Jul 31, 2012

கொத்தமல்லி சப்பாத்தி / Coriander Chapati / Cilantro Paratha

We consume lots of chapati and roti than rice, which is usual with a typical southindian family. Because hubby and me love chapatis more than rice..But I try to make it even more special by adding something in it and make it a litte different than the usual ones. Last month I made this chapati simply by adding some cilantro in it, since I had lots of cilantro lying poorly in my fridge for few weeks..But later I found that it gave a nice flavour to it and actually the chapatis looked so pretty with those little specks of green popping throughout them..We had it with nice spicy chicken curry which is so damn easy to make, I will post that very soon..

Now off you go to the recipe and tell me what is your way of making chapati looks pretty..


Wheat Flour / Atta - 2 cups
Coriander Leaves / Cilantro - a handful finely chopped
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 tblspn
Water as needed


Take everything in a  large mixing bowl and mix it with your hands to incorporate the oil into the flour.

Slowly add water and make into a dough.

Knead the dough for 5 mins.

Drizzle few drops of oil over the dough and cover it with a bowl.

Let it rest for 30 mins.

Divide the dough into equal portions.

Start making chapatis out of the dough.

Heat a tawa on medium heat.

Drop this chapati and cook on both sides till cooked.

Drizzle some oil or ghee and save them in hot case.

Eat hot with spicy curries.

Take all your ingrediants
Add them in a bowl
Mix well with your hands
pour water
and make into a soft dough..Let them rest for few minutes
Divide them into equal portions
Roll them into chapati
and toast them in tawa
flip over and cook


  1. ha aarthi i do all the time
    i keep adding different things to chapati to make it more flavourful

    ur chapati looks even better

  2. Nice!! I like the flavors that have gone into the Chapati..

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  3. Hi Aarthi.. i am your follower.. do stop by my space sometime..

    Cilantro chapati sounds very interesting and yummy..


  4. so flavorful and healthy chapathi... i like coriander flavor very much... loved it...

  5. I also make this for a change...perfect with raita.

  6. i love the flavor of coriander too..in roti


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