Oct 3, 2015

No-Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe

This is one of the recipe which i wanted to try for quite a long time. Finally i made it few days back and it was a super hit. It is made with my favourite thing in the world peanut butter..Now you know that this is going to taste fantastic..

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This is a pretty easy to make cheesecake. You just need a handful of ingredients to make this. The more cool thing is you dont need cream cheese to make this cheesecake. So you can easily call this recipe as cheesecake without creamcheese..I used hung curd to make this, i took some thick yogurt and poured in some cheesecloth lined over a sieve and put it in fridge and let it drip overnight, the next day i got the beautiful thick hung yogurt which can be easily substituted for cream cheese.Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Chilling Time : Overnight
Serves: 6 to 8


For Crust:
Digestive Biscuits - 250 grams ( I used milk bikis)
Unsalted Butter - 75 grams melted

For Filling:
Smooth Peanut Butter - 1 cup
Cream Cheese - 1 cup ( I used hung curd)
Honey or Sugar - 1/2 cup
Cream - 1/2 cup


Crush biscuits in a blender or in a ziploc bag using a rolling pin. Take it in a bowl. Add in melted butter and mix well.

Spoon this in the base of a 18 cm round cake pan. Spread it evenly and chill this in freezer till you make the filling.

Now take all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk well till it is creamy and smooth.

Spoon this over the biscuit base and chill overnight in fridge,

Top this with sprinkle.. Slice and serve.

I poured some yogurt over a sieve which is lined with
cheesecloth and put that in fridge overnight. Now hung
 curd is done..Check this post for detailed post
Now for the base

start by melting butter

set aside

take biscuits in a blender

crush them roughly

put that in a bowl

pour over melted butter

give a good mix

Now it is mixed up
This is a individual portion, you can 
make this in a round baking pan..

Use the back of spoon to press it

Now it is done..Put this in fridge and set it..

Take ingredients for filling

Since i was doing small batch, i used a small blender..
Take peanut butter 

add in cream cheese or hung curd

add in some cream

add in honey

now that everything is in

puree it till smooth and blender

Now take the bowl from fridge

spoon peanut butter filling in and chill till set

now it is done

top with some sprinkles



  1. Where did u used nutella in ds recipe??????

  2. Hi aarthi I don't have fresh cream. I hav only cream cheese . Is there anything to substitute fresh cream? Pls reply soon. Without gelatine will the cake be stiff??

  3. @Preetha Jayakumarthere is no sub for fresh cream, you can use whipping cream..Or a little milk..This cheese cake will be little soft and peanuty..


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