Jun 14, 2014

How to Frost a Cake / How to Ice a Cake / Frosting & Icing Tips / How to Frost a Cake with Ganache

I have been asked by so many viewers to show how to frost or ice a cake. So decided to do a post on it, so it will be helpful for you all. I decided to do a frosting on a rustic chocolate cake with ganache, later i will show you how to frost a buttercream cake, it will be more clean and smooth. But this is the basic tips for frosting. And i will be sharing the recipe of this cake soon. So look for it...Tomorrows post is going to be another requested post from you..

Things you need:

Cake Board or Plates
Serrated Knife or Knife
Spatula to Frosting
Butter Paper or Parchment Paper
Ziploc Bag

Step 1: Assembling & Setting the Cake for frosting 

Take your cakes and frosting ready. Now place your cake on cake board or plate. Now cut strips of parchment paper or butter paper and place it under the cake on all sides.

Step 2: Trimming and Levelling

Now use a knife to slice the domb of the cake if you have any. This don't want to be perfect, this ensures to have a flat surface to frost and supports the second layer.

Step 3: Sandwiching with Frosting

Now take a dollop of frosting and put it over the cake, use a knife to spread it out. Dont spread it all the way, just leave a border, because once you place the second layer the frosting with ooze and spread. Now place the second layer of cake on top and slice the domb of the second cake if you have any and make it flat.

Step 4: Frosting the top of the cake

Once the cake is trimmer, take a healthy dollop of frosting and place it over the cake. Use a knife to spread it evenly and cover the entire top of the cake.

Step 5 : Frosting the sides of the cake

Once you have frosted the top, take some frosting with your knife and go all around the sides of the cake. Keep doing this until you have covered the entire side of the cake.

Step 6: Finishing touches

Once your have finished with the frosting, you can either smooth the top of the cake or just make swirl design. Now remove all the butter paper from the sides to get a clean side and board. 

Now you have frosted a cake beautifully. If you want to write anything, just fill a piping bag or ziploc bag and snip of the edge and use it.

Take your cakes and frosting ready

first step, take your cake board or plate

Place a cake on top

now cut strips of butter paper or parchment

place under all sides of the cake

just like this

now use a knife to slice of the domb of the cake

it doesn't have to be perfect

take a dollop of frosting

put it on top of the cake

use a spatula or a knife to spread it out

just like this, it doesn't have to be perfect

Now take your other cake and place it over the frosting

Use a knife to slice the domp of the cake

like this

take a spoonful of frosting and place it on top

now spread it

cover the entire top of the cake

now take some frosting in the knife

lets frost the sides now

spread it out

keep spreading

now the entire cake is covered

now you can either smooth the top or make a swirly pattern

like this

now remove the papers

remove it from all sides


good looking home style cake

if you wanna write something on the board, fill a ziploc bag with frosting

cut the end off and write....


  1. Hi aarthi
    I am a follower of your blog for traditional recipes.
    There is a tip here. If you want the icing to look more smoother you need to dip the knife in some water then smoothen the icing. Hope that's helpful :)

  2. Nice helpful pics n tempting cake..

  3. Can u say about frosting preparation? It may b useful.

  4. @Arthi Balasundaram here is the link


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