Oct 5, 2011

Vermicelli Kheer / Semiya Payasam

Happy Saraswathi Pooja friends...My mum made 9 type of dishes for this pooja..And to celebrate saraswathi pooja I am posting a recipe which is made for all festivals and functions in our house..Then we go to any wedding over here...The food will be mostly vegetarian, They will serve all those delicious dishes in a big banana leaf..

Starting from a sweet they will serve all curries including poriyal,avial,pachadi,kichadi and many more. Then they will mount the leaf with hot steaming rice. After this they will serve you 5 or so gravies to go with the rice.They will serve this one by one.Starting from Dal,Sambar,Mor Kulambu,Rasam and Curd..Actually we should wait after finishing each gravies because they serve all these foods in an particular order..So if you finish your sambar rice,you should wait for the mor kulambu atleast for 5 mins..

I am a bit allergic to these kind of marriage meals(in our wordings it is called as kalya chapadu)..So if I get a chance to go to any wedding I will eat a little bit in everything and wait for the last step where they will serve three kinds of payasam ..In those three my favorite is semiya payasam...When the payasam arrives I will get myself ready..”There comes the payasam”..They also give you a ripe banana,puran boli or boondi and papadam..You should eat all these things along with the payasam,This one is my favorite...I will eat everything in this..That much I love this combo..I know you too will love this payasam,so with no more delay off you go to the step by step recipe..


Vermicelli / Semiya-100 gm
Milk-1 litre
Sugar-1 cup or as per your taste
Condensed Milk -1/2 cup
Ghee-3 tblspn
Cashews-4 tblspn
Sultanas / Kish mish-4 tblspn
Almonds - few if you have
Cardamom / Yalakai-4 crushed
Cloves / Krambu-4 crushed


Heat ghee in a pan and add in cashews and raisins and fry till golden..Remove this and set aside.

In the remaining ghee add in semiya and roast till nice aroma comes..It will take about 3 mins..

Now add in 2 cups of water and bring that to boil..

Cook till the semiya is half cooked..It will take 5-7 mins..

Now pour in the milk and cook the semiya till completely cooked..This will take around 10 mins..

Now add in crushed cardamom and cloves in this..

Now add in sugar and condensed milk and mix well..Simmer this for 3 mins..

Add in fried cashews, almonds and sultanas and mix well..

Serve hot or cold..


Take all your ingrediants
Crush cardamom and cloves
Fry some cashews in ghee till light brown
now add in raisans..
Remove this and set aside
Heat remaining ghee
add in semiya
fry for few minutes
add in water
half cook the semiya
pour in milk
and your crushed spices
Cook it completely...Add in sugar
and condensed milk..
mix well
add in the fried nuts..



  1. lovely paal payasam ....all time fav...

  2. hats off to ur effort!! step by step pix r rlly helpful to many,,,,

  3. dear aarthi, is vermicelli/semiya flour noodles? i can't find anything called semiya or vermicelli in the supermarkets except for the vermicelli noodles.Is it the noodles you mean?? Thanks in advance :)

  4. @Anonymous Yes u can use that too. But dont buy rice vermicilli noodles.

  5. in the pic javarusi s present bt u didnt add it .y

  6. @AnonymousThe above final picture is a updated one..

  7. Omg.... Its sooooo awesome... My hubby loved it tha way. Thank u so much...

  8. Omg... It was awesome... My hubby loved this.... Thank u so much....

  9. Aartthi akka its awsome, delicious dish loved it akka


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