Oct 20, 2011

Rasmalai Recipe

I have mentioned in my rasagulla post that I don’t like it that much,But I make rasagullas to try rasamalai..Do you all remember about my friend Jafrin.If not check this post..Actually we were friends for 12+ years..Now she is married and settled in abroad.. You all know how much I miss her and love her..This post is dedicated just for her..Jappy I heart you...Wish you a really really happy married life dear..I know it’s a bit late but I know you will take it..

Actually she mailed me a few photos of her recipe which I definetly want to share here so check this and this..So without any delay off you go to the step by step recipe with pictures..This recipe goes to Blogging Marathan-Day 5 for the theme “Indian Festival Food with Step by Step pictures”.. 


Rasgulla-10 (Click here for recipe)

Milk-1 litre
Sugar-1 cup or to taste
Badam / Almonds-4 tblspn
Cashew nuts-4 tblspn
Pista / Pistachio-4 tblspn
Cardamom / Yelakai -4 crushed


Heat milk in a wide mouth pan and heat it up..Add in sugar and mix well..

Throw in cardamom pods and mix well..Let it boil until it reduces in half..This will take around 20 mins..

Take half of badam and cashews in a blender..Pour in some milk and make into a paste..Add this paste in the milk and mix well..

Meanwhile chop the remaining badam,cashews and pistas..

Add this nuts and rasgullas and mix well..

Simmer this for 15 mins...

Switch off the flame and garnish with some more nuts and serve hot or cold..

Take all your ingredients
These are the nuts you need

and yummy rasgullas ( For recipe click here)

Heat milk in a wide mouth kadai..I used my wok..
add in sugar

Now crush your cardamom pods

add it in
take half of badam and cashews in a blender

add some milk in it

make it into a smooth paste

add that in too

let it simmer

chop up your remaining nuts

add that in

and also your rasgullas...

simmer for a while
done done

serve chilled


  1. Aarthi,
    Nunca provei... Mas esta com um aspecto delicioso : ) As fotos passo a passo estão muito bem explicadas.


  2. rasamalai looks sooooo tempting and delicious,feel like having the bowl of rasamalai.

  3. Looks so delicious.. and step wise pics are great!

  4. I love Rasmalai and your looks so good!

  5. Wat a rich looking delightfrul rasamalai..

  6. Perfect sweet for Festive seasons!!Looks very nice.

  7. Rasamalai looks awesome. Excellent preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. Yummy ras malai..Love it! Thanks for the step pics arthi..

  9. Very apt sweet for the festive season!

  10. Rich and yummy dish...ah! rasagullas here I come...

  11. Rasmalai looks so delicious. Nice illustration...

  12. Delicious ones..when I first made rasa malai, I ended up making it more than couple of times..

  13. Very nice and tasty with all these nuts;)

  14. Dear Arthi
    I feel good reading your comment at my blog and also that you are following my blog. You really have a great blog and there are so many recipes to learn. I wont be able to cook them now, because suddenly I had to land in the middle of Sahara desert for some work and now without a kitchen and with a very weak internet. Will follow you.
    Have a nice day

  15. OOOOOOOOO! Do you have to tempt me so? I just discovered that I cannot get in my old blouses and all these beautiful pic make me hungry.:(

    Happy Diwali!
    I am hosting a new event which I am calling Back to our Roots. Do check out my event and send me your entries from 15/10/11 to 30/11/11.

  16. nice recipe... all those nuts used as raw or roasted one?

  17. hie just tried ur shahi tukda reciepe..it came out great.... just wanted to know what is the difference between rabri and ras malai???? bbbbboth the prepration seem to be same????

  18. i tried ur shahi tukda reciepe it came out very well... just wanted to know what is the difference between rasmalai and rabri????

  19. @AnonymousRasamalai is rasagullas soaked in rabri which is the thick milk and nuts sauce. Rabri is just the milk and nuts sauce without any rasagulla. Hope this helps you


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