Mar 23, 2011

Garlic Bread Recipe

This picture is updated pics, i used whole wheat bread to make this.

If you are a Garlic lover like me,you would definitely love this dish.Long Before one of my friend brought this dish to our office,oh god it was so good. I grabbed the recipe from her and from that day onwards I started making garlic bread every now and then(Nameeta ...Thanks for the recipe).

I added some extra ingredients to make it super delicious.Pair this Garlic bread with Italian pasta(Don’t forget to check the recipe ) and Enjoy.

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 10 mins
Serves : 3 to 4


Garlic-10 cloves
Green chilli - 1
Red chilli flakes - 1 tsp
Oregano -1 tsp
Unsalted Butter-1/2 cup
Cheese -1/2 cup shredded ( I used amul cheese cube)
Salt to taste
Bread Slices as needed


Grind Garlic and Green chilli in a mixer to a rough paste.

In a bowl add softened butter,Grinded garlic,Oregano,Chilli flakes,Cheese and mix well.

Apply this paste on one side of the bread generously.Then place this in a heated tawa with the side that does not have the garlic butter first.Cook until the bottom has slightly crisped.

Turn it over and cook for 1 min or you could place this in a microwave on grill mode for 3 min.

Serve hot with Italian Pasta(Check link for Recipe)

You will need few more ingredients too..
Mix garlic chilli paste,oregano,salt, cheese,
and red chilli flakes into soft butter..
Apply this generously over bread and 
toast it in tawa or grill it in oven..



This is updated pic, i made this garlic bread
 with whole wheat bread


  1. Hai too young, curious, innovative chef, bringing continental dishes to our kitchen.

  2. hehe... you're welcome Aarthi!! This truly tastes amazing!

  3. Hi!!!!!
    Garlic bread looks mouth watering!!!! I love it.

  4. Hai Arthi.....luvly otg doesn't hav grill has broil do u go abt dis recipe

  5. Hai Arthi.....luvly otg doesn't hav grill has broil do u go abt dis recipe

  6. Hai Arthi....Luvd d recipe.....but my otg doesn't hav grill option....but has broil though is it d same.....if not how do I go abt d recipe

  7. Hi aarthi which tastes good milk bread or brown bread or wheat bread ?

  8. I tried it this morning. It cm out well. Thank u

  9. Hi aarthi... Nice recipe... Garlic bread is truly tempting... Can u give the recipe for bread halwa too

  10. Hi I tried garlic bread... but y it's in sour taste... i used fresh bread....

  11. hi i dont have a oven. what should i do.. i have sandwich toaster.. is it not okay only i keep in tawa

  12. @AnonymousU can cook it on a taw. Cook on both side, like you will toast a bread

  13. Thanks a lot aarthi....

  14. Hii to put this on grill mode...i ve microwave ..oven...

  15. @Anonymousplace the bread over a grill rack which comes with your oven and set grill mode in oven and grill for 5 mins


  16. Nice explanation so comforting and delicious!thanks for sharing….
    chowringhee satya niketan

  17. Superb. Thank u arthi

  18. Hi aarthi.Your blog is a guidance for those who are new to cook. Keep going.

  19. Purrfect for an evening snack... With or without the main dish of pasta or pizza! Just made this for the kids wihout green chillies and a just a dash of chilli flakes. Yummyyyyylicious!

  20. Hi aarthi
    Shall we dry cereal or plus in sn otg oven.
    If yes, tell me how to do it.

    1. Didn't understand what you are asking


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