taste
Spring Onion for garnishing


In a kadai add oil and let it heat up..Now add in garlic and ginger and fry for 1 min.

Add onions and cook until golden.Add in green chilli and Capsicum and sauté for 1 min.

Add in redchilli paste,soya sauce,vinegar,red colour,tomato sauce,salt,sugar.ajinomoto and mix well.Switch off the flame.

In a kadai heat oil for deep frying.Mix the ingrediants given for batter with some water and make a smooth paste.

Dip each cauliflower in that batter and fry till golden.Set this aside.

Now heat the sauce again and add some water and bring this to boil...

Add in the fried cauliflower and toss well till the sauce coats each cauliflower.

Garnish with spring onion.Serve it with any dish.

Serving suggestion:


Ur ingrediants
make batter and fry cauliflower
Fry onions,ginger and garlic in oil

cook till golden brown

add in green chilli and bell pepper

and all your sauces

season with salt,sugar and ajinomoto

add a touch of food colouring

mix well

add the fried cauliflower

toss well

garnish with spring onion


shooting star said... Best Blogger Tips

i was looking a for a good descriptive recipe of gobi manchurian..your post has provided me that...will try this one out soon and let you know!!!!

Mugdha said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanx for the descriptive recipe dear...its my fav one but when ever i tried this,it dint come out so i can make it properly.....u hav a nice blog and so many recipes r my fav...following visit my blog too..

Mugdha said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanx for the descriptive recipe dear...its my fav one but when ever i tried this,it dint come out so i can make it properly.....u hav a nice blog and so many recipes r my fav...following visit my blog too..

Mom Chef said... Best Blogger Tips

first time here :) Loved your space and would surely want to take some tech tips from you on blog layout!

Happy to follow you as well !

SouthindianHome said... Best Blogger Tips

Gobi Manchurain looks yummy and delicious. Wonderful step by step explanation as well

South Indian Home

deepthi said... Best Blogger Tips

Cauliflower is my fav vegitable....u r tempting mwith this awesome dish...great happy follower of ur blog now.....
hope u will like it and follow my blog too :)...
Good Food Recipes

RAKS KITCHEN said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice pictorial, nice recipe too,mouthwatering!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

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jaisuryaveda said... Best Blogger Tips

hi aarthi,
i tried ur receipe and its really awesome. And ur pictorial explanation helps me a lot to cook without any doubt.

My son liked it very much...
Thank u for posting this..

ur blog becomes my fav blog..

uma nair said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi aarti,

I love ur blog, Your blog is my reference book for recipes.Yesterday I tried Gobi manchurian yesterday but the Gobis are not crisp.So the dish didnt turn out good.

Please help me how to prepare crisp gobis?????

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@uma nair Fry the gobi and add it to the sauce in the last minute, so they will stay nice and crispy.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Arthi, love your blog! How exactly do you make the red chilli paste? or where do you get it from? You feature it in a lot of you recipes and I was just wondering!

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymous I make my own chilli paste. I will post the recipe soon

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I have tried many times to prepare this but i am failing in preparing batter.The cauliflowers are not properly mixup with batter.can you please suggest me the exact ratio of water and thickness of batter?

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymous The batter should not be too thick or too thin. The batter should be a little thin that dosa batter. if your batter is too thick then it will over coat the gobi,if you dunk them in sauce it will go soggy. If the batter is too thin, then there wont be any coating in the gobi. So make the batter inbetween that.

Sneha Borker said... Best Blogger Tips

Can u pls specify quantity of flour nd cornflour in grams pls dear??

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Sneha Borkeri have updated, check it out

Kishore Surendiran said... Best Blogger Tips

Your pic has got green chilies but you haven't mentioned when to add it and your ingredients list too doesn't show green chili.. Irrelevant

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Kishore Surendiranedited

Sneha Borker said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks a lot dear....hd prepared it my son nd hubby jus luvd it......

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

thnx aarthi for all such wonderful mouthwatering recipes..... u are amazing in ur work ... keep going

zumeera shamrin said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi aarthi.. I love u to cook after im saw ur yummytummy website