Nov 10, 2013

Lunch Menu 1 - Ginger Rasam, Yam Poriyal, Carrot Beans Thoran, Chilli Tamarind Pickle & Vazhakkai Bajji

Lunch has always a feast for us. Amma usually makes 2 sidedishes atleast, somedays it may extend to 5 or 6. I have been inspired by raji from raks kitchen. So i have decided to share the lunch menu which we eat all the time. I will post a menu for each week, this will give you some ideas for deciding your lunch. This menu is what i had right today. It is quite a simple one...

Today's southindian menu includes Steamed White Rice, Ginger Rasam, Yam Pepper Roast, Chilli & Tamarind Pickle, Beans & Carrot Stirfry with Coconut, Curd & Vazhakkai Bajji. It totally took me less than 1.5 hours to make this meal. This time depends on the ability of the cook, speed in the kitchen and chopping skills. It may vary.

This is how i did it.

I use a 2 Burner Stove to make this meal. First decide the menu and start by chopping & cutting the veggies. 

I chopped my beans and carrots for stir fry, sliced my raw banana for bajji, Peeled and chopped yam.

1)Boil Yam separately & Carrot & Beans separately. It will take 15 mins. I use my two burner for this. Once they are done. Drain and set aside.

2)While they are cooking, I grind the ingredients for rasam and keep ready.I cut the tomatoes, coriander leaves for rasam and soak tamarind for rasam & pickle also.

3)Start by making the carrot beans stir fry. Heat oil and temper the ingredients. Once it is finished, Add in cooked beans and carrot stor fry for 3 mins. Add in salt and grated coconut. Stir fry for a min and remove that to a serving dish.  It is done in 5 mins.

4)In the same kadai make the yam poriyal. Heat oil and temper. Once it is done, add yam and salt and mix well. Yam has to be roasted so i leave it for a good 10 mins or so stiring often. 

5)While the yam is roasting, I start making the rasam in the other stove. heat oil and temper. Add in ground masala and tomatoes. Saute for a min. Add in tamarind juice, salt and jaggery and mix. Boil this for 4 to 5 mins till it reaches a single boil.Switch off the flame and add coriander leaves. Transfer it to a serving dish.

6)When you finish making rasam the yam would be roasted. Add in pepper powder and switch off the flame and transfer it to a seving dish.

7)Now i wash the kadai till it is clean and start making the pickle. Heat oil and temper. Add the chillies. Fry them for 5 mins. Now add in Tamarind juice which you have soaked and boil it for 5 mins. Add jaggery, salt and mix well. Let them simmer for 2 mins.Switch off the flame and transfer this to a serving dish.

8)Now i make the bajji. Before that, i cook the rice in pressure cooker in a stove. In the other stove i heat oil for frying bajji.

9)When the oil is getting ready, i make the batter. Once i finish making the batter, the oil would be ready. I fry the bajjis and trasfer this to a serving dish.

10) Now in a few minutes the rice would be cooked. Let the pressure go by itself before opening the cooker.

11) Take the curd from fridge and enjoy your meal.

Here are the links for the recipe

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2)Yam Poriyal (Recipe Coming Soon)
3)Ginger Rasam (Recipe Coming Soon)
4)Chilli & Tamarind Pickle (Recipe Coming Soon)
5)Banana Bajji

6)Curd / Yogurt

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  1. deliciously done flavourful meal looks fabulous

  2. Hi aarthi,
    Wats d difference between a poriyal and a thoran?

  3. @Anonymousporiyal usually dont have coconut in them. Thoran has coconut


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