Jul 29, 2013

Paalaada / Thin Rice & Coconut Milk Crepes (with video) - Ramzan Special Recipes / Muslim Recipes

Paalaada is a paper thin crepes which is soft as a sponge and it just melts in your mouth. It is a traditional muslim recipe and it is best served alongside with some spicy hot chicken or mutton curries.Nothing can beat this combo and i love it so much.

When i was little, one of our neighbour used to give this pancakes during each ramzan. I will so excited to see this and I love it so much, i think that the aunt was a genius to make such a thin dosa which is so soft. I asked my mom to make this for me. But sadly she didn't take any effort for making this. 

The experience of eating this pancake will be like eating a soft cloud or something like that. Couple weeks back after i posted kinnathappam recipe, i was in a mood to make more muslim recipes for ramzan. So i decided to give this a shot and the result was pretty amazing.Hubby and my sister's enjoyed many of this crepes. So without any delay off you go to the recipe.

Check out the video for making paalaada

Preparation Time : 4 to 6 hours
Cooking Time: 30 sec or more for each crepes
Serves - 6 to 7


Rice - 2 cup( I used normal ponni rice)
Eggs - 2
Coconut Milk - 2 cup 
Water as needed
Salt to taste


Wash and Soak rice for 4- 6 hours. Now drain them and add it to a blender and make into a fine puree. The consistency should be very smooth. You can add water to help the process going.

Now transfer this to a container. In the same blender add in eggs and whip them slightly. Pour that into the container as well.

Add in coconut milk, salt and enough water to make a very thin batter. The batter should be very watery.

Now heat a nonstick pan. Pour a ladleful of batter in it and swirl the pan so it coats on all side of the pan. 

This takes only seconds to cook. Once it looks like it has cooked, you can fold it into traingles and place into hot case.

Serve with chicken curries or mutton gravy.

Take all your ingredients

Soak rice for few hours

Take them in a blender

Make into a fine puree

Add some water to help the process going

Batter made

Pour that into a bowl

Now time for next step

Crack open 2 eggs in the same blender

Whip them up

Pour that into the batter as well

Add in coconut milk

Thin the batter with some water

Add in salt

Mix well

It should be very thin

Heat a nonstick pan

Pour in a ladleful of batter

Swirl to coat the pan

Cook for few seconds

Fold over

Fold again

Now transfer this to a hot case



  1. nice step by step instructions, it luks perfect....

  2. can we use rice four instead of soaking and grinding rice? if so what measurement? thanx in advance

  3. @AnonymousYes i think u can add. Same 2 cup measurement

  4. @AnonymousYes i think u can add. Same 2 cup measurement

  5. thanx a lot. I made it today. n it turned out to be awesome!!! I had it with spicy creamy chicken curry. I was literally drooling over that crepes. N i used rice four as per your measurement

  6. @SreedivyaNo there is no substitute..You can make my neer dosa.It has no eggs

  7. Hi aarthi,
    I made this palada but it sticks to the pan but it was tasting very delicious. Why does it sticks to the pan?

  8. @Unknownif u didn't grind it properly or too much coconut milk can make it stick

  9. Hi Aarthi,
    The dosa looks yummy. Can we refrigerate the batter if left over. What would be the shelf life?


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