Oct 8, 2011

Chilli Chicken ( Dry Version)

Whenever I go to any restaurant...And Whenever I order fried rice in that restaurant..You can see chilli chicken in that order...ok what I am trying to say is I love chilli chicken..

This is a recipe for the people who love spicy food like me..Because this dish has real kick in it..

I have a gravy version of chilli chicken in my blog too...So if you like it check that too...

Ok without any more delay off you go for the recipe..


Chicken-1/2 kg (Boneless and Cubed)
Ginger Garlic Paste-1 tblspn
Red Bell Pepper-1 cubed
Green Bell Pepper-1 cubed
Spring onion-2
Oil-1 tblspn + for deep frying

For Batter:
Cornflour / Corn starch-2 tblspn
All Purpose flour / Maida-4 tblspn
Salt to taste
Pepper-1 tsp

For Sauce:
Red chilli paste-1 tsp
Soy Sauce-1 tblspn
Vinegar-1 tblspn
Tomato Ketchup-1 tblspn
Red Food colouring a pinch
Ajinomoto / MSG-1 tsp
Salt to taste


In a bowl take cornflour,maida,salt and pepper..Add in chicken and pour in some water and mix well..

Heat oil for deep frying,fry this chicken pieces till golden and cooked through..Drain and set aside..

Mix the sauce ingrediants together..Set this aside for a moment.

Heat oil in a kadai..Add in ginger garlic paste and fry for 30 sec..

Add in spring onion white part and mix well..Add in bell peppers and mix well..Cook for 3 mins

Now add in fried chicken pieces...Pour in the mixed up sauce and toss well..Continue tossing on a high heat till the mixture gets dried up..

Garnish with spring onion and serve with any dish..

Take all your ingrediants
Mix the sauce ingrediants together
Chop up your vegetables
cut up your chicken
make the batter and add in the chicken pieces
fry this in oil
cook till golden
drain it and set aside
Saute spring onions white part
add in ginger garlic paste
in goes bell peppers
saute this for a minute
now add in fried chicken
pour the sauce over this
toss well
add in spring onion green part
started using chopsticks......
enjoy with noodles

Try the Gravy Version of Chilli Chicken 


  1. I'm in love with spicy food!
    Spicy is the taste of life I think.
    And I like the amazing red color of your recipe. Yammy!!

  2. Looks so delicious ...that's wonderful colour .....with noodles and fried rice just so fab

  3. Wow! Very tempting, seriously mouth watering here, can't wait to try this.

  4. Good Information. Thank you for sharing and I want to share information about Tandoori Chef which is An authentic North Indian, fine dining restaurant, Tandoori Chef offers Hackensack and the surrounding area a wonderful taste of Indian cuisine.

  5. Hi aarthi,m a bit doubtful wether the chicken pieces can absorb d flavors?coz we r not marinating d meat at all!wats ur say on dis?bt dat doesnt mean it doesnt luk tempting,d presentation can give away any 5 star hotel a run for their money!

  6. @preetiYes the chicken will absorb the flavours of the sauce you put in it. Try it and see the magic

  7. From where do we get ajinomoto?

  8. @Anonymousyou can skip that, it is optional

  9. looks yummy n tempting.. nice blog space to follow..Will be happy if you follow me back Chilli Chicken Dry Recipe


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